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Updated October 13, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
Obama: 'All Options on the Table' Against Iran
  No Real Evidence of Iran Govt. Complicity in Plot
  US Vows to 'Unite the World' Against Iran

Report: 'Success' in Afghanistan Exaggerated

  UN Extends Afghan War Mandate for Another Year
  Clinton: Pakistan 'Part of the Problem' in Afghanistan
Haqqani Member Among 10 Slain by US Drones
Holder Subpoenaed on Drug Cartel Arms Fiasco
US: No Decision on Iraq Troops Yet
  Blasts Kill 20 in Sadr City as Surge in Bombings Continues
Libya NTC Holds, Abuses 2500+ Without Charges
  Libyan Weapons Show Up in Sinai, Egypt Junta Warns
Justice Dept: Virginia Man Spying for Syria

Nigerian Pleads Guilty to Underwear Bomb Attack

20 Killed as Syrian Troops Clash With Defectors
US-Backed Philippine Army Detains Children
The Fast and Furious Plot to Occupy Iran  by Pepe Escobar
The 'Come to Jesus' Moment in US-Iran Relations  by Trita Parsi & Reza Marashi
Richard Cohen Suddenly Worried About Presidential Powers  by Alex Pareene
A Drone Strike on the Constitution  by Dr. Brian Phillips
Ten Years and One Month Later  by Hannah Gurman
F-16 Deal Is an Emblem of Larger Problem  by Justin Logan

More Viewpoints

White House Spokesman on Secret Kill List: 'Not Going to Engage in a Conversation About That'

Military Says Virus Not Directed at Drones

Dad Snapping Photos of Daughter Prompts Terror Reaction at Scotland Mall

Arrest Bush When He Visits Canada, Amnesty Tells Ottawa

Fatal Afghan Helicopter Mission Was Soundly Planned, Report Says

Iran Shells Afghan Village Over Land Dispute

Pakistan Frontier Governor Vows to Fight Taliban


Iraq's Kurds Offer Homes to Refugee Christians


Israel-Hamas Prisoner Swap May Reshape Regional Politics

Hamas Official: Shalit Won't Be Last Solider We Kidnap

Turkish Prosecutor Seeks Israeli Arrests Over Ship Raid


S. Korea to Review Status of Forces Agreement With US

China and Vietnam Sign Deal on South China Sea Dispute

Terror Suspect Says He Opposed Bali Bombings

Americas/Drug War

Mexico: Gulf Cartel's Accountant Found Shot Dead

Haiti's President to Meet With 'Baby Doc,' Others

Foe of Venezuela's Chavez Launches Presidential Campaign, Urges End to Political Conflict
Iran 'Plot'

Officials Concede Gaps in US Knowledge of Iran Plot

Ex-CIA Agent Warns US 'Dangerously Wrong' on Iran

Investigators Initially Doubted Plot Had Iran Ties

Friend: Suspect in Ambassador Plot 'No Mastermind'

Perry Says Iran Plot Requires Border Security

Mideast Rivalries a Backdrop for Iran Plot Claims

Saudis Vow Revenge for Iran's 'Plot'

Iranians See Ahmadinejad as Disconnected From Alleged Plot

Mexico Seen as Unlikely Launching Pad for Iranian Plot


Rights Groups: Minimize Civilian Killings in Sirte Attack

Gadhafi's Son 'Held' in Sirte Onslaught

Spain Withdraws F-18 Planes From NATO Libya Mission

Middle East

Tens of Thousands in Syria Stage Pro-Assad Rally

Popular Islamist Candidate Worries Secular Tunisians

Yemeni Protesters Rally for UN Council Resolution

Egypt Military Says Soldiers Didn't Intentionally Kill Copts

Bahrain Opposition Demands Elected Govt.

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