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Updated September 23, 2011 - 11:27 PM EDT
Netanyahu Loudly Slams Palestinian Statehood Bid
  Palestine UN Bid Could Mark Shift in Peace Process
  Pro-Israeli Grandstanding Provokes Too Harsh a Response
  Did Israeli FM's Comments Encourage PKK Attacks Against Turkey?
Yemen President in Shocking Return to Capital
  Ceasefire Over: 15 Killed in New Yemen Violence
7 Civilians, 5 NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Gadhafi Spox: NATO Strikes Kill 151 Civilians
  In Libya, US Ambassador Doesn't Expect Long-Term Insurgency
Pakistan Challenges US to Prove Allegations
  US Hypocritically Accuses Pakistan of Funding Terrorist Proxies
Iraqi Govt Not Telling MPs About US Troop Deal
  US Says Won't Ignore Iran-Backed Attacks in Iraq
Legality of Drones Are Questionable, Dangerous
  Panetta Warns Debt Commission Against Cutting Pentagon Budget
US, Allies Paid for 90% of Afghan Expenditures
Syrian Troops Seen Massing in Protest Cities
Bahrain Internet Users Face Arrest for Dissenting Posts
Western Emergency Aid Seen as 'Intrusive, Disempowering'
Support the Palestinian Bid for Statehood  by Rep. Keith Ellison
Abolish the Department of Homeland Security  by David Rittgers
Losing Liberty for Security With the Padilla Case  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Is the Window Closing on Israel?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
It's the Occupation, Stupid  by Sandy Tolan and Tom Engelhardt
A Litany of Diplomatic Failures in US and Europe  Der Spiegel

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Egypt Defeats 'New' Libya for UN Atom Body Seat
Special Ops Commander Says Cuts Would Have Fallout on Elite Forces
In Tropical Paradise, US Drones Meant Revenue
Missile May Have Downed Airliner Over Italy in 1980
CIA Seeks to Resume Ads in Arab-American Paper
Assange Furious as Autobiography Hits Shelves
Battles in Libya Raise Specter of Insurgency
Chemical Weapons Captured in Libya
Gadhafi's Fugitive Premier Jailed for Crossing Border
Anti-Gadhafi Fighters Take Sabha
Libyan Fighters Say They Blocked an Escape Route for Gadhafi Supporters
Libyan Oil Needs Two Years to Recover
Damage, Poor Security Slow Libyan Oil Flow
Somali Rebels Force Starving Thousands Back Into Famine Zone
Morocco: Suspect in Cafe Bombing Retracts Confession
Zambia's Opposition Leader Sata Wins Elections
Pakistan Backed Attacks on American Targets, US Says
Pakistan Warns US: 'No Boots on Our Ground'
Mullen Mauling Shows Patience Wearing Thin With Pakistan
Firdous Denies Haqqanis in Pakistan
LEJ Leader Malik Ishaq Placed Under House Arrest
Afghan President Says Rabbani's Assassin Was Impostor, Not Taliban Messenger of Peace
Survivor Tells of Taliban Plot in Former Afghan President's Assassination
US: Taliban Killings a 'Sign of Weakness'
For New Commanders in Afghanistan, a Fine Balance
China Denounces US Arms Deal for Taiwan
Senate Rejects Bid to Force F-16 Sale to Taiwan
In Egypt, Islamists Reach Out to Wary Secularists
Youth Coalition Will Field Political Candidates
GCC Leaves Yemen Without a Deal
8 Months After First Protests, Yemen Enters Dangerous New Phase
Erdogan Slams Israel in UN General Assembly Speech
Kurdish Militants Threaten More Bombs After Ankara
Turkish Government Ponders Ways to Gag Ícalan
Cameron Strikes Hawkish Tone in UN Address
Russian Nuclear Sub Damaged in Collision With Fishing Ship
Obama Rebuffed as Palestinians Pursue UN Seat
Israel, Palestinians Dig Into Positions Ahead of Palestinian Statehood Bid

At United Nations, a Last-Minute Push for Mideast Talks

When the Settlers Go Marching In
France Breaks With Obama on Palestinian Statehood Issue
Israel's New Labor Leader Faces a Party in Decline
Low-Key Abbas in UN Limelight on Palestinian Statehood Bid
Palestinians in Gaza Defy Hamas to Support UN-Recognition Bid
Obama Speech Shows Bias Towards Israel: Palestinians
Obama Courts Jewish Vote With UN Speech
Bill Clinton: Netanyahu Killed the Peace Process
Bill Clinton Says Rick Perry's Like an Israeli 'Militant Sub Group'
Bahrain Calls for UN Recognition of Palestine
Activists Collect 1m Signatures for Palestinian Cause in Europe
Peshmarga Forces Will Not Withdraw Till Situation Is Stable: Barzani
Bomb at Iraqi Pilgrim Restaurant Kills 4, Wounds 17
Iraq Court Wants Immunity Lifted for 'Maliki-Saddam' MP
Baghdad Calls for Repatriation of Saddam's Daughter on Terrorism Charges
Czech 'No' to Palestine May Kill L-159 Fighter Deal to Iraq
Countries Walk Out of Ahmadinejad's UN Address
Report: US Considering Military Hotline With Iran
Hikers' Case Shows Lack of US Leverage With Iran
Ahmadinejad: It's Not Too Late to Fix US Ties
Iran Nearing Production of Indigenous S-300 Missile System
Venezuelan Diplomat Says Chavez Urged Iran's President to Release 2 Jailed Americans
Ahmedinejad: US Used 9/11 as Pretext for Foreign Invasions
Syrian Security Forces 'Killed in Ambush'
Brutal Response as Syrian Children Join Protests
Middle East
Bahrain Activists May Be Charged for Web Postings
Jordanian Lawmakers Blast Israel for Palestinian Homeland Remarks
New Book to Tell Tale of Anonymous' Role in US Security Contractor's Hack, Mideast Ops
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