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Updated September 9, 2011 - 11:17 PM EDT
New York Militarizes for 9/11 Anniversary
Cairo Protesters Sack Israeli Embassy
Libyan Rebel PM: Civil War Not Over
  US Doesn't Know Where Gadhafi Is, Doubts Rebels Do Either
Most of 9/11 Commission Report Still Classified
  FBI Probe Into 9/11 Link Wasn't Reported to Congress, Commission
US Soldier Killed BBC Reporter in Afghanistan
  'Civilian Surge' in Afghanistan: $1.7 Billion and Growing
Israeli FM Says Arm Terrorists to Punish Turkey
  US Vows to Veto Palestinian Statehood
  Turkey 'To Escort Gaza Aid Ships' Amid Row With Israel
  US Blogger Revealed as Recipient of FBI Wiretaps of Israel
  Former DoD, NASA Scientist Pleads Guilty in Mossad Sting Case
Laying the Foundation for Yemen Blowback
  Yemen: At Least 5 Civilians Killed in Military Airstrikes
US Military Plane Forced Down by N. Korean Electronic Attack
Provision Would Shift Terror Cases to Military
Iran's Ahmadinejad Calls for End to Syrian Crackdown
What 9/11 Wrought: The Bush Legacy  by Patrick J. Buchanan
How Little We Know About the Origins of 9/11  by Robert Scheer
The ACLU on Obama and Core Liberties  by Glenn Greenwald
A Note on Isolationism  by Reid Smith
Let's Cancel 9/11  by Tom Engelhardt
An End to Empire  by Andrew Bacevich

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Worst Examples of Taxpayer Money Wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan
Geithner: Al-Qaeda Funds 'Drying Up'
New Audio Provides Real-Time View of 9/11 Attacks
EU Counter-Terror Chief Warns al-Qaeda's North Africa Arm Spreading
Rebels Say Gadhafi Loyalists Holding Hostages Outside Sirte
Gadhafi Loyalists Urged to Fight on in Broadcast
Libyan Rebels Prepare for Moving Day to Tripoli
Libyan Rebels Struggle to Win Over Pro-Gadhafi Town
Libya Cbank Gov: Gadhafi Sold 20 Percent of Gold Reserves to Pay Salaries
Libyan Activists Storm Manila Embassy
Sudan, South Sudan Forces to Pull Back From Abyei
Somali Govt Forces, Al Shabaab Battle in Southern Region
Modest Results in Wooing Taliban: British General
In Afghanistan's Panjshir, Disquiet Over Taliban Reconciliation
9/11 in Little Kabul
French Soldier Shot Dead in Northeast Afghanistan
Pakistan Says Soldier Killed by Indian Forces in Kashmir
Five Detained in Kashmir Linked to Delhi Blast
US Official: Pakistan Didn't Aid bin Laden
Indian Police Weigh Conflicting Claims About Who Plotted Deadly Bombing
South Korea Buying Israeli Rockets to Deter North Korea
Why Thailand Has Become a Popular Path to Freedom for North Korean Defectors
Kazakhstan: Terrorist Suspects Sent Money to Afghanistan, Pakistan
Islamic Militant Group 'Behind Xinjiang Attacks'
Human Rights Watch Condemns 'Draconian' Sri Lankan Laws
No Direct UK Contact With Vladimir Putin Since 2007
Chechen Forces May Face New Scrutiny Over Abductions
For Abkhazia, Recognition Is Coming Piece by Piece
German Police Arrest Pair in Berlin Over 'Bomb Plot'
US Accuses 4 Venezuelans of Aiding Colombia Rebels
Family of Slain Mexican Immigrant Wins Settlement Against US Govt
Iraqi and Kurdish Journalists Still Under Attack
Baha Mousa Inquiry: Events Must Never Be Repeated, PM Says
Iraqi Journalist Who Criticized Government Shot Dead in Baghdad
PM Maliki Discusses Aggressive Attacks Against Kirkuk's Doctors With Turkomen Front
Al-Iraqiya MP Says Its Choices Open if Its Defense Minister's Candidate Rejected
Low Chance US Can Stop Palestinian UN Bid: Mitchell
PLO Denies Submitting Official Statehood Request
Abbas Vows to Proceed With Statehood Bid Despite US Warnings
J Street Opposes Palestinian Statehood Bid at UN
Gaza Militant Killed as New Palestinian Mosque Attacked
Israel Deploys Drones Over Egyptian Border
Israel Ready to Free 1,000 Prisoners for Shalit: Father
Israeli Army Mule Goes Robotic
Syrian Government Pursuing Defectors; One Village Is Targeted
Crackdown Intensifies on City of Homs
Syria Hunts for Army Defectors, Activists Say
Russian Envoy Says to Meet Both Sides in Syria to Push for Political Solution Favoring Bashad
Egyptian Protesters to Return to Cairo's Tahrir Square
Security Chief Tells Mubarak Trial He Objected to Use of Excessive Force Against Protesters
Testimony Implicates a Mubarak Co-Defendant
Israeli Held for Stoning Egyptian Consulate
Middle East
Bahrain Medics Released on Bail After Hunger Strike
Blair Hoping for Iran Regime Change
Turkey: Ties Could Be Restored if Israel Apologizes for Gaza Flotilla Raid
Former Saudi Spy Chief: US Should Have Declared End to Afghan War After Killing bin Laden
US Urged to Cooperate With Cuba on Offshore Oil
Ex-Gov. Richardson Says Cuba Denies Request to Meet With Jailed American
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