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Updated November 4, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
Top US General Removed for Criticizing Karzai
  Afghan 'Reintegration' Scheme a Farce
Israeli Warships Intercept Gaza-Bound Aid Boats
  US Warns Flotilla Humanitarian Team Not to Approach Gaza
Massacre in Homs: 100 Bodies Found in 48 Hours
  Arab League Gives Syria 15 Days to Implement Proposal
ICC to Investigate NATO for War Crimes in Libya
  Libya Struggles to Secure Loose Weapons
New US War in Africa Moves Into the Shadows
  Friends, Family Question Death of US Soldier in Kenya
Netanyahu Orders Probe of Iran Attack Leak
  Western Leaders Ratchet Up Pressure on Iran Ahead of IAEA Report
  Citing International Oil Markets, US Backs Off Iran Sanctions
Sadr Vows to Resist Any US Presence in Iraq
  Iraqi Kurdistan Improves Ties With Iran
  'Vast Majority' of Troops Out of Iraq by December
  Bombers Strike Big in Iraq for Second Day in a Row
For the Pentagon, $1 Trillion Buys a Lot of Overspending
  One US Veteran Attempts Suicide Every 80 Minutes
  Data: 90,000 US Soldiers 'Unfit for Combat'
Me and OFAC and Ahmed the Egyptian  by Ann Jones and Tom Engelhardt
Failed Social Engineering in the Balkans  by Doug Bandow
Goldstone's 'Apartheid' Denial Sparks Strife  by Ben White
Assassination Backlash  by Andrew Cockburn
Will Israel Bomb Iran?  by Robert Dreyfuss
The Pentagon and Jobs  by Christopher A. Preble

More Viewpoints

The News of Empire
by Robert Koehler
Canada High Court Blocks Khadr Extradition to US
Former Deficit Hawk Leon Panetta Now Fights Budget Cuts as Defense Secretary
Military Vets March With Occupy Wall Street
After 1 Year, FBI Returns Property to Minnesota Antiwar Activists
Poll Shows Peril for GOP Candidates Blasting Iraq Withdrawal
Israel Faces Questions About News Reports of Eyeing Iran Strike
In Israel, Speculation Grows About Iran Strike
Obama: Iran Nuclear Program Poses Continued Threat
NATO Leader Says Alliance Has No Intention of Intervening in Iran
Iran Summons Swiss Envoy to Protest Over US 'Threats'
Flotilla Organizers to Haaretz: We Expect to Reach Gaza in Two Days
Palestinians Won't Accept Less Than Full UN Seat
UN Chief: Palestinians Should Defer Agency Bids
Two Palestinian Farmers Killed in Gaza
Israel Cancels UNESCO Membership
Haaretz Poll: 80% of Israelis Believe Iran Strike Will Lead to War With Hamas, Hezbollah
Palestinians: Israel Suspends Tax Pay Transfers
Palestinians Urge UN to Act Against Israel Over New Housing and 'Hijacking' of Tax Revenue
Obama Asks Bosnia Not to Support Palestinian Bid
Israelis Hold Defense Drill for Missile Attack
The Bedouin vs Israel's Bulldozers
Germany's Westerwelle Phones Israel, Warns Against 'Unilateral Steps'
US Brigade in Iraq Heading to Kuwait
Bombers Strike Big in Iraq for Second Day in a Row
At Abu Ghraib, Ambivalence on America's Departure
As Troops Leave, US Seeks Custody of Key Iraq Detainee
Pro-American Militia Members Killed by Explosion in Iraq
Iraq: UN Envoy Offers to Negotiate Peaceful Deal to Close Iranian Exiles' Camp Before End of Year
Iraqi Christians Express Fears One Year After Church Attack
Salah Ad-Din Autonomy Demands Are Constitutional: Iraqi Parliament Speaker
Wounded Warriors Return to Iraq for Closure
Egypt Military Giving Signs of Not Wanting to Relinquish Power
Egypt's Military Sparks Furor With New Proposals
Egyptians Call for Day of Action to Revive Their 'Stifled' Revolution
Egypt's Jon Stewart Sees Few Laughs in Military Clampdown
Arms Sales to Bahrain Under the Scanner
Elderly Shi'ite 'Beaten to Death' by Bahrain Police
Car Rushes Into Anti-Saleh March in Yemen's Capital, 13 Protesters Injured
Report: Al-Qaeda Militants Attack Yemeni Officials
United Arab Emirates
Rights Coalition Denounces Trial of UAE Activists
Secret Defense Documents Stolen in Australia
US Military
Legislation Creates Burn-Pit Registry for Military Vets
Suspected US Missiles Kill 2 in Pakistan
US Says Its Civilian Aid to Afghanistan Has Peaked
Afghan Taliban Commander Rejects US Peace Push
NATO Vows 'Severe Military Pressure' on Afghanistan's Haqqani Group
Bomber, Insurgents Attack NATO Contractor in Afghanistan
Pakistan to Train Afghan Troops
Russia Criticizes US on Afghan Drug War
Nun Dies in 11th Self-Immolation Among Tibetans
Tibetan Leader Lobsang Sangay Presses US on Immolations
US Official Defends Science-Technology Exchanges With China
US Open to Selling F-35 Jet Fighters to India
Sri Lanka Army to Run Cricket Stadiums
North Korea Economy Contracts Again as Sanctions Bite
10 Militants on Trial in Indonesian Bomb Plots
Protesters Accuse Prison Officials of Mistreating Pro-Gadhafi Detainees
Libyans Want Jobs From Grey Men of Government
Gadhafi Son Saif Al-Islam 'May Be Trying to Flee Libya'
Gadhafi's Son Challenges Interpol Warrant
Gadhafi Son Said to Be in Vast Sahara
DR Congo
Uganda Fighters Attack Military Base in East Congo
Man Accused of War Crimes to Run in Congo Election
Somalis Fleeing Kenyan Army Are Trapped by Al-Shabaab
Somalia: Sierra Leone to Send Troops
Nigeria Forces Search Homes for Boko Haram Weapons
Ethiopia Reduces Swedes' Charges
Russia Angry at Viktor Bout's US Guilty Verdict
Russian Terror Law Has Unlikely Targets
Russia: TV's Chechen Broadcast Evaded Censors, Briefly
Croatia Arrests Ex-Minister for 1945 War Crimes
Belarus Human Rights Activist Ales Belyatski on Trial
Mexican Mayor Slain in Campaign for Calderon Kin
Mexico Army Rescues 15 Kidnapped Honduran Migrants
Cuba Legalizes Sale, Purchase of Private Property
'War on Terror'
In a World of Cybertheft, US Names China, Russia as Main Culprits
Subcommittee Authorizes Homeland Security Subpoena
FBI Calls in the Army to Fix Its Counterterrorism Training
Friend: Mass. Suspect Praised bin Laden Once
Ricin Plot: Blogger Talks of Book That Inspired Alleged Terror
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Libya Victory Portends Endless Intervention

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A Most Stubborn Reality

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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