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Updated October 12, 2011 - 11:00 PM EDT

US: Iran Plot to Kill Saudi Envoy - With Mexican Cartel

String of Attacks in Baghdad Kill 30

  Iraq Requested 5,000 US Military Trainers After Dec.
  Iraq: Over 1,300 Bodies Found in Two Mass Graves
Afghan Govt. Blocks Major Corruption Probe
  Opium Production, Profits Rise Drastically in Afghanistan
More Holes Emerge in FBI's Anthrax Case

NATO 'Surprised' by Libyan Loyalist Resistance

Nigerian Pleads Guilty to Underwear Bomb Plot

UN Urges Israel to Curb Settler Attacks
  Prisoner Swap: Israel, Hamas Agree to Trade Captives
  Israeli Forces Destroy West Bank Mosque For Third Time
Bahrain Fines Newspapers for 'False Reporting'
Syria Announces New Constitutional Committee

US Arms Bahrain While Decrying Russian Weapons in Syria

Iran's Plot – and a US Double Standard?  by Nicholas Goldberg
Freedom Plaza Protesters Settle In  by Ray McGovern
How the US Government Secretly Reads Your Email  by Heather Brooke
Bananastan-iversary!  by Jeff Huber
US Troops vs. Drug Cartels?  The Orange County Register
The Audacity of Vetoing Hope  by Karima Bennoune

More Viewpoints

Civil Libertarians Decry Being 'Stabbed in the Back' by Awlaki Decision

Are Our Drone Attacks Legal?

US 'Supercop' Rejects Closing Social Media in Riots

Multiplying Crises Create 43 Million Refugees

Arrests, Police Attacks on Peaceful Protesters at Boston 'Occupy' Event

Coalition Aims for Afghan Face on War by Spring

Six Afghan Policemen, Tribal Elder Killed in Roadside Bombing

11 Afghan Taliban Killed in Dir Clashes

US Open to Afghan Peace Deal Including Haqqani

Ex-Afghan Central Bank Chief Killed in California - Political Motivation?

Taliban Captors Release Afghan Aid Workers

Influential Afghan Women's Rights Advocate Says Hope Is Lost

Pakistani Governor Escapes Missile Attack


Hopes Dim to Change Iraq Laws to Protect Women

Bum Deal for Iraq Souvenir Hunters


UN: Israel Seen Quick to Use Force in West Bank

2,000 Palestinian Prisoners Join Hunger Strike

Popular Palestinian Leader Marwan Barghouti Not to Be Released in Prisoner Exchange
Netanyahu Launches Effort to Legalize Outposts Built on Private Palestinian Land
Israel Court Orders Release of Suspect in 'Price Tag' Mosque Attack

Russia Feeds Arms Addiction as Soft Power Fails

Yulia Tymoshenko Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison

Serbia's EU Bid in Jeopardy

Serbia Convicts Diplomats for Incident That Strained Ties With US
Americas/Drug War

Mexican Drug Cartels Reach Into Tiny Belize

Iran 'Plot'

Alleged Iranian Plot Is Uncharacteristically Bold

For Iran and Saudi Arabia, Simmering Feud Is Rooted in History

Iran: US Allegation of Plot 'Implausible'

US Will Not Respond Militarily to Iran Over Alleged Plot

Low-Key Al-Jubeir Wields High-Level Power

Middle East

Yemeni Air Force Commander Killed in Car Bomb

Seven Killed in Syria, as Assad Plans New Constitution

Syria Rejects Calls to Join War Crimes Tribunal

Israel Apologizes for Deaths of Egyptian Officers

Egypt Finance Minister Resigns in Protest After Copt Deaths


Thousands Displaced as Fighting Flares in Mogadishu

Mugabe's Health Sends Shivers Through Zimbabwe


Burma Announces Amnesty for 6,359 Prisoners

Group to Protest Shift of US Military Exercise From Okinawa to Guam

Japan Doctors in North Korea to Examine A-Bomb Victims

Taiwan Lobbyists Pressure White House to Approve Sale of F-16 Fighter Jets
United States
Underwear Bomber Trial: Will It Shed Light on American Cleric Killed in Yemen?

Judge: Airline Attack Prosecutors Can Say 'Bomb'

Army Says Number of Medically Unfit GIs on Rise

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