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Updated November 20, 2011 - 11:26 PM EST
Unemployed Blogger Arrested in NYC 'Bomb Plot'
Afghan Assembly Backs Long-Term US Presence
  Two Afghan Policemen Killed by NATO Troops
Arab League Syria Deadline Passes, 24 More Die
Two Dead, More Than 600 Hurt in Cairo Clashes
Two Britons Killed by US Drone in Pakistan
Gadhafi Son Seif Al-Islam Captured in S. Libya
Post-9/11 Tradeoff: Security vs. Civil Liberties
US Denies Shooting Iraqi Civilians; 12 Dead Across Iraq
What Does 'Defense' Mean if Supercommittee Fails?
New US Base in Australia Unlikely to Provoke Terrorism
Islamist Jebali Poised to Become Tunisian Premier
The Hubris of Attacking Syria  by Doug Bandow
Iran, Nukes and the Failure of Skepticism  FAIR
It Costs $72 Million a Year to Hold Cleared Prisoners at Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
Iran and the IAEA  by Seymour M. Hersh
'War on Terror' v. US Constitution  by Michael Ostrolenk
Why Are 'Others' Always Guilty of Torture?  by Tobias Kelly

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Obama's Secret Security Details Found in Gutter
US Budget Woes Could Hit European Missile Defense
Texas Mayors Differ on Using War-Zone Equipment Along Border
Egypt Uses US Teargas on Pro-Democracy Crowds
Lawmakers Press US Officials to Ramp Up Pressure on China
Assad: Syria Will Not Bow Down to Pressure to End Crackdown
11 Killed After Armed Men Attack Bus in Syria's Homs
In Homs, Sectarian Battles Stir Fears of Civil War
Grenades Hit Ba'ath Party Building in Damascus: Report
Syrian Army, Lebanese Civilians Exchange Fire on Border
Lebanon Principal Target of US Over Syria Sanctions: Report
Dozens Protest in Jerusalem Supporting Syria
Barak Says Sees Signs of Cracks in Syria's Assad Regime
Iraq's Syria Stance Is Sunni-Shi'ite Related, Analysts Say
Hezbollah MP: US Targets Syria to Compensate for Failure in Iraq
Iran Revolutionary Guard Commander Killed Testing Intercontinental Missile
Iran Reports Cloud Details of Ammo Depot Blast
Barak: Iran Less Than a Year Away From Producing Nuclear Weapon
Iran 'Undecided' Over Allowing IAEA Fact-Finding Mission
Iran Hides Hundreds of Iraqi Prisoners: Yawar
West Bank Land Annexed to Israeli Kibbutz
Santorum: 'No One Believes Israel Is Going to Attack Any Arab Country'
Hamas: Next Palestinian Government Will Be Located in Gaza
Ministry Shuts Down Broadcasts of Israeli-Palestinian Radio Station
Report: Fatah, Hamas Reach Understandings
US Denies Shooting Iraqi Civilians; 12 Dead Across Iraq
Al-Qaeda Reappears in Iraq's 'Triangle of Death'
Iraq and Turkey Ban Flights
Iraq Signs 'Death Warrant' on Iran Exiles
Iraqiya MP: Expelling Residents of Ashraf Camp a Purely Iranian Demand
Saleh Says Will Hand Yemen to Army if He Quits
Two Killed in Clashes Between Pro, Anti-Saleh Forces in Yemen's Taiz
Yemen Refinery Shuts Down After Tribesmen Damage Pipeline
Egypt Uses US Teargas on Pro-Democracy Crowds
Bahrainis Protest Death of Youth Hit by Police Car
UN Prosecutors Propose Cutting Back Mladic Indictment to Speed Up Trial
Massacre Was Norway Gunman Anders Behring Breivik's 'Plan B'
Ukraine's Jailed Ex-PM Yulia Tymoshenko Seeks Assistance From Foreign Doctors
Cartel Plot: Use US Guns for Massive Mexico City Attack
Former Mexico Cartel Leader's Nephew Indicted in Texas
US Military
Sergeant Found Guilty of War Crimes, Sentenced to Five Years in Prison
Follow Your Heart: DARPA's Quest to Find You by Your Heartbeat
Marine's Death Leads to Ouster of Officer
Air Force Receives First Batch of 30,000-Pound Bombs From Boeing
Lockheed Gets $7.4b Air Force Deal to Upgrade F-22
Weekend Reviews
The Economics of War
An Anti-Hagiography for Celebrated Mass Murderers
Washington Rules and Our Path to Permanent War
To End All Wars
Quirky Film of Afghan Boy's Coming of Age in a Time of War
Afghan Leaders Back US Deal but Want Night Raids to End
In Afghanistan, Big Plans to Gather Biometric Data
Suspected Old Ordnance Kills Four Afghan Children, Wounds Six
Pakistan Says Militant Who Blew Himself Up Was Carrying US and Pakistani Passports
Two Pakistan Security Officials Killed in Landmine Blast
Pakistan: 'Memogate' Scandal
Pakistan Memo Puts Pressure on Zardari

Pakistan Aims to Contain Military Expenditure

Malik Urges Taliban to Surrender, Work for Future of Children
China Rebuffs US, Asia Pressure in Sea Dispute
US Marines in Darwin Not to 'Curb' China
China 'Constructive' on South China Sea Rows, Says US
Congress Fears Chinese Telecom Gear May Phone Home
Tibet Rocked by Wave of Self-Immolation
Myanmar Poised to Free Jailed Activists as It Edges Closer to Democracy
Obstacles Lie Ahead in Myanmar's Bid for Reform
Some Remain Skeptical of Myanmar Reforms
Emboldened by Obama, Myanmar Maps Out Reforms
Philippines Urges Action on China's Maritime Moves
Tajikistan Says It May Release Russian Pilot
Indonesian President Defends Military in Papua
New Terror Attacks Threaten Kazakhstan's Security
Sri Lanka Army Chief Is Jailed Again for Speaking Out Over War Crimes
Bangladesh Finally Confronts War Crimes 40 Years On
Eager to Make Deals, India and US Grapple Over Details
After 5 Years in Camps, Nepal Ex-Rebels Decide What's Next; Some to Join Army, Others Get Cash
Libya: Capture of Saif Al Islam
NATO Says Trusts Libya, ICC on Justice for Saif
Saif Al Islam Could Face Death Penalty: Minister
Libya Trial Pledge Over Gadhafi Son
Libya's Saif Al Islam Pleads: 'Fire a Bullet to My Head'
Gadhafi Son Denies Seeking Deal With Hague Court
Moammar Gadhafi's Captured Son Seif Al-Islam Was Libyan Leader's Former Heir Apparent
Ethiopian Troops 'Cross Border Into Somalia'
Kenya Military Says 8 of Its Soldiers Killed Since Somalia Incursion
Police: Radical Muslim Sect Kills 2 Soldiers, Child in Ambush in Northeast Nigeria City
Months After Fleeing Post-Election Violence, Ivorians Begin Return Home
'War on Terror'
French Privacy Watchdog Presses Europe to Hold Hard Line With US
Broken Water Pump in Illinois Caused by Cyber-Attack From Russia, Claims Expert, but DHS Denies Terrorism
Americans Still Dying
Apache Junction (AZ) GI Killed in Afghanistan Was Preparing to Retire
Soldier With Fayetteville (NC) Ties Will Be Buried in Guam
Oklahoma National Guard Soldier Laid to Rest in Ochelata
Greensboro (NC) Family Mourning the Death of Soldier Killed in Iraq
Navarre (FL) Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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