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Updated August 13, 2011 - 11:12 PM EDT
US Raids in Afghanistan Triple Since 2009
  Afghanistan's Future Murkier as Karzai Disavows Third Term
  Nine NATO Troops Killed Across Afghanistan
Syrian Protesters Call for Assad's Execution
  At Least 20 Killed as Syria Crackdown Continues
  Regional Interests in Syria Threaten to Fuel Conflict
  Clinton: Stop Buying Syrian Oil
Saleh Faced With New Deal to Step Down
  Hundreds of Thousands Take to Streets in Yemen
Hamas: Agreement Reached With US on Gaza Aid
GOP Debate on Foreign Policy: All About Iran
US Sees Yemen Bean Purchases as al-Qaeda Plot
Army Suicides Hit Another Record High
US Officials Angrily Condemn Pakistan Drone Report
The Greatest Elected Body That Money Can Buy  by Stephen M. Walt
Robbing Peter to Pay Israel  by Josh Ruebner
We Can't Escape the Military-Industrial Complex  by David Swanson
Dichter's Law  by Uri Avnery
Rick Santorum Targets Iran  by Anthony Gregory
Whither the Anti-War Movement?  by Nick Rivera

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Storm, Technology Bedevil Guantanamo War Crimes Trial Dry Run
Poll: Most NYC Residents Not Worried About Terror
Iraqi Leader Backs Syria, With a Nudge From Iran
Homeland Security Sued Over Immigrant Detention
US Troops Return to Deadly Afghan Valley in East
French Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
German Commandos Upset at Release of Afghan Suspect
Afghan Prison Transfer Delayed
Fresh Violence Kills 5, Hurts Several in Karachi
From Being Administrative to Being Fully Pakistanis
Pakistani Soldier Gets Death for Killing Youth
Sri Lankan Protest Over 'Disappeared'
Protesters and Police Clash in Kashmir
Thousands Riot in Southwest China Town: Reports
Human Rights Watch Condemns Azerbaijani Authorities Destruction of Activist Hub
'Fresh Crackdown' in North and East
US, Turkish Leaders Discuss Syrian Violence
Chaos Erupts on Streets of Aleppo [video]
Dutch Say EU Studying Tougher Syria Sanctions
Eight Bahrain Cops Injured in Clashes
Shi'ite Opposition to Boycott Bahrain Vote: Official
Sectarian Tensions Brew Over Shi'ite Mosque Rebuilding
Iraq's Sunni Endowment Employee Killed in Kut
Al-Iraqiya Coalition Denies Nominating Candidate for Defense Minister
Light Violence Leaves Five Iraqis Wounded
Middle East
Party Says 8 Hurt in Attack on Jordan Protest
Defected Army Commander Assassinated in Northern Yemen
Iranian Gas Flow to Turkey Halted by Blast
Iran Opens New Front in War on Fun
Israeli Commander Dismissed After 11 Soldiers Go AWOL
Libya Rebels Take Casualties in Fight for Brega
Military Officials Unsure if Canada Will Pull Out of Libya as Planned
Sarkozy: France to Stay to the End in Libya
Isolation Along With Air Strikes Take Toll in Gadhafi's Libya
Ivory Coast
UN: 26 Killed in Ivory Coast in Last Month
Troops Blamed for Mass Graves in Ivory Coast
Hundreds of Protesters Briefly Clash With Riot Police in Cairo's Tahrir Square
Egypt Deploys Troops to Sinai Peninsula Ahead of Operation Against al-Qaeda-Linked Extremists
For Egyptians, British Riots Are a Mix of Familiar and Peculiar
Tunisia Ex-Security Chief Acquitted Over Ben Ali Escape
Tunisian Court Convicts Members of Ex-First Lady's Clan for Trying to Flee Illegally
Russian Police Disperse Opposition Rally in Moscow, About 30 Detained
Polish PM Says Prosecutors Incompetent for Handing Information to Belarusian Investigators
Police/Soldiers Plant Evidence to Justify Illegal Entry, Panel Says
Demonstrations on Mexico Drug War Offered Look at Mexicans Abroad
Rights Agency: Illegal Searches by Army, Police Are Common in Parts of Mexico
Chavez Accuses Foes of Trying to Divide Military
Weekend Reviews
Imperialist Freedom
USA: United Saviors for All
Fast Times in Palestine
Unworkable in Afghanistan
Refusing to Be Enemies – Palestinian and Israeli Nonviolent Resistance to the Occupation

Justin Raimondo
Rick Perry, 'Hawk Internationalist'

Charles V. Peña
Doomsday Defense Cuts?

Philip Giraldi
Big Brother Has Arrived

Ivan Eland
US Terror Lists Should Be Downsized

Kelley B. Vlahos
Iraqi Allies Scrambling for Exits

Ran HaCohen
Israelis Sick and Tired – but of What?

Nebojsa Malic
Law and Disorder

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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