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Updated July 21, 2011 - 9:51 PM EDT
US Aid May be Fueling Afghan Insurgency
  Symbolic Afghanistan 'Transition' Met With Violence
Worries Grow About Libya Rebels' Brutality
US Navy's Fifth Fleet Could Abandon Bahrain
  Bitter Divides Persist in Bahrain
Yemen Opposition Warns of Civil War

In Yemen, Conflict Is Generating More Child Soldiers

Panic as US Warplanes Attack Southern Iraq
Inevitability and Overconfidence in the Launching of War  by Paul R. Pillar
Adding Up Human Costs of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars  by Jeremy Schwartz
Panetta's an Idiot; What the Frick Can He Tell You?  by Jeff Huber
They Also Hate Us for Our Hypocrisy  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Antiwar Movement Isn't Dead  by Medea Benjamin
How Do We Know When It's Over Over There?  by Terry Plumb

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US Denies Losing Drone in Iran

Supporters Worry About Muting of Murdoch's Pro-Israel Media Voice

War Increasingly Spills Over Into Classrooms

Pakistan Navy Gets Drones


At Kabul Airport, Exodus of US Aid Goes On

After Five Years, UK Troops Return Control of Helmand Capital

Helmand Handover 'Will Fail' Unless Pakistan Border Can Be Secured

Tech-Savvy Taliban Fight War in Cyberspace


Petraeus Warns of Deteriorating US-Pakistan Relations

US Demands Pakistan Action Against Militants

Pakistan Gave $4 Million to Illegal Kashmiri Lobby Group in Washington

FBI Prosecuting Miami Muslims for Funding Attack on Pakistani Govt


For Iraqi Refugees, a Frustrating Feeling of Permanence

Iraqi Torture Victim's Tale Reveals Nation's Darker Side

Kurdish Nationalism Rises With Arab Unrest, Sudan Split

Saddam Officials' Death Sentences Suspended

Thursday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded


14 Arrested in Operation Targeting Anonymous

FBI Conducts 'Anonymous' Raid on Brooklyn Loft over DDoS Attacks

Five Anonymous Suspects Arrested in Europe

The War at Home

Alabama Still Collecting Tax for Confederate Vets

Downrange Deployments Linked to Untreatable Lung Ailment

Prosecutor Details Arkansas Soldier's 2009 Death

Soldier Lost in Vietnam Coming Home for Burial

'War on Terror'
TSA Introduces Software That Uses Less-Revealing Body Scanner Images
Former North Carolina Man Writes 'Ode to Osama' in a New al-Qaeda Mag

Ex-Gitmo Detainee Told Book Funds May Be Seized

War on Drugs

Slain Kids Cast Larger Shadow on Mexican Drug War

Mexico Tries Boy Accused of Killing, Mutilating 4

More Mexicans Fleeing the Drug War Seek US Asylum


Malawi Riots Spread to Major Cities After Troops Clash With Protesters

Sure, 'Gadhafi Must Go', but What Else Did US Officials Tell the Libyan Leader's Envoys?

Lack of Coordination Hampers Libya's Rebels


Syrian Opposition Says Assad Fomenting Sectarian Strife

Loyalist Troops Besiege Damascus Suburb After Protests

Syrian Regime Steps Up Propaganda War Amid Bloody Crackdown on Protests

Syria Warns US, French Ambassadors Not to Leave Damascus

Scores of Syrians Flee to Lebanon

Middle East
Lebanon's Diaspora Discusses Ties, Weapons and Votes in Next Election

Egypt: No Foreign Monitors in Upcoming Election


Israel Yawns at Lebanon Threat to Take Maritime Line to UN

Apologize for Flotilla Deaths or I Go to Gaza, Turkish PM Tells Israel

Europe Takes Bigger Role in Mideast Peace Push

Livni: Bill to Probe NGOs Is Anti-Democratic, Hurts Israel

Jailed Palestinian Leader Barghouti Calls for Mass Rallies to Back UN Statehood Bid

Spirit of Middle East Protests Doesn't Spare Israel

Israeli Spies in NZ

New Zealand PM John Key Denies Israel Spy Rumor

Mossad's Most Audacious Plots

Neutral New Zealand Passports Highly Prized by Overseas Intelligence

The Lie of the Land: Mapping the Borders of South Sudan Has Been Fraught With Difficulty

US Government Cannot Confirm Mass Graves in Sudan


As People Starve, North Korea's Elite Imports McDonald's

China Says Xinjiang Attack Killed 18; Uighurs Dispute Account


Serbia Arrests Last War Crimes Fugitive

Police Detain and Beat Up Dozens of Protesters in Authoritarian Belarus


US-Cuba Ties in Balance Over Jailed American's Appeal

Venezuelan Court Frees Jailed Government Opponent After Call for Clemency by Chavez

Justin Raimondo
Who Was Behind the Anthrax Attacks?

Philip Giraldi
Hillary Cracks the Whip

Ivan Eland
United States Fails to Stand for Peaceful Change

Kelley B. Vlahos
What Really Goes on in Afghanistan?

Ran HaCohen
Things You Can Say, Things You Cannot

Nebojsa Malic
A Tale of Two Secessions

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

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