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Updated November 13, 2011 - 11:11 PM EST
GOP Candidates Tout War Against Iran
US Demands Iran Respond to IAEA Report in Days
  Israel Refuses to Tell US Its Iran Intentions
  Senior Officer Dies in Iran Blast That Killed 17
22 More Slain as Syria Continues Crackdown
  Arab League Votes to Suspend Syria
Fighters Clash Again Near Tripoli, Several Dead
US Troops to Fight Boko Haram in Nigeria
Pakistani Militants Threaten to Break Peace Deal
Israeli FM Denied Access to Sensitive Intel
Iraq Rejects Kurdish Oil Contract With US Oil Firm
Missing Limbs, More Suicides, No Jobs: 9 Battles for Vets
Where the Nukes Are: Map Shows Warheads Across US
New Book on bin Laden Raid Drastically Wrong on Iraq WMDs
Moving Beyond the Yellow Ribbons and Flag Waving  by Kelley Vlahos
Trouble in Paradise: The Militarization of Jeju Island  by John Feffer
Why the Washington Post Won't Fire Jennifer Rubin  by Glenn Greenwald
Why Defense Debates Are Unbalanced  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Veterans Day: Thanks but No Thanks  by Tim Kelly
Déjà Vu Over Iran A-Bomb Charges  by Robert Parry

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by Anthony Gregory
Iowa Republicans: Cut Defense Before Social Security, Medicare
Kazakhstan Islamist Kills 7, Including 5 Police, Blows Himself Up
Washington Cafe Identified in Saudi Assassination Plot
Former India President Frisked Twice, Once Inside Aircraft, in US
Mich. Arab-American Center Head Mistakenly Jailed
UK Denies Report of Deeper Cuts to Afghan Troops
Roadside Bomb Kills 9 Civilians Traveling in Eastern Afghanistan
4 Pakistani Intelligence Officials Killed in Raid
12 People Killed in Attacks in Khyber Agency
Pakistan Allows More Imports From India as Ties Improve
Pakistan Army Wants Peace Too, Says India PM, as He Announces Islamabad Visit
Uba Militants Blow Up Power Pylons in Kohlu
Hindu Doctors Gunned Down in Pakistan
Blast Hits Police Checkpoint in Shabqadar; One Killed
Policeman Killed in Charsadda Blast
Three Injured in Swat Hand Grenade Attack
India Comes Up With New Strategy to Fight Maoists
Aung Suu Kyi 'Likely' to Stand in By-Election
Tajik Muslims Bristle Over Anti-Fundamentalism Efforts
Indonesia Arrests Three for Planning Embassy Attack
End of an Era as Italy's Berlusconi Resigns
Jailed Tymoshenko Faces List of New Charges
Germany Probes Suspected Far-Right Murders
No Sign of Foul Play in Copter Crash That Killed Minister
Mexico Loss of 2nd in Charge Won't Change Drug War
Mexican Democracy Tested by Drug Lords in Politics
Americans Still Dying
Oklahoma Servicewoman Killed by IED Leaves Behind Two-Year-Old Daughter
Austin (TX) Soldier Killed in Kabul Attack Leaves Behind Wife, Four Children
Mesquite (TX) Soldier Killed in Iraq Remembered by Family
Rancho Cucamonga (CA) Soldier Killed in Afghan Convoy Attack
Elmwood Park (IL) Marine Killed in Afghanistan Wanted Police Career
Report: Five Killed in Central Syria
Syrian Opposition Calls on People to 'Escalate Revolution'
Crowds Attack Diplomatic Missions in Syria
Syrians Protest Arab League Decision
Obama: Syria More Isolated After Arab League Move
Syrian Actress Backs Protesters, Causes Sensation
Lebanon Votes Against Arab League Decision to Suspend Syria
MEK Claims Blast Hit Missile Base
Canada Defense Minister Says He Will Speak With Israel About Reported Plans to Attack Iran
Turkey FM: We Oppose Any Military Strike on Iran
Bahrain Says Iran-Linked Terror Plot Uncovered
Abbas: Palestinians to Continue Efforts to Seek Full UN Membership
Arabs Squeezed as Jerusalem Expands
Thousands Gather in Tel Aviv to Remember Yitzhak Rabin
4,000 Iraqi Workers Dismissed by US Army in Nassiriya
Police Say Kidnappings on Rise in Iraqi City
Iraq Eyes F-16 Buys on Road to New Air Force
Middle East
Yemen Protests Against Army Brutality
Assad Supporters Rally in Beirut
Turkish Commandos Shoot Dead Lone Ferry Hijacker
Iraq Eyes F-16 Buys on Road to New Air Force
Somalia's Shabab Lures Youths Into Suicide Bomber Training
AU Troops in Somalia Facing Funding Shortfall
Kenya: 30 Members of Somalia al-Qaeda-Linked Group Living in Kenya Accept Amnesty
Sudan Rebels in Darfur, Border States Sign Alliance
Aid Workers Moved to Safety Amid South Sudan Violence
Libya Interim Leader: No Place for Extremist Islam
Congo Opposition Leader Declares Himself President
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Spending Other People's Money Usually Leads to Bad Results

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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