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Updated October 21, 2011 - 11:25 PM EDT
All US Troops to Leave Iraq by December
  The Iraq War Ain't Over, No Matter What Obama Says
  Thousands of Turkish Troops Pour into Northern Iraq
  Turkey and Iran Pledge Mutual Aid Against Kurdish Rebels in Iraq
Gadhafi Burial Delayed Amid Calls for Probe
  For US, Gadhafi's Death a Laughing Matter
  Moammar Gadhafi Slain, but How?
  Video Shows Gadhafi Was Alive When Captured in Sirte
  Sen. Graham: 'Let's Get on the Ground...Lot of Money to Be Made'
NATO Strike Hits Afghan Civilians, Toll Unclear
  NATO Says 115 Militants Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
  US, Afghan Soldiers Allegedly Forced Civilians Onto Mine-Filled Roads
  Warning Missed in US 'Kill Team' Slayings of Afghan Civilians
Clinton Threatens 'Unilateral' Moves on Pakistan
  37 Killed as Pakistan Reports Bloody Fight With Militants
Syrian Protesters Warn Assad; 24 Killed
One in Three Female GIs Raped During Service
Obama Further Scales Up Tensions With Iran
Philippines Won't Retaliate After Rebels Kill 19
Colombian Soldiers 'Murdered Civilians' to Boost Kill Counts
NATO Troops Attack Kosovar Serbs, Destroy Roadblocks
Is the National Security Complex Too Big to Fail?  by Tom Engelhardt
The Soviet Union's Continuing Influence on America  by James Bovard
The Son of Africa Claims a Continent's Crown Jewels  by John Pilger
The Persian Paranoia Ploy  by Jeff Huber
The US Power Grab in Africa  by Pepe Escobar
Obama's Cowardly Martin Luther King Dedication  by Matthew Harwood

More Viewpoints

ACLU Says FBI Uses Profiling to Target Muslims, Other Minorities
Obama Points to Value of 'Collective Action' in Libya
As Arab Autocrats Are Toppled, Their Fates Grow More Extreme
Military 'Not Quite Sure' How Drone Cockpits Got Infected
TSA Checkpoints Emerge Across Tennessee
Prisoner Swap Reshapes Hamas-Egypt-Israel Ties
Palestinians Plan Other Options if UN Bid Fails
UN: Palestinians Suffer Israeli Settlers' Violence
For Palestinians Released in Gilad Shalit Prisoner Swap, Freedom Is Relative
Freed Palestinian Prisoners Back to Daily Life
Egypt to Pick Rest of Detainees in Swap Deal: Hamas
Abbas: Israel Promised to Release More Prisoners
Failed Bomber: Struggle Against Israel Must Go On
Palestinian PM Fayyad Says the Time 'Not Ripe' for Talks
Iraq Condemns PKK's Raids Into Turkey but Won't Move Against Group
Iraqi Govt. Charged With Failure to Repel Turkish Attacks
Sadr Rejects Presence of US Military Trainers in Iraq
US Closes Northern Iraq Base as Turkey Intensifies PKK Border Operations
Iraq Okays Executions of 53, Including Five Foreigners
US Shuts North Iraq Division Ahead of Pullout
US Army Patrol Under Attack in Kut
Iraq Withdrawal: Customs Inspectors Keep US Secure
Pro-Assad Gunmen Kill 10 in Central Syria
Pro-Assad Rally Shows Syrian Government Can Still Command Support
Syria Agrees to Receive an Arab League Committee Next Week
Yemen Opposition Criticizes Saleh Over Guarantee Demands
Yemenis Hope Online Video Will Keep Spotlight on Uprising
US Delays Bahrain Arms Sale Pending Rights Probe
Bahrain Panel Delays Report on Protest Unrest
Bahrain Jails 14 for Illegal Protest
Middle East
In Iran, a New Challenge to Hardliners
Three Saudi YouTube Social Activists Arrested
British Embassy in Kuwait Suspends Services Over Threat
Basque Separatist Group ETA Declares Halt to Violence
ETA's Surrender Opens Difficult Road to Peace
Tory Rebels Set to Quit Government in Row Over Europe Referendum
UK Lawmaker Quits Defense Panel After Spy Claims
'Gadhafi Was Caught Alive, Later Beaten, Killed by Rebels'
Pentagon: US Drone Involved in Final Gadhafi Strike
Images of Gadhafi's Death Highlight Visual Distrust in the Digital Age
Gadhafi Body Being Taken to Secret Location: NTC Official
In Libyan Conflict, European Power Was Felt
Libyan PM Says Gadhafi Died From Bullet to Head
Misrata Celebrates, Displaying the Trophies of War
Body of Gadhafi Son Mo'Tassim Put on Display in Misrata House
Libya's Next Tests: Big Expectations, Power Plays
World Leaders Hail Gadhafi's Killing
Tunisia Vows No Poll Rigging, Calls on People to Vote
Islamist Imagines a Democratic Future for Tunisia
Civilians Caught in Crossfire as Somali Fight Erupts
US Claims Kenya Didn't Warn of Somalia Incursion
Kenya to Target al-Shabab Sympathisers in Nairobi
Official: 4 Die in Sect Attacks in Nigeria's North
Sudan's Omar Al-Bashir in Malawi: ICC Wants Answers
Swedish Pair in Ethiopia Jail Deny Terror Charges
US and Afghan Troops Battle to Control Key Route
US, Pakistan Spar Over How to End Afghan War
Mass Grave Found in Northern Afghanistan, Official Says
US Envoy to Try to Persuade North Korea to Give Up Nuclear Weapons in Exchange for Aid
North Korea's Kim Says Ready to Resume Nuclear Talks
US and North Korea to Meet, Analysts Skeptical on Progress
UN: North Korea Holds Up to 200,000 Political Prisoners
Autumn Harvest Watched Warily in Food-Poor North Korea
Japan's New PM Visits South Korea. Will the Visit Bring the Countries Closer?
Japan Pushing Okinawa Ahead of Panetta Visit
US Complains to China About Tibetan Suicides
Indonesian Police Confirm Two Dead in Papua Independence Protests
An Apology for a Guatemalan Coup, 57 Years Later
'War on Terror'
US Releases Headley Interrogation Video
US Charges Two With Recruiting for Terror
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