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Updated October 26, 2011 - 11:27 PM EDT
Billions Lost in Secret Fed Funding of Iraq War
  Turkish Tanks Move into Iraq, Chasing Kurdish Rebels
  Attacks Against Iraqi Security Forces Continue

Libya NTC Chairman Asks NATO to Stay Longer

  Saif Gadhafi May Prefer Surrender to Death, After All
  Mass Graves Proliferate in Sirte
  Libya: Fuel Depot Blast in Sirte Kills 100
Pentagon: Uganda Deployment 'Won't Be Open-Ended'
Wartime Contract Body Classifies Findings for 20 Yrs
US Wants Singaporeans for Antenna Sale to Iranians

UN Tally Excluded Most Afghan Civilian Deaths

18K Civilians Flee Pakistan's Latest Khyber Offensive
15 Dead After Brief Yemen 'Cease-Fire'

Civilians Flee as Philippines Army Bombs South

Report: Seven Syrian Troops Killed in Convoy Attack
Empire and Hegemony: What's the Difference?  by Daniel Larison
The Risks of Obama's Immoral Drone War  by Conor Friedersdorf
The End of the American Era  by Stephen M. Walt
Fat Ladies, Promises, and Iraq  by Jeff Huber
Ruinous Victories  by Bruce Fein
Why Can't We Say 'Empire'?  by David Sirota

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New Poll Finds a Deep Distrust of Government

Police Gas, Use Rubber Bullets on Occupy Oakland, Arrest Dozens
Rep. John Mica Attacks TSA 'Chat-Downs' as 'Idiotic,' Screening Failures 'Off the Charts'

NATO Still Hopes to Link Russia to Missile Shield


Full Story of Deadly SEAL Mission in Question

Haqqanis Will Not Talk Afghan Peace Alone: Commander

Father Told Son Killed by 'Friendly Fire' in Afghanistan

Pakistan Judge Pervez Ali Shah 'Flees Death Threats'

China Seeks Military Bases in Pakistan


Joe Lieberman: Reopen Talks to Keep US Force in Iraq

Baghdad Bombs Target Traffic Police, 1 Killed

20 Former Ba'ath Members Arrested in Kirkuk


Deported Palestinians Describe Prison Ordeal

Israel Closes East Jerusalem Offices Used by Hamas

Palestinians: Lieberman's Remarks Are an Explicit Threat on Abbas' Life

China Draft Bill Defines Terrorism Amid 'Real Threat'

US Upbeat on Nuclear Diplomacy After North Korea Talks

China Paper Warns of 'Sound of Cannons' in Sea Disputes

North Korea Rents Out Its Resources to Stave Off Reform


US, Danish Aid Workers in Somalia Seized by Gunmen


Before Gadhafi's Death, US Debated His Future

US Downplays Concerns as Libya's Post-Gadhafi Rulers Call for Islamic Law

Official: Gadhafi's Son Nearing Niger Border

Panetta Says Ties With Libya Depend on Allies

Libyan Fighter Celebrates Victory as Reality Looms

Iran's Ahmadinejad Says West Set to Plunder Libya

Middle East

Amnesty International: Syrian Forces Use Hospitals for Torture

HRW Warns of Cover-Up in Egypt Christian Deaths

Tunisia Secular Party Rejects Alliance With Islamists

Iran Foreign Minister to Attend Saudi Prince's Funeral

The Arab Spring 'Will Create Strong Islamist Parties'


Obstacles Old and New in Kosovo as Serbs Defy NATO

Kremlin: Secret List of US Officials Banned in Russia to Grow

Two Russian Soldiers Shot Dead in Caucasus


Mexico's Drug War: Confessions of a Narco-Killer

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