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Updated October 17, 2011 - 11:17 PM EDT
Uganda President Claims GIs Won't Be Fighting

US Officials Peddle False Intel to Back Iran Plot Claims

  Lawmakers: DC Assassination Plot 'Very Real'
  Khamenei: Iran Could Scrap Presidency in the Future
Arab League Stops Short of Suspending Syria
  Lebanese Border Town Fears Syrian Military Invasion
Ousted UK Defense Secretary Linked to Mossad
  UK Defense Secretary's Man Sent Classified Info to Israelis
Hawks Rail Against Possible Iraq Pullout
Major Battles Reported in Yemeni Capital
Kenyan Forces March Into Southern Somalia
Iran Had Better Watch Its Step Now That Obama's Chasing Votes  by Patrick Cockburn
Mapping America's Shadowy Drone Wars  by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
Nuclear Lesson From Libya: Don't Be Like Gadhafi; Be Like Kim  by Tad Daley
Attacking Iran Would Invite Disaster  by Ron Smith
The Second Herzl  by Uri Avnery
The Afghan War Everyone Wants to Forget  by Thomas Walkom

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With God
on Our Side

by Andrew J. Bacevich
Rush Limbaugh on Lord's Resistance Army: 'Obama Targets Christians'
Occupy Wall Street Protests Continue Worldwide
German Police Criticized for Electronic Snooping
Echoes of '70s as Bombs Shut Down German Lines
Veterans' Unemployment Outpaces Civilian Rate
Summer of Change in Southeast Asia, but No Arab Spring
Libya's New Government Still Hasn't Found Gadhafi
Libyan Leaders Claim New Areas in Bani Walid
Gadhafi Diehards in Sirte Hold Up Libyan Troops
Bulldozers Demolish Gadhafi Compound
Liberia President's Lead Narrows in Vote Count
Challenger Tubman Willing to Go to Runoff
Blast Hits Police Base in Nigeria's Northeast
Radical Muslim Sect Boko Haram Suspected of Killing State Lawmaker in Nigeria
Al-Qaeda Tries a New Tactic in Somalia: Philanthropy
Kenyan Military Helicopter Crashes as Troops Enter Somalia to Pursue Al-Shabab Militants
Troops Kill Three Suicide Bombers in East Afghan City
British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Afghan Governor Survives Taliban Attack
German President Makes Surprise Afghanistan Trip
Afghan Parliament Approves $51m Payout Over Kabul Bank
Tensions Flare as GIs Take Fire Out of Pakistan
US Drone Strike in Pakistan Kills 3 Egyptians
Pakistan Leans Toward Talks With Taliban
Sri Lankan Envoy Denies War Crimes Claims
Eighth Tibetan Burns Himself in Protest in China
Japan's Aging Air Force Plans Major Overhaul
Facebook Campaign May Herald Deeper Changes in Bhutan
Mexican Army: Soldiers Rescue 61 Men Held Captive, Forced to Work for Drug Gang in Border City
Iran Reacts to Efforts by America to Pressure It
Iran Demands Access to Accused US Plotter
Iran's Khamenei Warns US Over Assassination Claims
Almost Half of Americans Say Iran Is 'Enemy'
In Israel, a Charged Debate Over Prisoner Release
Shalit Family: High Court Must Not Delay 'Delicate' Israel-Hamas Deal
Israel Releases Names of 477 Prisoners to Be Freed in Trade
List of Palestinian Prisoners to Be Released
Prisoner Exchange Is Condemned by Bereaved Israelis
Arab League Sets Up Team to End Syria Crisis
Syria's Alawites Go on Arms Shopping Spree
Arms Smuggling Into Syria Flourishes: Experts
Anti-Assad Protesters Use Israeli-Made Weapons
Interior Ministry Officer Assassinated in Baghdad
Six Wounded Across Iraq
Saddam Daughter Wants to Publish His Memoirs: Report
Yemeni Forces Fire on Protesters for Second Day
Witnesses: Security Forces Fire on Yemen Protesters, Killing 5
Saleh: Diplomats Spreading Falsehoods
Middle East
Erdogan and Obama's Phone Chats Reveal Turkey's Ascent
Egypt's Reform Leader ElBaradei Criticizes Military Rulers as Too Powerful, Lacking Experience
Russian Activist Sent From Hospital Back to Jail
Oxford University Invests £630,000 in US Firm That Profits From Cluster Bombs
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