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Updated September 12, 2011 - 11:28 PM EDT

Breaking Ties: Libyan Rebel Coalition Splinters

  US Troops in Libya to ‘Secure Embassy’
  12 Killed as Rival Anti-Gadhafi Groups Clash
  Evidence Grows of Libyan Rebel Regime's Torture of Prisoners
  NATO Renews Bombing of Libya to 'Help Rebels'

Cables: Iraqi Detainees Tortured, Beaten, Raped

  Sadr: US Troops in Iraq After 2011 Will Be Attacked
For Officials, 9/11 Means Demanding War Funding
Five Killed, 108 Wounded at US Afghan Base
  Taliban 'Offered bin Laden Trial Before 9/11'
US Demands Egypt Crack Down on Protesters
US Drone Strike Against North Waziristan Kills 5
Turkey Slams Israeli FM Over Calls to Back Terror
Yemen: 3 Months of Attacking Abyan Left 230 Troops Dead
It's Not the Brutality That Is 'Systematic'; It's the Lying About It  by Robert Fisk
Israeli Pyromaniacs Are Setting the Mideast on Fire  by Gideon Levy
The Essence of Modern America in Somalia's Blood-Drenched Soil  by Chris Floyd
The NSA's Enemies Now Include Us  by James Bamford
How an Empire Defines Victory  by Anthony Gregory
Taliban Remains Strong 10 Years On  by Robert D. Crews

More Viewpoints

In Oakland, the Children of Gaza Lose Again
Senate Sergeant at Arms: Warning 'Confusing'
Military Jets Safely Escort NYC, Detroit Flights
From NY to Gaza: Swept Up in Post-9/11 Raids
Joint Chiefs Chairman Praises 10 Years of War as America's 'Vengeance'
Bachmann: 9/11 Was a 'New Beginning' for US
French JDL Recruiting Jews With Military Experience to 'Defend' Settlements
EU Diplomats: Abbas Won't Turn to UN Security Council for Palestinian Statehood
Netanyahu: Decade After 9/11, Iran Must Not Get Nukes
Palestinians Warned Israel at Start of Arab Spring: Ties With Egypt Will Change
Israel: Diplomatic Ties With Egypt Down to Bare Minimum
Israel Vows to Defend Gas After Turkey Threatens to Boost Navy Patrols in Mediterranean
Turkish PM Will Not Visit Gaza
World Bank: Fiscal Crisis Jeopardized Palestinian Statehood
Hamas Invites Libyan Leader for Gaza Visit
Syria Intensifies Crackdown in Homs Amid New Reform Promises
UN Push for Syria Rights Team Blocked: Official
French FM: No UN Resolution on Syria a 'Scandal'
Israel Scraps Pilgrimage to Syria, Cites Security
US Considering Ankara's Request to Base Predators in Turkey to Fight a Kurdish Group in N. Iraq
Wolfowitz: Attacks Likely if US Withdraws From Iraq Too Soon
Kurdish Region Stops All Crude Oil Exports, Minister Al-Luaibi Says
Maliki Accepts Resignation of Top Iraq Corruption Fighter
Bombs Blast US Patrol After Sadr Orders Attacks to Cease
Al-Iraqiya MP Calls for Iyad Allawi's Assignment for DM Post
Iran Tells UN It Will Hit Back at Any Attack
Ahmadinejad: US Used 9/11 as Excuse to Start Wars
Iran Offers Fresh Talks With EU: Foreign Minister
Iran, Russia Agree on More Nuclear Cooperation
Iran, Russia to Inaugurate Bushehr Nuclear Plant
Yemen Dissidents Accuse Saleh Loyalists of Shelling
Yemen Army Recaptures Provincial Capital of Abyan
One Killed, 3 Injured in Clashes Between Rebels, Security Forces in Yemen's Capital
3 Govt Troops Killed, 4 Wounded in al-Qaeda Land-Mine Explosion in South Yemen
Yemeni Army Tightens Hold on Southern City of Zinjibar
Warships Free Hostage Taken From Yacht Off Yemen
Middle East
Erdogan Slams Obama Over US Flotilla Victim
Jordan, Morocco Open Admission Talks With Gulf Cooperation States
Libyan Rebel Forces Push Into Gadhafi Bastion
Libyan Rebels Accuse Pro-Gadhafi Forces of Holding 'Human Shields'
Gadhafi Son Escapes to Niger as Fight Stalls
Gadhafi Spy Chief Dorda Arrested: Reuters Witnesses
Egypt Cracks Down After Israeli Embassy Attack
Angry Crowd Turns on Journalists Reporting Embassy Attack in Egypt
'Egypt Advised Israel to Pull Ambassador'
Egypt, Israel Seek Normality After Embassy Storming
Egypt Security Forces Raid Unit of Al-Jazeera
US Officials Involved in Rescue of Israeli Embassy Guards in Egypt: Media
Egypt's Feared Military Leader Blames Embassy Attack for His No-Show at Mubarak's Trial
5 Killed in Mogadishu Bombing, Soldier Shoots Famine Victims
Somali Gunmen Attack British Tourists in Kenya
Explosions Rock Nigerian City Beset by Sectarian Unrest
113 Detained During Search Operation in Karachi
ANP Brands MQM as 'Terrorist Party'
No US Plane Forced Down by North Korea Jamming: Source
Sectarian Clashes in Eastern Indonesia Kill 3
Filipino Troops Kill 3 Gunmen Allied to Abu Sayyaf
What Are Those Big Cats US Troops Are Seeing Around Kandahar?
Retired General Leads in Guatemala Election
Top Honduras Security Official Resigns
Richardson Comes Up Empty-Handed in Effort to Free Contractor Jailed in Havana
Colombia Is Model for War Against Terrorism: US Ambassador
Anti-Chavez Leader Uses Nonconfrontational Style
'War on Terror'
For Some Former Guantánamo Detainees, Present Bleaker Than Past
McCain: Torture Hurt Us
Border Agent Questions Post-9/11 Spike in Staff at US's North
10 Years After 9/11, Suspected al-Qaeda Figure Still Eludes FBI
Four Terror Suspects Held in Swedish City of Gothenburg
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