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Updated August 15, 2011 - 11:07 PM EDT
For 2nd Yr, Ramadan Attacks Across Iraq Kill Dozens
  Iraq VP Says US Pullout Will Improve Security
Syrian Navy Shells Latakia, At Least 31 Killed

Libya Rebels Declare Tripoli 'Encircled'

US, Hamas Reach Deal, Gaza Aid to Restart
  Palestinian MP Confirms UN Statehood Vote in September
Attack on Afghan Governor's Compound Kills 25
  'I'm So Proud. I Shot Down Navy SEALs' Chinook'
North Yemen Suicide Car Bombing Kills 14
  20 Killed as Fighting Continues in South Yemen
Debt Panelists Represent Defense-Industry States
Egyptians United Against US Interference
Hotel Bomb Kills 15 People in Pakistan
Report: Al-Shabab's Mogadishu 'Exit' Part of Internal Rift
The Pentagon's New China War Plan  by Stephen Glain
Make Room for Critical Thought in War Commemorations  by Debbie Harbeson
Oddly, Ahmadinejad May Be the Best Man for Washington  by Dariush Zahedi and Ali Ezzatyar
Why the Syrian Regime Won't Fall  by Pepe Escobar
Apartheid on Steroids  by Stephen Robert
Rumsfeld and the Rule of Law  by Robyn E. Blumner

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Berlin Wall Turns 50
Protest March in Mexico City Against Drug War
Jordanian King Unveils Amendments to Constitution
Car Bomb Wounds 33 in Algeria
Britain Debates a Plan to Turn to US 'Supercop'
On the India-Pakistan Border, a Cold Peace
Suspect Reconstructs Norway Killings for Police
Holdout Law Schools to Accept Military Recruiters
Boeing Spends $4.4 Million on Govt Lobbying During Second Quarter
FBI Widens Its US Inquiry Into News Corp Beyond 9/11 Hacking
Benghazi Doing Better Than Tripoli, Rebels Say
Libya Rebels Claim Control of Key City, Cutting Gadhafi Supply Line
Libyan Rebels Reach Port City, but Can They Hold It?
Libya Rebels Fight for Key Towns Near Tripoli
Libyan Rebels Fly Flag Over Key Town Near Tripoli
Libya Rebels Battle Gadhafi Troops in Zawiya
Congo Elections: Fears of Violence, Unity Doubts
Somalia: Rights Group Says All Sides Guilty of Crime
Egypt Deploys Thousands of Troops and Tanks in Sinai, in Coordination With Israel
Egypt Blogger Mahfuz Quizzed for 'Defaming' Military
Gunships Up the Ante in Syrian Regime's Assault on Its People
Diplomatic Chorus Grows for Sanctions on Syrian Oil
Syrian Army Attacked Hospitals in Hama: Report
Syria Calls on UN to Thwart Israel's 'Separation Fence' on Golan Heights
US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford Calls Crackdown in Hama 'Grotesque' and 'Abhorrent'
Factbox: Syria's Energy Sector
Yemen Opposition Asks West to Freeze Saleh Assets
Armed Confrontations in Sana'a Leave Two Dead
Middle East
Israel Plays Down September Face-Off With Palestinians
Senior PKK Rebel Denies Reports of His Arrest
Mideast Upheavals Open Doors for Saudi Strategies
US Afghan Strategy Scores Low on Rand Corp. Report Card
British Soldier Killed on Foot Patrol
Pakistan PM: All Political Prisoners to Be Released
Pakistan Let China See Crashed US 'Stealth' Copter
Pakistani Police Don't Know Who Kidnapped American
Taiwan Begins to Deal With Its Amateur Spies Caught by China
Chinese Military Chief Visits Israel for 1st Time
A South Korean's Unwanted War Legacy From Japan
Aung San Suu Kyi in First Political Trip Beyond Rangoon
Reconciliation Between Turkmen and Kurds in Iraq… Efforts Are Going Nowhere
Kuwait Ups Security at Port Before Iraq Talks
Human Rights Minister Orders Investigation of Rumors of Secret Prisons at Camp Ashraf
In Iraq, Two US Mothers With a Mission
Twin Baghdad Blasts Kill Five Iraqi Troops
5 Civilians Injured in Baghdad Blast
Iraq Security Forces Targets of Attacks That Leave 12 Dead, 20 Hurt
Ahmadinejad: Iran Will Respond 'Decisively' to US, Israel Attacks
Iran's 'Nuclear Partner' Russia Seeks to Revive Global Talks
Iran to Start Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant by Aug. 30 'if Tests Completed'
Iranian Artillery Resumes Bombing Kurdish Border Villages
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US Terror Lists Should Be Downsized

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Iraqi Allies Scrambling for Exits

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Israelis Sick and Tired – but of What?

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Law and Disorder

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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