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Updated November 18, 2011 - 11:25 PM EST
Israel Would Target Iran Civilian Infrastructure
  Anti-Iran Sanctions Hurt Middle Class, Not Military
  Congressional Sanctions Sponsor: The Iranian People Must Suffer
  Israel's Barak Steps Back From 'Iran Gaffe'
Russian Warships to Syria to Stem Intervention
  More Deserter Attacks Raise Fear of Syrian Civil War
US Envoy Downplays 2014 Afghan 'Deadline'
Hit Anywhere in an Hour: Pentagon's Flying Bomb
Pentagon's Warnings Against Cuts Are Overblown
  'Military Budget Cuts Will Get Us All Nuked,' and 4 Other Lies
Pakistan Recalls US Envoy Over Civilian 'Plot' Against Military
  Secret Memo on Pakistan to Admiral Mike Mullen
  US Drone Strike Kills Eight in North Waziristan
  Provision Shifting Terrorism Cases to Military Domain Unlikely to Pass
US Seeks to Maintain Hegemony in Asia-Pacific
Russian Military Chief: NATO Expansion Risks Nuclear War
Palestinians Deny 'Deal' With Israel to End Statehood Bid
Outrage as Tunisia's Likely PM Hopes for New Caliphate
How the Movies Saved My Life  by Tom Engelhardt
War Is a Force That Pays the 1 Percent: Occupying US Foreign Policy  by J.A. Myerson
The Real Cost of Israel's Occupation of the Palestinians  by Amira Hass
Stopping an Iranian Bomb  by Stephen M. Walt
Honoring Whistleblowers  by Ray McGovern
US to Stockpile Cluster Bombs in Australia?  by NAJ Taylor

More Viewpoints

Bomb Iran?
Sanity in Exile

by Robert C. Koehler
Russia's Iran Nuclear Solution
Al-Zawahiri: I Saw bin Laden's Sensitive Side
Obama Threatens Veto of Over Detainee Policy
Idaho Man Charged With Attempt to Kill Obama
WikiLeaks Mom Calls for Australian Intervention
Assange Changes Lawyer in Sweden Again
Two Rockets Hit Afghan Capital on 2nd Day of Tribal Elders' Meet
Afghan Elders Discuss US Pact, Peace Talks With Taliban
Former Afghan Interior Minister Urges Protracted Occupation
Kabul's Unlikely Housing Bubble Seems Ready to Burst
Committee 39 Omitted at Afghan Tribal Meet to Avoid Pimp Jibes
Afghan Heroin Traffic Thrives in War: Russia
Beijing Is Wary of Obama's Assertive China Policy
Mysterious Symbols in China Desert Are Spy Satellite Targets, Expert Says
House Panel Wants US to Supply New F-16s to Taiwan
In Pakistan, a Deep Civil-Military Divide
US Assures Manila of 2nd Warship Amid Spratlys Row
ASEAN Leaders Approve Myanmar Chairmanship Bid
Malaysia Detains 13 Over Borneo Militant Group
Murdered Sri Lanka Politician's Family Hail MP Warrant
Militia Warning as Libyan PM Forms Government
Group in US Hoped for Big Payday in Offer to Help Gadhafi
Libya's Old Army Appoints New Chief
African Union May Send Ethiopian Troops to Somalia
Looters Sabotage Aid Efforts in Mogadishu
UN Court Convicts Former Rwandan Mayor of Genocide
Hotel Rwanda's Paul Rusesabagina Lantos Award Condemned
Mexico State's Rights Officials Allege Former Police Chief Abused, Tortured Suspects
Gunmen Kill Federal Prosecutor in Northern Mexico
Mexico Asks US to Extradite Weapons Suspects
2 Newspaper Employees Reported Missing in Mexico
US Police Find 'Major Drug Tunnel' Under Mexico Border
Crash Killing Mexico's No. 2 Could Be Pilot Error
Norway Hit by Major Data-Theft Attack
Norway Terror Suspect Rejects al-Qaeda Link
Chavez Deploys Thousands to Troops to Help Police Curb Widespread Crime in Venezuela
Panama: US Agrees to French Extradition of Noriega
UN Resolution to Sharply Criticize Iran for Nuclear Efforts
IAEA Pushes for Quick Answers From Iran
UN Nuclear Agency IAEA Seeks High-Level Iran Visit
China, Russia Resist Sanctions Against Iran
Assad in the Cold as Iran Courts Syrian Opposition
Armed Groups Are on Rise in Syria, as Are Civil War Fears
Syria's President Still Has Bulwark Against Foes
Secret Army of Pro-Regime Activists in Syria Wage Online War
US Probing Use of Surveillance Technology in Syria
Exiled Syrian Opposition Figure Urges Turkey to Invade
Russia Stands by Assad as Pressure Mounts on Syria
Iraq's Sadr Backs Embattled Syrian Leader Assad
Red Cross Inspects Syrian Hospitals Amid Reports of Torture
Palestinians Freed in Prisoner Swap Chaff Under Strict Conditions
Settlers 'Attempted to Kill' Israeli Soldiers
Hamas-Appointed Court Fines Gaza Banks
Court Rules: Anat Kam to Be Jailed Wednesday
Israeli Military: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Last in Enlistment
11 Iraqis Killed as Leaders Meet Turkish Counterparts
Iraq Executes 11 'Terrorists' Says State TV
Exxonmobil and Shell Stamp Huge Oil and Gas Deals in Iraq

Civilian Killed, 13 Injured in East Mosul

Violence in Nile Port City Sparks Worry About Egypt Military's Tactics
Nude Blogger Riles Egyptians of All Stripes
Insurgents Kill Senior Yemen Security Officer
Security Council to Put New Focus on Yemen Crisis
Turkey Eyes New Trade Routes to Bypass Syria Violence
Kosovar Serbs Reject Belgrade's Agreements With Pristina
Warsaw Protester Launches Drone to Spy on Police
Germany to Set Up Neo-Nazi Registry After Ten Murders
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