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Updated October 5, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
Secret Panel Can Order Americans Assassinated
NATO Refuses to Investigate Libyan Civilian Deaths
  Libya Rebels Claim 'Final Decisive Attack' on Sirte Soon

Iraqi Leaders: No US Troop Immunity After Dec.

  US: $10M Bounty for al-Qaeda in Iraq Leader

Five Killed in New Iraq Attacks

Ahmadinejad Offers Halt to 20% Enrichment
Saudi Police Open Fire on 'Seditious' Protesters
Saleh Hopes to Use Awlaki's Killing to Stay in Power
China, Russia Veto UN Resolution Against Syria
Nearly 20% of US Vets Have Mental Health Problems
Suicide Truck Bomb Kills 70 in Mogadishu
Gunmen Kill 14 Shi'ites in Quetta, Pakistan
Bahrain Sentences 26 More Activists to Prison
On Thursday, Let's Make a Clamor for Peace  by Robert Naiman
Justice Obstructed at Bagram: 10 Years Is Too Long  by Brian Terrell
A Better View of American Exceptionalism  by Gene Healy
The End of America's Pacific Century  by John Feffer & Tom Engelhardt
I Am a History Teacher, and I Lie to My Students  by Dr. Brian Phillips
Will Uncle Sam Go Postal in South Asia?  by Eric Margolis

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Why One of Afghanistan's Most Feared Men Is a US Ally

NATO Ministers to Discuss Afghanistan, Libya

Awlaki Would Have Been 'Difficult' to Try as a Civilian

Obama Waives Penalties on Countries That Employ Child Soldiers – Again

Spy Games Come to New York for UN General Assembly


Afghanistan-Pakistan Ties Frayed by Assassination

As US Marks War Milestone, Afghans Say Taliban Is Lying Low

One Polish Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Female Afghan Police Officers Face Elevated Risk

China Seeks Profit, Shuns Politics, in Afghanistan

Taliban Using Modern Means to Add to Sway

Kandahar 'Poo Pond' Won't Be Decommissioned Until Next Year
Palestinian Protesters Accost US Diplomats During West Bank Visit

US Scrambles to Keep Palestinian Aid Flowing

Mosque Burning in Israel Fuels Tensions


War in South China Sea?

China Moves to Rein in Microblogs

US Lawmaker Calls for International Pressure to Stop China's Cyber-Espionage

Steer Clear of Tibet, China Warns US

South Korea Drops Plan to Deliver Aid to North

Killing Awlaki

Awaiting Anwar Awlaki's Final Words

A Closed-Mouth Policy Even on Open Secrets

Middle East

Turkey to Hold Army 'Exercises' Near Syria

Turkish Police Detain 120 in Kurdish Rebel Probe

Panetta Gently Prods Egypt on Democracy, Accused Spy

Egypt Blogger Maikel Nabil 'Ailing' From Hunger Strike

Tunisia Denies Visas for Palestinian Bloggers

Tehran Tries Iranian Who Studies in Texas


Assad: Syria Will Shower Tel Aviv With Rockets if Attacked

Facing Backlash, Syria Revokes Week-Old Ban on Imports of Consumer Goods

Syrian Rebel Commander Takes Refuge in Turkey

France Warns Syria Not to Intimidate Activists

US Leaders Speak

Accused Pentagon Plotter Pleads Not Guilty

Fraud in Corps of Engineers Contracting Charged

VA Staffers Say System Can't Meet Vets' Mental Health Needs


Three Killed as Boko Haram Strikes Again

US Buyers Shun 'Conflict Minerals' in Congo's East

Rwandan President Kagame 'Sparked 1994 Genocide'

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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