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Updated November 5, 2011 - 11:21 PM EDT
Top US General Removed for Criticizing Karzai
  Taliban Chief Mullah Omar Admonishes Fighters to Protect Civilians
  Night Raids Remain a Sticking Point in US-Afghan Deal
  Facing Difficulties in Weaning Afghan Forces Off US Assistance
Arab League Warns Syria as 27 More Killed
  Syrian Rebel Army: 15,000 Strong Force to Fight Assad Regime
Debunking the Iran 'Terror Plot'
  US Military Official Terms Iran 'Top Threat to US'
  Israeli President Hypes Possible Attack on Iran
  Iran Complains to UN Over US Assassination of Top Scientists
Israeli Warships Intercept Gaza-Bound Aid Boats
  Israeli Doctors Failing to Report Torture of Palestinian Detainees
CIA Drone War Kills Many Unidentified People
  Report: Secret Deal to Tone Down Drone Strikes Against Pakistan
Officials: 67 Dead in Northeast Nigeria Attacks
Syrian 'Nuke Site' Actually a Textile Factory
Libyan PM: Disarming Fighters May Take Months
First GI Killed in Iraq Since Pullout Announcement
CIA's 'Vengeful Librarians' Monitor Twitter, Facebook Posts
State Dept 'Training' Islamic Political Parties in Egypt
Jailed for Sailing to Gaza, Challenging the Blockade  by Medea Benjamin and Robert Naiman
China and the US: The Roadmaps  by Pepe Escobar
A Warning to Secretary Clinton: Economic Sanctions Kill the Innocent  by Steve Clemens
Iran Sanctions Act Definite Step Toward War  by Rep. Ron Paul
Dying for Nothing  by Jacob Hornberger
Why Euphemism Is Integral to Modern Warfare  by Will Self

More Viewpoints

Occupy Oakland: Second Iraq War Veteran Injured After Police Clashes
Perry Would Back Israeli Attack on Iran
Sergeant Denies Killing Afghan Civilians, Admits to Cutting Off Fingers
Army Sergeant Shot Afghan 'With a Smile': Witness
Congressman to Obama: Declassify Argentina Files
Gaza-Bound Ships Had Medical Equipment, No Weapons
'New Setback' for Palestinian Hopes on UN Membership
Palestinians Freed in Deal With Israel Go to Hajj
French Far-Right Head Meets Israeli Diplomat in US Charm Offensive
William Hague Condemns Israeli Settlements
Ultra-Orthodox Spitting Attacks on Christian Clergymen Becoming Daily in Jerusalem
In the West Bank, a Woman's Struggle for Change
Thousands of Iranians Protest Against Israel, US
Ex-Mossad Chief: Iran Is Not an Existential Threat
Iran Complaining to UN Over Alleged US Plots Including Assassination of Nuclear Scientists
Iraqi PM to Visit White House in December
Attacks in Kirkuk Kill US Soldier Just Weeks Before Withdrawal
Syrian Activists Stage Acts of Defiance in Damascus
Lebanese Villages Bordering Syria Fear Encroaching Violence
Proposed Restrictions on Aid to Egypt Come at 'Worst Possible Moment,' US Official Says
Egypt Slams Israel's Decision to Expand Settlements
Middle East
Some in Congress Balk at Arms Sale to Turkey
Egypt Slams Israel's Decision to Expand Settlements
Thousands of Russian Nationalists March in Moscow
Carlos the Jackal Back in Court Over 1980s Bombs
Assange's Mother Pickets PM's Office
Four Bomb Plotters Confirmed as High Escape Risks
UN Security Council Supports Talks to Settle Differences in Cyprus
Ireland Closes Vatican, Iran, and East Timor Embassies to Save Funds
US Military
'Why Are There So Many Military Suicides?'
Top GOP Senators Press Pentagon on Specific Cuts
Witness Says Stryker 'Kill Team' Suspect Calmly Displayed Human Fingers
Weekend Reviews
Solving for X: On George F. Kennan
The American Way of War, by Eugene Jarecki
Condoleezza Rice's Misguided 'Values'
A Perpetual State of Yellow
Sweden to Start Withdrawal of Afghan Troops Next Year
British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Pakistan Carts Its Nukes Around in Delivery Vans
Pakistan 'Backtracked' on India Trade Status: Source
Arms Deliveries to Taiwan Lag: US Draft Study
Self-Immolations on the Rise in Tibet
Tibetan Sets Himself on Fire at Chinese Embassy in Delhi
US Urges China to Address Tibetan Concerns
In Bid to Woo Suu Kyi, Myanmar President Signs Law Easing Party Membership Rules
US Sees 'Beginning of Transition' in Myanmar
Myanmar Hunger Strikers 'Denied Water'
Libyan Chemical Weapons Stockpile Intact: Inspectors
Gadhafi Kin Seethe, in Test for New Libya
Republican Says Libya Actions Might Have Helped al-Qaeda
Libya Vets Big Fuel Import Deals in Istanbul
Libya Revolution Inspires 'Foundlings' Over Rights
Libyan Archaeologist Thanks NATO for Not Bombing Ancient Sites
Libyan Women Savor New Freedoms After Revolution
Maiduguri: Nigeria 'Bombers Attack Military Bases'
Nigerian Gunmen Kill Churchgoers in Zonkwa, Kaduna
Riots Break Out Again in Central Nigerian Town
Nigeria: Radical Muslim Sect Grows More Dangerous
Somali Rebels Say Will Subject Kenya to 'Endless War'
Violence on New South Sudan-Sudan Border Catches UN in the Middle
Mexican Mayor's Killing Sparks Fears for Elections
6 Gunmen Die in Shootout With Rivals in Mexico
Anonymous Won't Expose Mexican Cartel's Servants
14 Mexican Soldiers Sentenced in Killing of 5
Gunmen Kill 5 Members of Family in Western Mexico
Texas Man Says He'll Join Anonymous in Fight Against Cartel
Colombian Officials Say Top Commander of FARC Rebels Killed in Military Raid
Colombia Sets Plans for Intel Agency to Replace Disgraced DAS Domestic Spying Operation
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