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Updated September 28, 2011 - 11:12 PM EDT
Libya Future Uncertain, West Awaits Consequences
  White House: More Deployment to Libya to Search for Missiles
Under Pressure, Iraq to Agree on US Trainers Soon
  US Troops Shoot Policeman as Nine Iraqis Are Killed in Other Attacks

Iran Could Deploy Navy Near US Coast

At Least 54 Killed in Attacks Across Afghanistan

Israeli Officials: Annex West Bank As Punishment

  Israel: Massive Expansion of Jerusalem Settlement
  Shin Bet Urges End to State Funding of Extremist Settler College
Pakistan PM: US Invasion Would 'Violate Sovereignty'
AU: 3,000 More Troops Headed to Somalia

Haiti's President Hopes to Recreate Disgraced Army

Two Killed as Yemeni DM Survives Assassination Bid
Netanyahu's Messianism Could Lead to Attack on Iran  by Sefi Rachlevsky
Abolish the Department of Homeland Security  by Gene Healy
No Need to Reset the Reset  by Matthew Rojansky
WikiLeaked at the State Dept  by Peter Van Buren and Tom Engelhardt
Click and Clack and Play War  by Jeff Huber
Strength vs. Stupidity  by Christopher Preble

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How McChrystal & Petraeus Built Indiscriminate Killing Machine
Bachmann Warns Hezbollah Possibly Installing Camps, Missile Sites in Cuba

Even Those Cleared of Crimes Can Stay on FBI Terror Watch List

CIA, Pentagon Fight to Keep Osama bin Laden Death Photos Secret

Adm. Mullen's Words on Pakistan Come Under Scrutiny

White House Reiterates: US Always Reviewing Aid to Pakistan

Shaken by Increase in Attacks Since 2001, Many Pakistanis Fault US

Accidents Top Cause of Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan

Bomber Aims at Merchant Used by Police in Afghanistan

New Zealand Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Battle

Air Force Official Resigns Over Alleged Spy Ring in Afghanistan

British Soldiers in Afghanistan Shown 'War Snuff Movies'


High-Ranking Iraqi Army Officer Assassinated in Baghdad

Turkey's Davutoğlu Meets With Iraqi Kurdistan Official


Three Palestinians Drown in Tunnel Flooded by Egypt

Israel Building Plan for East Jerusalem Draws Fresh Rebukes


Four NATO Troops Wounded in Kosovo Clash

Serbia May Win EU Candidate Status, No Talks Yet

Russia Hunts Down Chechen Terrorists Abroad

5 Algerians Arrested in Spain for Terror Financing
United States

Judge Rules Iraqi Can Be Tried in Civilian Court for 'Terrorism'

More Destroyers Ordered by US Navy

Supercommittee Operating in Secret

Interrogated by the State Department

US Tells Court bin Laden Photos Must Stay Secret

Looking After the Veteran, Back Home and Damaged

Americas/Drug War

5 Severed Heads Found in Mexico Resort of Acapulco


Libya Fighting: Fears Grow for Civilians in Sirte

Libyan Official Delivers $16m to Southern City

Gadhafi's Son Saif Al-Islam Shown on TV

Algeria Tells Its Gadhafi Guests: Keep Out of Politics

Gadhafi Says He's Ready for Martyrdom

Libyans Wait, and Worry, as Government Delays Forming Cabinet
At UN, Libya's New Leaders Seek Support to Thwart 'Terrorist Threat'

Armed Defenders of Syria's Revolution

Fearing Change, Many Syrian Christians Back Assad

Syrian Troops Firing Machine Guns From Tanks Storm Restive Town in Central Syria

EU Powers Drop UN Syria Sanctions Call

Europe's Oil Embargo Leaves Syria Urgently Seeking New Customers
Middle East
Egyptian Military Sets Dates for Elections, and the Reaction Is Dismay

Has the Military Co-opted Egypt's Revolution?

Tunisia Ready for Elections

'Seven Killed' in Western Sahara Riot

Iran Denies Claims by Freed American Men: State TV


Sudan: Thousands More Flee Air Strikes in Blue Nile State

Opposition March Dispersed in Guinea, 4 Killed


In Taiwan Military, Chinese Spy Stirs Unease

Why China's Response to US Arms Sales to Taiwan Is So Muted

US: Taiwan Outgunned by China Despite Arms Sales

China's Communist Party Accuses US Diplomats in Hong Kong of Meddling

Why Some Khmer Rouge Suspects May Never Face Trial

Myanmar Promises Prisoner Amnesty

India and Pakistan Push Fragile Ties With Trade Diplomacy

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