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Updated July 15, 2011 - 11:10 PM EDT

US Drone Strike Kills at Least 50 in Yemen

Pentagon Declares the Internet a War Domain

  FBI to Investigate News Corporation Over 9/11 Hacking Allegations

US to Recognize Libyan Rebels as Legitimate Govt

  NATO Dismisses Libya Civilian Casualty Claims
  Libya Rebels Regroup but Battle Exposes Weakness
  NATO Chief Calls for More Planes to Bomb Libyan Targets
  Russian Envoy: Gadhafi Has 'Suicide Plan' for Capital

Syrian Troops Kill 27 as Protests Grow Near Capital

UN: Record Civilian Toll in Afghanistan in 2011
  NATO Raid Kills Six Civilians in Afghanistan
  6 Killed in Suicide Attack at Wali Karzai Funeral
What Is Sadr's Game on US Troop Presence?
  In Shadow of Death, Iraq and US Tiptoe Around a Deadline
US Standing Plunges Across Arab World

Repression Sparking a Bahrain Brain Drain?

Mullen: North Korea 'Very Real' Threat
Classified Detainee Document Inadvertently Given to ACLU
13 Turkish Soldiers, 7 Kurdish Militants Killed in Clash
Staggering Price Tag for Iraq, Afghanistan Wars  by Susan Seligson
Israel's Crackdown Grows with Boycott Bill  by Neve Gordon
Gunboats and Gurkhas in the American Imperium  by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad
Panetta's Iraq-9/11 Gaffe  by Robert Koehler
Give Iraqis the Freedom We Promised  by Michael Youhana
Torture: Crimes With Impunity  The Guardian

