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Updated November 8, 2011 - 11:28 PM EST

IAEA: Iran Nuke Development ‘May Still Be Ongoing’

  Israeli DM Sees Little Downside to Attacking Iran
  Russia, China Warn US Against Attacking Iran
US Abandons Largest Iraq Base: 20 Left

Iraqi Governor Escapes Fourth Assassination Attempt

Gross Mismanagement: Air Force Loses Body Parts
US to Prop Up Afghan Govt. Well Past 2014
Israel Blocks Justice for 'Cast Lead' Victims
  Obama, Sarkozy Trash-Talk Netanyahu
  Israeli Cabinet to Discuss More Measures Against Palestinians
Residents Fear Yemeni Capital Could 'Explode' at Any Time

Georgia Says It Won't Drag NATO Into War

Ignore the Hawks on Iraq  by Malou Innocent
Will Anti-Iran Rhetoric Develop Its Own Momentum?  by Tony Karon
The TSA's VIPR Program: Mission Leap, Not Mission Creep  by Bob Barr
R2P, RIP  by David Rieff
CIA Drones Gone Wild?  by Daphne Eviatar
Get Down From the Roof, You Crazies  by Yoel Marcus

More Viewpoints

Is Israel Hoping for a US Attack on Iran? 

Poll: Israelis Fear Missile Attack on Iran Will Bring War to Region

Pentagon Says New bin Laden Raid Book Gets Details Wrong

Alaska Soldier Charged With Attempted Espionage

Texan Tells Court He Didn't Want to Help Al-Qaeda


Roadside Bomb Kills South Afghan Police Chief

Australian Troops May Stay Behind in Afghanistan

Pakistan Trains 8,000 to Protect Nuclear Arsenal


Iran's Ahmadinejad Ready for Direct Talks With Saudis

Oil Up on Iran Dispute

Germany Opposes Military Action Against Iran


Backlash Likely in Pursuit of Nigeria Militants

Is Nigeria's Militant Group Boko Haram in It for the Cash?

Somalis Cautiously Return to Normal Life, and the Beach

UN Peacekeeper Killed in Darfur Attack


Mexican Army Arrests Top Tijuana Cartel Lieutenant

Bolivia, US Restore Full Diplomatic Ties

Former General Set to Win Guatemalan Presidency


GOP Lawmaker Ends Hold on Some Aid to Palestinians

Peace Activists 'Tasered, Beaten' by Israeli Commandos, Says Australian
Israel Denies 'Anonymous' Cyber-Attack to Blame for Websites' Failure

Israeli Military Fires at Gaza Militants, Wounds 3

Middle East

Syrian Opposition Declares 'Disaster' in Embattled City

Syrian Troops Fight Army Defectors in Besieged Homs

Islamist Commander Sees Libyan Fighters Keeping Weapons

Marylander Proud He Joined Libyan Rebels' Army

Bahraini Cleric Condemns Crackdown on Anti-Regime Protesters


Has a Year of Civilian Rule Changed Burma?

Chinese-Funded Hydropower Project Sparks Anger in Burma

Probe Traces Bogus Military Parts to China

Dalai Lama: 'Cultural Genocide' Behind Self-Immolations

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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