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Updated August 31, 2011 - 11:16 PM EDT
Libyan Council Rejects UN Military 'Observers' Plan
  Libyan Rebels Plan Final Battle for Gadhafi Hometown
  Libya Rebels: 50,000 Killed Since Uprising Began
  What Libya's Collapse May Look Like
Mullah Omar: Taliban Negotiating With US

Afghan Taliban Predict 'Imminent Victory'

  August: Deadliest Month for US in Afghanistan
  Despite Promises and Spin, Afghan War Disastrous for Women
Maliki: US Pullout to Continue 'as Scheduled'
Military Trials on the Rise After Mubarak
Obama Cheers 'Successes' of a Decade of War
  Cheney Lauds Iraq War, Waterboarding as 'Right'
  US Muslims Upbeat Despite Scrutiny Since 9/11
At Least Seven Killed as Syrians Protest Nationwide
NATO Rejects Planned Troop Cuts in Kosovo
Cables: US, Australia Plotted to Oust IAEA Chief
At Least Eight Killed in Grozny Suicide Bombing
Grand Old Peaceniks  by W. James Antle III
Why President Gore Might Have Gone Into Iraq After 9/11, Too  by Steve Kornacki
The TSA 10 Years After 9/11  by Gail A. Jaquish
What We Lost in Libya  by Gene Healy
The CIA's Censorship Machine  by Scott Horton
Al-Qaeda's Man in Tripoli  by Pepe Escobar

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King: Poll Shows Need for More Hearings on Muslims

Former Bush Official Promises to Testify if Someone Will Charge Cheney With War Crimes

Panel Reveals New Details of Horrific 1940s Experiment

US Guns Agency Chief Reassigned After Botched Mexico Sting


3 Australian Commandos Cleared of 6 Afghan Deaths

UK Memo Shows UK 'Ready' to Boot Karzai

Terror-Haunted Afghans Celebrate Eid Festival

British Royal Marine Killed in Afghanistan

Middle East
Iraqi Kurdish Journalist Beaten on Final Night of Ramadan

Press TV: Iran Sending 2 Ships to Region's Seas

Israel Sends 2 More Warships to Egyptian Border

Egyptians Celebrate Eid Without Mubarak, Pray in Tahrir

Bahrain Says Poet Included in Protest Pardon

Rallies in Yemen as Saleh Promises Early Presidential Election


New Nadir in Mexican Drug War Puts Ruling Party in Trouble

Second Mexican Journalist Wins US Asylum Bid


New Nepal PM Pledges to Secure Peace


One Killed in Denmark Mosque Shooting

The Path of a Young German Salafist


Tripoli Divided as Rebels Jockey Over Leadership

Security Fears Behind Algeria Haven for Gadhafi Family

Rights Group Says Libyan Troops Used Human Shields

Gadhafi's Daughter Gives Birth in Algeria: Source

Gadhafi's Spies Fled Internet Surveillance Center in a Hurry

With Source of Water Still in Gadhafi Hands, Tripoli Goes Thirsty

Libya Conflict: Zimbabwe Expels Envoy Who Switched Sides

Pentagon Sending Military Aid, Boats to Countries Neighboring Libya

Sudan: Southern Leaders 'Are Supporting Rebels'

Rights Groups: Aerial Strikes Kill 26 in Sudan

United States

Prosecutor Pursues Controversial Terrorism Case

Romney, Perry Criticize Obama's Foreign Policy as Weak

Arlington National Cemetery Officials Seek to Account for the Dead

Outside the Lines: 9/11 Coloring Book Causes Controversy

US Army Captain Kills Four in Hurricane Rampage

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Israelis Sick and Tired – but of What?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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