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Updated November 25, 2011 - 11:27 PM EST
100,000 Rally in Egypt for 'Last Chance Friday'
  Egypt's New PM: Junta Promised Me More Power
10 Killed in Attack on Syrian Air Force Base
  51 Killed in Thursday Syria Violence
Iran Says Nabs 12 CIA Agents, US Ring Broken
NATO Airstrike Kills Six Afghan Children
  Deadly Attack on NATO Convoy in Afghanistan Kills 10 Contractors
Israeli Report Details Govt Funding of Settlements
  Netanyahu Condemns 'Undemocratic' Arab Spring
US Escalates Role in Somalia War
Dozens Killed, Wounded in Southern Iraq Triple Bombing
21 NATO Soldiers Wounded in Kosovo Offensive
Outgoing NTC PM: Libya's New Cabinet an 'Unelected Elite'
Medvedev: US Forced NATO Partners Into Missile Shield
Five Protesters Killed in Wake of Yemen 'Power Transfer' Deal
This Was Always a Civil War, and the Victors Are Not Merciful  by Patrick Cockburn
More Questions Than Answers About NATO's Libya Role  by Karlos Zurutuza
Obama Projects Pacific Power  by Pepe Escobar
Droning On  by John Feffer
Israel's Quiet War with Iran  by Derek Bolton
Bachmann Endangers the World With Her Lies  by Sheldon Richman

More Viewpoints

Study of Marines Shows Guilt Is Top Cause of PTSD
Lieberman: Google's Blogger Needs 'Terrorist' Button
Officials Say Plan on al-Qaeda Detainees Would Harm Probes
NYPD Raid on Occupy's NYC Camp Destroyed Thousands of Books
Growing Gap Is Found Between Civilians, Military
Afghan Police Trainees Cost Dutch '500,000 Euros Each'
My Neighbor, the Prisoner of War
Marine Chief Spends Turkey Day on War Front; Young Marine Asks, 'Where Do We Fight Next?'
UK 'May Return Afghan Asylum Children Next Year'
Canadian Troops, Doughnuts Leaving Kandahar
UK General: History Will Judge Afghan War Positively
Karachi Rally Will Decide Pakistan's Future: Imran
Freedom of Speech in Fata Demanded
Two Baloch Activists Found Dead
Once Again, North Korea Threatens South With 'Sea of Fire'
Myanmar Pursued Nuclear Weapons With North Korea, Senator Lugar Says
China Navy to Carry Out Pacific Exercises
Sri Lanka 'Counting Civilian War Deaths'
India Probes Reports Top Maoist Koteshwar Rao Shot Dead
Post-Gadhafi Era Casts Shadow Over Sahara-Sahel
Harper Hails Libya Mission as 'Great Military Success'
Grenade Attacks Kill Three in Kenya
Landmine Blast Near Somali Border Kills Kenya Soldier
Fatal Attacks Tied to Raid by Kenya
African Union Force Makes 'Strides' Inside Somalia
Kenya: Troops Cut Off Kismayo From Militants
Morocco Election Tests Depth of King's Reforms
Morocco's Arab Spring Expectations Deflated Ahead of 'Business as Usual' Elections
Why Has Morocco's King Survived the Arab Spring?
Violence in Central Nigeria Kills 7
Militias Rearming in the DR Congo
Mali Gunmen Abduct Two French Citizens From Hotel
Madagascar Ex-President Ratsiraka Returns From Exile
Putin Wants Stronger Government
Karadzic Cross-Examines Srebrenica Witness at Trial
Britain Sells Its Harrier Jets to US as Spares
Egypt's Junta Rules Out Ceding Power
Egypt's Ruling Generals: Elections Will Go on Despite Violence
Egypt to Free Three US Students Held in Cairo Protests
Journalists Sexually Assaulted Covering Egypt Unrest
Egypt Military and Protesters Dig in for a Long Standoff
Egypt Unrest Stirs Fears Inside Israel
In Cairo, Reflection as Revolt Pivots Again
In Egypt, Measuring Gap Between Activists, 'Silent Majority'
Fayyad: Palestinian Authority Will Soon Become Completely Incapacitated by Israel
Congressmen Ask for Probe Into PA Use of US Funds
Barak: Libel Bill Needs Refining
Rival Palestinian Leaders Meet but Fail to End Rift
Sarkozy: My Remarks About Netanyahu 'Taken Out of Context'
Palestinian PM, Norway Decry Israeli Fund Freeze
Dozens Killed, Wounded in Iraq Triple Bombing
Iraq Balks at Handing Over Militant to US
Iraq Executes 16 'al-Qaeda Members' Convicted Over Wedding Massacre
Iranian President Ahmadinajad to Visit Iraqi Kurdistan
US Withdrawal From Iraq: Eight Years Worth of Stuff
EU to Urge Member States to Accept Iranian Exiles in Refugee Camp Iraq Plans to Close
Iraq, Turkey End Bans on Flights, Open Skies to Other Country's Planes
First Troops Make It Home From Iraq in Time for Thanksgiving
Buoyed by Unrest Report, Bahrainis Confront Police
Bahrain Opposition Seeks Govt Resignation
Bahrain Hints at Evidence of Iran Protest Links
Report Finds Bahrain Systematically Tortured Political Detainees
17 Militants Killed in South Yemenh
Yemeni Protesters Reject President's Power Transfer Deal That Leaves Much of Regime Intact
Yemeni President's Loyalists Blamed in Deaths of Protesters
Red Cross Says Staff Kidnapped in Yemen Released
26 Bodies Dumped in Guadalajara as Mass Slaying Comes to Site of Pan Am Games
National Security Threat Prompts Arrests in Trinidad
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