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Updated July 24, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
US Wastes $34 Billion in Afghan, Iraq Contracting
Breivik Wrote of Fear of Islam and Plan for War
  Norway Suspect Attacked Islam, Multiculturalism
  Breivik Called on Conservatives to 'Embrace Martyrdom'
Libya Wants More Talks as NATO Strikes Capital
  After US Recognition, Libyan Rebels Still Without Funds
  Tripoli Struggles for a Sense of Normalcy 5 Months Into Civil War
Syrian Forces Storm Villages in Northwest
  Passenger Train Derails; 1 Killed as Regime, Opposition Trade Blame
  Activists: General Strikes Observed Across Syria
NYT Iran Scare Piece Just Lies, Innuendo
  AP Iran Scare Piece Proves Itself Wrong
NATO Says Afghan Raid Killed 80 Insurgents
Clashes Erupt in Egyptian Capital, 231 Injured
Man Killed in Iran Was Student, Not Nuclear Scientist
War Fatigue and the Uncritical Critics of War  by Hannah Gurman
How to Lobby for a Foreign Govt (and Not Get Arrested)  by Paul R. Pillar
At Least 1,400 Arrests for Antiwar Dissent, but Who's Counting? Not the Press.  by John Hanrahan
Paying Congressmen to Pay Pakistan  by Leon Hadar
Israel Rules Out Nonviolence  by Jonathan Cook
Canada Clamps Down on Israel Criticism  by Jillian Kestler-DAmours

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Nixon's 'War on Drugs' Began 40 Years Ago, Battle Still Raging
Clinton Issues Challenges on North Korea, S. China Sea
The End to 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Follows Shifting Public Attitudes
2nd Suspected War Criminal Arrested in Canada
Is Colombia's FARC Rebounding?
In Pakistan's Bloodiest City, Violence Has Little to Do With Militants
Anti-Taliban Group Kills 13 Militants in Pakistan
Lawyer Among 10 Killed in Karachi Firing
New Pakistan Foreign Minister Says No Need for Cajoling on Militancy
Pakistan Won't Accept Any Country's Hegemony in Region: PM
Shooting, Arson Keep Karachi on Edge
Gunmen Kill Five in Pakistan: Police
Bullet-Riddled Body of Teacher Found in Turbat
Pakistani Girl Killed in Kohat Mortar Attack
Two Killed in Quetta Blast
Gunmen Kill Five in Southwest Pakistan: Police
American Fast Food on the Menu in Pakistan
Joint NATO-Afghan Raid Leaves 16 Militants Dead in South Afghanistan
Insurgents 'Kidnap and Kill' Afghan Child, 8
Afghan Interpreters Fear Retribution, Seek Life in Canada
Sri Lanka
Former Rebel Proxies Leading Local Council Elections in Sri Lanka's War-Hit Regions
Blasts Rock Tripoli, Libya State TV Says NATO Strikes
Regime Official Hurt in Tripoli Attack
Libya Rebels Report Loss of Qatrun
Wounded Gadhafi Soldier Says Morale of Troops Is Low
Libyan Women Fight for Freedom on the Home Front
Egypt Military Leader: We Will Respect All Previously Signed Agreements
Egypt Military Promises Transition to Democracy
Doubts Grow in Egypt About Trial for Mubarak
Egyptian Academic Encourages Social Networking Revolution for Social Cohesion
Head of Egypt's Ruling Military Council Praises Activist Youth, Seeks to Diffuse Tension
Sudan Opposition Party Rejects Disarmament
A South Sudan Rebel Leader Is Shot Dead by His Own Men in Oil-Rich Area, Army Official Says
Antiterror Laws Could Impede US Aid for Somalia Famine Victims
Aid Groups Criticize US Response to East Africa Drought
Somalians Face Hunger and Fear in Kenya's Refugee Camps
Senegalese Opposition Says President Must Go
Senegal's Opposition Goes Ahead With Protest at a New Location to Skirt Ban on Demonstrations
Pro-Mugabe Supporters Lay Siege to Parliament
Militants Disrupt Human Rights Hearing at the Zimbabwe Parliament, Rights Groups Say
'War' Over but Massacres Continue in Ivory Coast
Bomb Rocks Troubled Northeastern Nigerian City
Niger Battles With Fall-Out From Tuareg Rebellion
Weekend Reviews
Andrew Bacevich on America's Path to Permanent War
Temptations of Empire: Two New Studies Reveal the Inherent Instability of Imperialism
New Book Aims to Shine Light on Somali Pirates
Suspect Tells Lawyer Attacks Were 'Necessary,' Newspaper Reports
Police Investigate Fears Main Suspect Was Part of a Larger Terror Group
Norwegian Authorities Mine Online Postings for Clues to Breivik's Motives
Suspect Beckoned Young Campers to Him Before Shooting Them Dead
Gunman's Background Puzzles Police in Norway
Attacks in Norway Met With Outpouring of Sympathy, Disgust in Europe and Beyond
Norway Police Warned of Rising Far-Right Extremism
Norway Vows to Fight Terror With 'More Democracy'
Europol Plans Task Force for Norway
Blasts Hit Military College in Syrian Army College
Video Purportedly Shows Pro-Assad Militiamen Storming Mosque
Netanyahu May Be Forced to Destroy Settlers' Homes
Abbas Blames Israel for UN Bid
Turkish PM Insists Israel Must Apologize if It Wants to Repair Ties
Report: Islamic Jihad Leader Killed in Gaza Road Accident
Abbas Rallies Envoys on Palestinian Statehood Bid
Bahraini Cleric Says Authorities Demolished Shi'ite Mosques as Part of Crackdown on Dissent
US Forces to Stop Joint Operations in Iraq's North
Sultan Hashim's Death Sentence Underscores Iraq's Deep Divisions
Saturday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 7 Wounded
Fed Up With Corruption, Latvians Sack Lawmakers in Historic Referendum
Bold Mexico Smuggling Scam Has Texas Commuters Jittery
6 Presumed Cartel Members Killed in Mexico Battle
The War at Home
Man Says Airport Screener Mishandled Urostomy Bag – Again
Retired Army Gen. John Shalikashvili, Former Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Dies
Americans Still Dying
Brooklyn (NY) Marine Mortally Wounded Trying to Help Fallen Comrade
Father of Slain Soldier (PA): 'We Didn't Have a Good Feeling About This Deployment'
Louisiana Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Leaves Behind a Wife and Two Children
Greenfield (MN) Marine Had Been in Afghanistan Only a Few Months
Holland (PA) Soldier Had Wanted This Tour in Afghanistan to Be His Last
Maine Soldier With Ties to Texas Killed in Afghanistan
Former Coach, Friends Remember Fallen Colville (WA) Special Forces Medic
Parents Remember Mount Olivet (KY) Son Killed in Afghanistan
Family Will Celebrate Life of Utah Soldier Who Was Killed in Afghanistan
Friends Remember Fallen Midland (MI) Navy Hospital Corpsman
Afghan Insurgent Attack Kills Rapid City (SD) Soldier
Colorado Springs (CO) Soldier Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Iraq
Franklin County (NC) Soldier Killed on Second Iraq Tour
Florida Soldier Dies Less Than a Month After Deploying to Afghanistan

Justin Raimondo
Former 'Antiwar' Leader Shills for Obama

Nebojsa Malic
An End to Surrender

Philip Giraldi
Hillary Cracks the Whip

Ivan Eland
United States Fails to Stand for Peaceful Change

Kelley B. Vlahos
What Really Goes on in Afghanistan?

Ran HaCohen
Things You Can Say, Things You Cannot

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

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