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Updated October 8, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
Protest of War Shuts Museum in Washington
Obama: 10 Years in Afghanistan Made Us Safer
  NATO Says 25 Killed in Coordinated Assault on US Bases
  McChrystal: US 'Far From Goals' in Afghanistan
  Poll Shows Overwhelming British Opposition to Afghan War
  German General: Afghan War Has Failed
  Ten Years On, Taliban Says 'Victory Is With Us'
  Trading Blame: Nations Agree Afghan War Failure Someone Else's Fault
Romney Calls for Century of US Dominance
  Romney Picks Scary Hawk as Foreign Policy Adviser
Obama Aims for Even More Secretiveness
  DHS Is Testing 'Pre-Crime' Detection System
  FBI Director Vows More Use of PATRIOT Act 'Lone Wolf' Provision
  Reaper Drones to Fly Out of New York Base
Yemen President Again Sends Mixed Signals
Syrian Forces Open Fire on Civilians at Funeral
State Dept Readies Iraq Op, Biggest Since Marshall Plan
Libya Rebels Announce Another 'Final Assault' on Sirte
Calls Grow for Release of Memo Supporting Killing of Awlaki
Democrats: The Pentagon Ties You Aren't Hearing About  by Nick Turse
'The Two State Solution Is Not a Solution'  by Gregg Carlstrom
You and I and the Next Yom Kippur War  by Gideon Levy
Assassinating the Constitution  by Jack Hunter
Is This Any Way to Run a Republic?  by Sheldon Richman
How Drones Encourage More Killing  by Benjamin H. Friedman

More Viewpoints

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Three Activist Women
The Seven Most Dubious Nobel Peace Prize Winners
'No Libya:' Military Powers Frozen by High Risks With Syria
Fears of Repeat of Libya War Behind Vetoes
Rabbis Stand in Solidarity With Burned Mosque
Syrian Troops Fire on Protesters, Killing 8; Gunmen Kill Kurdish Opposition Figure
Fears of Violence Increase in Syria, Amid Calls for Protests
Russia Defends Its Veto of UN Resolution on Syria
Syria Probing Killings, International Inquiry Possible
Syrian Troops 'Kill Syrian Farmer in Lebanon'
Medvedev Urges Assad to Reform or Go
Syria Slams Critics at UN Review of Rights Record
Gantz: Israel Must Always Be War-Ready
Israel Arrests Palestinian Suspects in Settler Deaths
Quartet to Meet in Effort to Revive Mideast Talks
Israeli Forces State to Change 'Jewish' Classification
Gunmen Target Security Personnel Across Iraq
Official Arrested on Terrorism Charges in Kirkuk
5 Killed, 20 Wounded in Central Baghdad
Clashes Break Out in Bahrain After Funeral of 16-Year-Old
Document: Navy Commander Drunk, Abusive in Bahrain
Hariri Prosecutor Must Hand Evidence to Ex-Suspect
France Urges Turkey to Recognize Armenian Genocide
Turkey Tells France to Confront Colonial Past
Russian Hit Squad Accused of Murdering Chechen Dissidents in Istanbul
Russia Says It Will Indict Suspect in Reporter's Murder
Finns Release Somali Terror Suspect, Hold Another
Arab Spring Activists Observing Poland's Election
US Troops Increase Aid to Mexico in War Against Drug Cartels
Marines: 'Zeta Killers' Gang Responsible for 32 More Killings in Southern Mexico
Mexican Navy Finds 32 Bodies in Veracruz
El Salvador
Court in El Salvador Refuses to Hold 5 More Suspects in 1989 Slayings of Jesuits
In Other News
FBI Began Investigating Minn Women in Summer 2008
Convicted Cuban Spy Rene Gonzalez Freed From US Prison
Pakistan Says Obama Pressure on Militants Hurts Afghanistan
Pakistan May Repatriate bin Laden's Wives
Court Accuses Pakistan Coalition of Karachi Murder Role
Clapper: US, Pakistan Spies Rebuild Ties
Pakistani Accused of Spy Links in US Dies
Attacks Rock US Outposts Near Afghanistan-Pakistan Border
Afghanistan May Need Funds Until 2025: UK Envoy
Russia Rejects US Presence in Afghanistan After UN Mandate Expires
Hamid Karzai Admits Afghanistan 'Security Failure'
Russian General: NATO No Help in Fighting Afghan Narcotics Trade
Afghan Woman Uses Art to Heal War's Orphans
India: Maoist Attack Kills Four Troops in Chhattisgarh
South Korea: US Military Starts Curfew After Rape Claims
2 More Tibetans Set Selves on Fire in Latest Protest
At 100, Taiwan's Government Faces Uncertain Future
Symbol of Liberation but Gadhafi's Forces Aren't Ready to Give Up Sirte
Muammar Gadhafi Urges Mass Protests
Libyan Oil Export Flow a Trickle, Not a Gush
ENI Sees Libyan Output Recovering in Year, Adding to World Gains
Split by War, Libya's Team United Around New Goal
Little Relief in Sudan's Neglected Nuba Mountains
Members of the Kenyan Diaspora Aim for Change
Malawi's President Mutharika Promises Riot Enquiry
US Military
Military Suicides Rampant in Afghanistan
Computer Virus Hits US Drone Fleet
House Armed Services Chair: No Defense Bill Without Gay Marriage Ban, Detainee Provisions
At Fort Bragg, Army Aviators Prepare for Another Deployment as Demand Soars for Air Crews
GOP Senator Defends Military Custody for Suspects
Federal Jury Finds Navy SEAL Guilty in Weapons Smuggling Trial in Las Vegas
US Navy May Cut Carrier's Life in Half to Save Money
Defense Industry Eyeing Pentagon's Carter Warily
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