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Updated October 27, 2011 - 11:21 PM EDT
NATO, UN End Mission in Libya
  Gadhafi Killer Faces Prosecution: Libyan Govt
  Report: Saif al-Islam Gadhafi Negotiating Surrender to Hague

Qatar Admits It Had Boots on Ground in Libya

Afghan Insurgents Launch Attacks on US Bases
  10 Killed in Afghan Fuel Truck Bombing
  Official Claims of Transition to Afghan-Controlled Security Are Unlikely
Top Romney Adviser Tied to Militant Atrocities
Kenyan Invasion Worsening Somali Crisis
Iraq: Sistani Rep. Attacked, Bombs Rattle Mosul
French FM: Syrian Govt 'Almost Certain' to Fall
US Ties With Saleh Strained as Yemen Destabilized
Interventionist Addiction: US Troops in Central Africa  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Madison and Jefferson Were UnPATRIOTic  by Dr. Brian Phillips
Airport Security Is Coming to a Highway Near You  by Wendy McElroy
Why Palestine Matters  The American Conservative
The US Departure From Iraq Is an Illusion  by James Denselow
Gadhafi's End a Sign of Things to Come?  by Joanne Mariner

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Awlaki Family Angered by US Silence

Veteran Scott Olsen Could Be the First Person to Die at a Wall Street Protest

Russia, China Caution IAEA to File Fair Report on Iran

Lockheed Wins $1 Billion UK Contract

Boeing Sees Growth in Cyber Despite Defense Cuts

Northrop Profit Rises Even as Sales Fall

Afghan Taliban Says Will Target National Assembly

Withdrawal From Afghanistan Could Kill the US-Russia 'Reset'

Afghanistan-India Pact Doesn't Concern Just Pakistanis; Afghans Wonder, Too
Video: Former President Says He Did Not Know bin Laden Was in Pakistan

NATO Tankers Torched in Pakistan


International Envoys Seek to Restart Mideast Talks

For Many Israeli 'Settlers,' Their Suburban Home Is Just a Place to Live

Palestinians Seek UNESCO Vote Despite US Opposition

Fadwa Barghouti: 'For Peace to Come, Israel Must Release My Husband'

Sadr Supports 'Uprooting Baath Elements'

US Troops Leave Iraq for Kuwait Under Pullout Deal

Iraq Archive Reveals Saddam Hussein's Conspiratorial Mind-Set

CNN Commenters: Iraq Not Ours to 'Win'


Rep. King: Iran's UN Reps Are Mostly Spies

Russia Delivers Radar Jammers to Iran

US Setting Up Online Embassy to Reach Iranians


Panetta Assures South Korean Leaders of US Support Vs. North

Tenth Tibetan Monk Burns Self in West China: Group

Ex-Khmer Rouge Cadre Refuses to Take Stand in 'Killing Fields'


Mexico Nabs Alleged Zetas Local Chief, 5 Others

Guatemalan Ex-Leader Taken Under Guard to Hospital Before Trial

UN Condemns US Embargo of Cuba — Again

Argentine Court Sentences 'Angel of Death,' 11 Other Ex-Officers to Life for Junta Crimes

With Gadhafi Dead, Libyans Wary of the Enemy Within

Gadhafi Begged Italy's Help in Letter: Report

Gadhafi's Hometown Sirte Blasted Into the Dark Ages

Did Libya's NTC Lose Control of Its Fighters?

The Human Cost of Defending Libya's Oil

Insider Describes Gadhafi Son's Escape From Town

Controlling Libya's Weapons

Libya Ex-Spy Chief Moussa Koussa Denies Torture Claims

Gadhafi Family to File War-Crimes Complaint

Venezuela's Chavez Says He Won't Recognize New Government in Libya
Middle East

Arab League Ministers Meet Assad as Syrians Strike

Defectors Claim Attack That Killed Syrian Soldiers
On Verge of Victory, Tunisia's Ennahda Commits to 'Western-Style Democracy'

Tunisia's Election Feat Sets High Bar for Arab Spring Nations

Jordan's King Says He Will Give Lawmakers a Say in Selecting Cabinet
Police Guilty of Lesser Charges in Beating Death, Angering Egypt's Pro-Democracy Activists

US Labor Team Probes Job Purges in Bahrain

Turkey's Ethnic Tension Boils Over in Quake City


US to Seize Assets From Equatorial Guinea Leader's Son

Kenya Arrests Terror Suspect With Arms Cache in Nairobi

Sudan Hopes Tourism Will Spur Growth in East


Chechens Shot in Turkey Linked to Moscow Bomb Inquiry

German Defense Ministry Releases Base Closure List

Russian Activists Decry Failure to Denounce Stalin

United States

Woman Gets Prison Over Counterfeits Sold to Navy

TSA Removes Security Screener for Note Telling Passenger to 'Get Your Freak On'
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