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Updated November 24, 2011 - 11:26 PM EST
Iran Says Nabs 12 CIA Agents, US Ring Broken
US Deploys Aircraft Carrier to Syrian Coast
  Syria Has One Day to Avoid Arab League Sanctions
NATO Airstrike Kills Six Afghan Children
  Deadly Attack on NATO Convoy in Afghanistan Kills 10 Guards
Pakistan to Complain to UN About Drones
  Opposition Petitions Pakistan's Supreme Court on Coup Memo
Dozens Killed, Wounded in Iraq Triple Bombing
  US to Keep 740 Trainers in Iraq After December
  Turkish Airstrikes in Iraq Wound 1; 7 Iraqis Killed in Other Attacks
21 NATO Soldiers Wounded in Kosovo Offensive
Leaked UN Report: Torture, Lynchings in Libya

Questions Remain Over Yemen's Power Transfer

Report Confirms Bahrain's Brutal Crackdown

Israel FM Rules Out Negotiation With Palestinians
'Unidentified' Warplanes Attack Near Somali Town

Just How Dangerous Are 'Non-Lethal' Weapons?

The Government Again Shows Why We Need Gun Control  by Dr. Brian Phillips
Centrist Bemoans Possible Pentagon 'Cuts'  by Nick Gillespie
Support Today's Freedom Riders  by Josh Ruebner
War With Iran Would Be Madness  by Sheldon Richman

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Record Area Cleared of Landmines but Use at 7-Year High

Truth Squad: Has Iran Said It Wants to Attack Israel?

Medvedev: Russia May Target US Missile Shield

Turkey Day Provides TSA a Chance to Test New Security Procedures

Around the World, Protesters Bare All for a Cause

The Unmentionable: Land Mines in Afghanistan Sexually Mutilate US Troops

Delivering Turkey to Troops Gets a Little Trickier

Sherry Rehman, Liberal Lawmaker, Is Pakistan's New US Envoy

Iran: West Must Prove Its Claims About Nukes

Half of US Voters Say Bomb Iran if Sanctions Fail

China Opposes Expanded Sanctions Against Iran

Netanyahu Calls for Stronger Sanctions on Iran Than Those Imposed by US
United States

Caucus Forms to Save the F-35 From Budget Cuts

Federal Officials Find No Proof of Cyberattack on Water Pump in Illinois
Intel Community Marks a Decade Since the Death of Mike Spann
Huntsman: Expanded Drone Program 'Would Serve Our National Interests'
Can 'Lone Wolf' Terror Suspect Claim Entrapment? It Will Be Hard to Prove

SOFA Scrutinized After Rash of Crimes by US Troops in Korea

South Korea Flaunts Firepower Year After North Korean Attack

Ex-Leader: Khmer Rouge Atrocities Are 'Fairy Tale'

US, Japan Review SOFA Rules on How DoD Civilians Are Tried for Crimes
On Cairo's Violent Streets, an Untenable Status Quo Meets an Unwritten Future

One Street at the Center of Cairo's Violent Clashes

'Welcome to Hell': Egypt Medics Struggle in Tahrir Clinic

New Clashes Erupt Near Egyptian Interior Ministry

Middle East

Livni: Israel Heading Toward Dictatorship

Israeli Security Forces: Turkey Nearing Invasion of Syria

US Feared Libyan Killing Spree, Susan Rice Tells Rwanda

Libyan Tribes Protest New Government Line-Up

Kuwait Police Disperse Rally

Shi'ite Protests Renewed in Saudi Arabia

Turkish PM Apologizes Over 1930s Killings of Kurds

Red Cross Confirms Staff Kidnapped in Yemen's Restive South

Anathema or New Hope? Russian Communists Battle On

Dagestan - The Most Dangerous Place in Europe

Serbs Clash With NATO in North Kosovo


El Salvador Gets First Postwar Military Security Chief

Guatemala Identifies Victims From Death-Squad Ledger

Mexico to Probe Links to Drug Gangs in Election

Manuel Noriega: French Court Backs His Return to Panama

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Identity And Other Politics

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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