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Updated September 5, 2011 - 11:05 PM EDT
Awash in Weapons, Libya a Hotbed for Smuggling
  Rebel Commander Demands Apology Over CIA Rendition, Torture
  HRW Tells Libyan Rebels: Stop Mass Arrests of Black People
  Talks Fail, Libyan Rebels Prepare to Attack Town
24 Killed as Syria Crackdown Continues
  Life After Assad Looks Ominous for Syria's Christian Minority
Israel Won't Back Down in Turkey Confrontation
  Cable Details Israeli Army's Planned Abuse of Civilian Protesters
  Official: Some 140 Countries to Vote for Palestinian State
For US, Is War the New Normal?
Kill TV: Drone Strikes Take Out Afghan Targets
US: Blackwater Guards Stayed in Iraq Despite Ban
7 Killed in US Drone Strike in NW Pakistan
Libya Is Nothing for Obama to Be Proud Of  by Sheldon Richman
Eighty-Nine Questions: What Did Libya Do for the CIA?  by Amy Davidson
Can the US Move Beyond the Narcissism of 9/11?  by Gary Younge
Our Vanished Civil Liberties  by David K. Shipler
It's a Total War, Monsieur  by Pepe Escobar
Real-World Motives for Libya War  by William Blum

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Secret Talks to Return Islanders After 40 Years
Russian Soldier Escapes Slavery After 11 Years and Is Arrested for Desertion
Leaked Cables Offer Glimpses Into Relations of US and China
WikiLeaks: China, Paulson at Odds Over Threat From Subprime Crisis
Pakistan Asks Karzai to Help Secure Release of 30 Kidnapped Youths
Pakistan Taliban Abducted Boys 'To Punish Mamund Tribe'
MQM Activist Among 3 Killed in Karachi
More Power to Pakistan's Jihadis
Three Dead as Taliban Attack Afghan Security Company in the South
One Danish Soldier Killed in Afghanistan: Army
Afghan Taliban Releases 4 Kidnapped Turkish Engineers
Anger After a Raid Kills a Wealthy Afghan With a Murky Past
Fort Drum Soldier Dies of Rabies Believed Contracted in Afghanistan
Brother Recalls Texts From Doomed Afghanistan Journalist
Netanyahu and Barak Withheld Information From MKs on Latest Israel Terror Attacks
Israeli Army, Settlers Brace for West Bank Unrest
Israeli Army: 3 Houses Razed in West Bank Outpost
Israeli Court Demands Prison Explain Why al-Jazeera Reporter Being Denied Access to Doctors
Free Speech Row After Jerusalem Post Sacks Writer Over Blog Post
Iraq: Turkey Resumes Kurdish Rebel Operations, a Day After Iran
Turkish Warplanes Bomb Kurdish Militants in Iraq
In Iraq, a New Breed of Returning Exile
Two Civilians Killed in Sulaimaniya
Iran's First Nuclear Reactor Connected to Electricity Grid
Dutch Study Possible Iran Hacking of Government Web Sites
Three Soldiers Killed in Yemen Suicide Attack
Tension Returns to Yemen After Mass Protests
UN Says Libya Weapons a Major Concern
Abandoned Libyan Missile: A Gift to Militants?
Italy: Purging Libya Ex-Officials Would Be Mistake
Bani Walid Siege Talks 'Have Failed'
Both Sides in Libya Conflict Clash at Gadhafi Stronghold
Libya Rebels Open Government Offices to Public
Rebels Certain Khamis Gadhafi Is Finally Dead
Algeria Defends Decision to Shelter Gadhafi Kin
Revealed: MI6 Saved Saif Gadhafi From Death Threat
Remote Oasis Saw Gadhafi Family, but Briefly
Tuareg Fighters Urged to Drop Gadhafi, Stay in Libya
Chinese State Companies Offered Arms to Gadhafi
Convicted Militant Islamists Return to Egypt Seeking Rehabilitation
Mubarak Assets Are Target of Global Search
Sudan Says South-Aligned Group Must End Operations
UN Says Thousands Flee Fighting in Two States
South Sudan Planning to Move Its Capital From Juba
11 Killed in Violence in Troubled Central Nigeria
Middle East
Syrian Soldiers, Civilians Killed in Ambush Near Hama
WikiLeaks: Hezbollah Uses Scare Tactics on Journalists
Kurdish Militants Kill Four in Southeast Turkey
Russia Successfully Tests Veteran Missile With New Warhead
2 Mexicans Deny Terrorism, Face 30 Years for Tweet
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Israelis Sick and Tired – but of What?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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