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Judges Defer Decision on Assange's Extradition
Navy Violated Own Policy Over WikiLeaks Suspect
CNN Exposes 'Terror Expert' as a Fraud
GOP's Herman Cain Says Planned Tenn. Mosque Would 'Gradually Sneak' Islamic Law Into US
Pentagon Reveals 24,000 Files Stolen in Cyber-Attack
Pentagon to Publish Strategy for Cyberspace Wars
US Cyber Approach 'Too Predictable' for One Top General
Rep. Wolf Criticizes Counterterrorism Nominee Over Detainee Resettlement Plans
The War at Home
US Soldier Caught Boarding Flight With Explosive
Report: 25,000 Security Breaches at US Airports Since Nov. 2001
Man Indicted in Latest US 'Homegrown Terror' Case
Reservists Allege Mistreatment by Army
Not Even Rumsfeld Escapes TSA's Clutches
Pilot Program to Speed Security Checks for Some Air Travelers
Armor Holdings Charged in UN Bribery Scheme
Ahmed Wali Karzai's Killer Had Been a Taliban Foe
Sarkozy Rushes Army Chief to Afghanistan After More Deaths
Afghan Leader Orders Probe Into NATO Civilian Deaths
German Officer: We're in It for the Long Haul With Afghan Infrastructure Upkeep
Afghan Politicians Rethink Personal Security
US Army Treats Brain Injuries in the Field
Karachi Bleeds, Burns Yet Again
US Reassures Pakistan on Civilian Aid
Report of Fake CIA Vaccine Could Hurt Real Programs
CIA Defends Running Vaccine Program to Find bin Laden
US Official: Pakistan Spy Chief Visit Went Very Well
Pakistani Accused in Terror Attack Freed on Bail
Pakistan's Central Bank Governor Resigns
Imran Urges Judiciary to Save Pakistan From Chaos
Four Die as Blast Rips Through Pakistan House
India: No Leads on Mumbai Attacks
Officials Say Bombers in Attack on Mumbai Had Some Training
Indians Rail at Government After Mumbai Blasts
Indian Attacks Were 'Not a Failure of Intelligence,' Official Says
Suspected Militants Interrogated in Mumbai Blasts
India Warns: End to Terrorism Can't Be Guaranteed
US and China Try to Agree on Military Strategy
A Second Myanmar Diplomat Defects
BBC Reporter Accused of Terrorist Ties Released From Tajik Jail on Bail
Antiaircraft Missiles on the Loose in Libya
Libyan Rebels Retake Village Near Tripoli
Libyan Rebel Forces Attack Strategic Oil City
Libya Bars Italy From Oil Sector
Qatar May Win Big if Libyan Rebels Prevail
How Fuel Smuggling Keeps Gadhafi Machine Running
Sudan Air Raids Force Women and Children to Run to the Hills
Ethiopia Begins Deploying Troops to Disputed Abyei Region
Satellite Pics Indicate Mass Graves in Sudan, Worrisome Signs of Arab Attacks on Blacks
Sudan Strikes Could Be War Crimes, Report Says
UN Welcomes South Sudan as 193rd Member
Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Gravely Injured in Green Zone
Campbell Leaks Were 'Unguided Missile' Ahead of Iraq War
Eight People Injured in Baghdad Blast
Al-Iraqiya Coalition Says It Shall Have Different Attitude if the Arbil Agreement Won't Be Settled Within 2 Weeks
Spanish Judge to Probe Iraqi Raid on Refugee Camp
British Soldier Scarred by Action in Iraq
Civilian Killed, 5 Detained in Kirkuk
Syrian Protests Spread Into the Work Week, but Regime Holds Firm
Crackdown Escalates in East Syria, Protesters Killed
More Killings Reported; Artists and Intellectuals Arrested
Syria's Dissidents Test the Boundaries
Syria's Crisis Reshapes Ties With Iraq
Arab League Seeks UN Palestinian Statehood Recognition
Yisrael Beiteinu Vows 'Revenge' on Netanyahu for Opposition to Investigating Rival NGOs
Israeli 'Boycott Law' Takes Aim at Domestic Left
In West Bank, Settler Violence Seen on the Rise
New Israeli Strikes on Gaza, Rocket Fire at Israel
Barak Considers Emergency Laws Against Rightists
Israeli Boycott Ban to Be Challenged by Rights Groups
Israelis and Arabs to March in Jerusalem in Support of Palestinian Independence
Vanunu to High Court: I No Longer Want Israeli Citizenship
Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Residents to Camp Out in Protest of High Rent
Mubarak Denies Ordering Police to Fire on Protesters
Egypt Detains Former PM Obeid for Illegal Land Deal
Hezbollah Calls on UN to Help Protect Maritime Borders
Seven Estonian Hostages Freed in Lebanon
Saudi Arabia
Saudis Seeking Arms Amid Growing Fears, Analysts Say
German Police Working for EADS: Berlin Opposition Livid About Saudi Border Deal
Middle East
Bahrain Puts Protest Poet Under House Arrest
Iran Aims to Boost Southern Oil Production
DNA Shows Flawed Probe in Chechen Activist Death
Putin Kicks Off Campaign to Lionise a Ruthless Predecessor
German Peace Activist Sues Govt to Remove US Nuclear Warheads
Belarus: Internet Generation Takes on Europe's Last Dictator
New Visa Plan for Yemeni Passengers at UK Airports
Children Rights Group Reports 1,300 Children Killed in Mexico's War on Drug Cartels
Mexican Army Says It Finds Country's Biggest Marijuana Plantation Ever, Almost 300 Acres
More Mexicans Fleeing the Drug War Seek US Asylum
Colombian Colonel Sentenced for Faking Civilian Murders
Argentine Torture Trial Ends With Life Sentences for Ex-Military Leaders of Notorious Prison
Chavez's Cancer Highlights Close Partnership With Castro

Justin Raimondo
The Banksters and American Foreign Policy

Philip Giraldi
Apparently, We Are All Belarusians

Ivan Eland
Sudan's Lessons for Iraq

Ran HaCohen
Things You Can Say, Things You Cannot

Kelley B. Vlahos
Afghanistan: Leaving as Tragic as Staying

Nebojsa Malic
A Tale of Two Secessions

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

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