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Updated October 1, 2011 - 11:24 PM EDT
CIA Assassinates Two US Citizens in Yemen
  US Officials Work to Posthumously Promote Anwar Awlaki
  Legality of Assassinating Americans Considered
  Anwar Awlaki Never Actually a Member of al-Qaeda
  Secret Justice Dept. Memo Sanctioned Killing of Awlaki
US Struggles as Tensions With Pakistan Grow
  US Drone Strike Kills Four in South Waziristan
More Than 500 Arrested in Wall Street Protest
Afghan Haqqani Militant Haji Mali Khan Captured
Libya Rebels Accused of Torture, Revenge Killings
Syrian Troops Kill 27 in Rastan Offensive
Car Bomb Kills 18 at Shi'ite Funeral in Iraq
Due-Process-Free Assassination of US Citizens Is Now Reality  by Glenn Greenwald
America's Asymmetrically Politicized Military  by Justin Logan
Pentagon Aims at Target Pakistan  by Pepe Escobar
Am I a Threat to National Security?  by Justin Raimondo
Confronting American Empire  by Jack Hunter
The Absence of Evidence  by Chris Floyd

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Iran to Syria: Save Regime and Preserve Alliance
Iran Tried to Set Up Afghan Reconciliation Meeting
Death of Jihad's English-Language Mouthpiece
ATF Fast and Furious Guns Turned Up in El Paso
Mass. Terror Suspect Was Asked to Leave Mosque
Assange: WikiLeaks Is a Leaking Boat
Rights Group Calls on Libya to Stop Prisoner Abuse
Libya's Newest Concern: Looming Political Battles
Recently Discovered Libyan Chemical Weapons Were Previously Declared
In Libya, Have Truck, Will Proliferate
Snipers Halt NTC Fight for Gadhafi Hometown
Libya's New Rulers Believe Gadhafi Hiding in South
Tuaregs, Arabs Swap Hostages in Libya Peace Deal
Gadhafi Aide 'Dressed as Woman'
Italian Foreign Minister in Tripoli for Talks With Rebel Leaders
Algeria Denies Holding Talks With Qatar Over Gadhafi's Fate
Rwanda Genocide Court Jails Former Ministers
UN Court Acquits Two Ex Rwandan Ministers of Genocide
Police: Separatists Carrying Biafra State Symbols Arrested and Freed in Nigeria's Southeast
Suspected Muslim Sect Members Plead Not Guilty in Nigeria Bombings That Killed 25 People
Separatists Held and Freed in Southeast Nigeria
Shabab Militants Attack Near Kenya-Somalia Border
US Embassy Slams Zimbabwe Police Over Violence
Algeria's Prime Minister Dismisses Any Amnesty for Militants
Militants Kidnap 34 Pakistan Miners in Khyber
US Reassures Pakistan Amid Anti-American Protests
No Solution to Afghan War Sans Pakistan: Mullen
Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Predicts House Will Cut All Aid to Pakistan
Pakistani Sanctioned by US Denies Militant Links
Tackle Haqqani Problem, Obama Tells Pakistan
South Korea to Launch Campaign Promoting Benefits of Reuniting With North
In North Korea, Kim Jong-Un's Path to Power Grows Firmer
NATO Helicopter Lands Under Fire in Afghanistan
Sri Lanka Releases 1,800 Former Tamil Rebels
Myanmar Dam: Work Halted on Divisive Myitsone Project
US Freezes Funding to Vietnam for Recovery of War Remains
British Court Says Barred Israeli Arab Activist Should Get Damages for Unlawful Detention
Greek Terror Suspect Surrenders to Authorities
School Threats Spread to Northern Mexico
US-Mexico Border Governors Sign Crime-Fighting Pact
Aristide Supporters in Haiti Rally for First Time Since His Return, Mark Coup Anniversary
Weekend Reviews
How the 'Great War' Began
Middle East Empire: The Prequel
The Longest War: the Enduring Conflict Between America and al-Qaeda
The Survival of North Korea
The Killing of Al-Awlaki
Yemenis Say They Have Bigger Problems Than al Qaeda
US Citizen Who Edited al-Qaeda Magazine Also Killed
A Look at the Life of al-Qaeda Cleric al-Awlaki
Anwar Al-Awlaki in His Own Words
Drone Strike on 2 Americans Raises Questions
American Strike on American Target Revives Contentious Constitutional Issue
Strike on Awlaki Demonstrates Collaboration Between CIA and Military
US-Born Al-Awlaki Was Gifted Preacher, Internet Maestro, and CIA's First American Target
US Hails Killing of Awlaki in Drone Strike
Ron Paul Condemns US 'Assassination' of Al-Awlaki; Perry, Romney Praise Obama
Relief, Anger at Mosque Where Al-Awlaki Preached
Yemen Government, Opposition Poised to Sign US Dialogue Principles
Bomb Blast Rocks Police Station in Yemen's Aden, 2 Policemen Injured
Palestinian UN Bid Gets First Hearing by UN Membership Committee
Source: UN Won't Advance Palestinian Statehood Bid Until Diplomacy Option Exhausted
Poll: Palestinians Believe Statehood Is Likely
We Are the Victims of Collective Punishment, Say Palestinians
Merkel Tells Netanyahu New Settlement Plans 'Raise Doubts' Israel Is Serious About New Talks
Second Bloody Day in Iraq: 22 Killed, 61 Wounded
Baghdad Demo Condemns Violations by Neighborly States
Iraq's Maliki Warns Over Syrian Sectarian Turmoil
US Soldier on Trial for Killing Hungarian Contractor in Iraq
Will the Iraqi Government Award US Troops Liberation Medals?
Attempt to Blow Up Passenger Car in Kut Foiled
Maliki: 'Presence of Experts, Trainers During Arms Purchasing, Natural, but Foreign Forces Will Leave Iraq by the End of Year'
Two Soldiers Killed in PKK Attack in Southeast Turkey
NATO Leader Worried by Turkey's Rifts With Cyprus and Israel
Turkish Police Detain 13 PKK Suspects in Istanbul
Thousands of Jordanians Rally in Amman Demanding Sack of Govt
Jordan's King Approves Constitutional Reforms
Middle East
Iran: We've Produced Domestic Version of S-300 Anti-Aircraft Missiles
US Demands More Protection After Syrian Tomato Fiasco
UN Rights Office Criticizes Bahrain Sentences
Sean Penn Joins Egyptians in Tahrir Square Protest
US Military
IG Faults Military, KBR for Exposing Troops to Dangerous Chemical
Military Struggles to Find Helium for Spy Blimp Surge
Pentagon Seeks Probe of the Cost of Hacking
Navy to Shut Down Seabee Battalions in Cost-Cutting Move
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