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Updated November 29, 2011 - 11:29 PM EST
Pakistan: Calls to Stop Base Attack Ignored
  Pakistan's Cutoff Doesn't Have NATO Curbing Operations... Yet
  Pakistan PM: No More Business as Usual With the United States
Bill Would Allow Military to Detain Americans

Iran Protesters Storm UK Embassy in Tehran

  Iran Surprised to Hear Foreign Reports of Massive Explosions
Iraq's Parliament Bombed; 29 Killed Across Country
Libya Still Holding 7,000 People Without Due Process
  NTC Blames Former Deputy PM in Killing Military Commander
Lawyer: Feds Withholding Evidence in Manning Case
Kuwait Prime Minister, Cabinet Resign
Vice Pres. Hadi to Run in Uncontested Yemen Election
Egyptians Vote in Record Numbers
What If the Constitution No Longer Applied?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
This Fruitless Confrontation With Iran Will Backfire  by Robin Mills
Mexico's Violence Tests US Prohibition  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Why Young Voters Love Ron Paul  by David Sirota
Death on the Durand Line  by Paul R. Pillar
Darwinian Stupidity  by Richard Schwartzman

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Despite Pakistan's NATO Cutoff, the Drone War Carries On

Bradley Manning Lawyer: White House Review Found 'Leak' Did No Real Damage
US Rep. Justin Amash Opposes Defense Authorization Bill, Calling It 'Anti-Liberty'

Assange: Internet Has Become 'Surveillance Machine'


Afghans Say Unit Was Attacked Before Airstrike

Death Squads Striking Afghan Border Region

Another 200 French Soldiers to Leave Afghanistan

300 Trucks Carry Supplies to NATO From Karachi Daily

Pakistan Rejects UAE Request to Let US Continue to Use Base

China Supports Pakistan in Row Over NATO Border Attack

Russia Threatens to Cut Off NATO Afghanistan Transit

Russia: No NATO Excuse to Violate Pakistan Sovereignty

In Pakistan-Controlled Kashmir, Residents See Experiment With Autonomy as 'Illusion'

Image Shows Iranian Missile Site Was Destroyed

US Presses Emirates Over Iran

'Regret' as UK Ambassador Expelled From Iran


Israel Apologizes for Cruel Treatment of NYT Journalist

Fearing Unrest, Israel Delays Work at Holy Site

United States
Veterans Find That Their Transition From Combat to College Can Be Difficult
Testing Program Fails Soldiers, Leaving Brain Injuries Undetected

Bail Denied for Massachusetts Terror Plot Suspect


Two NATO Soldiers Wounded by Gunfire in Kosovo Clash


Deadly Blast Hits Hotel in South Philippines


Egypt Uses US-Made Tear Gas Against Protesters

The Muslim Brotherhood Prepares for Power in Egypt

Egyptian Man Casts Ballot in Son's Memory

Egyptian Police Say Killing of Muslim by Christian Sparks Sectarian Clash

Tunisia a Test for What 'Moderate' Islam Looks Like

1st Military Trial for Tunisia's Former Dictator and 22 Top Aides Begins

Tunisia Islamists Besiege University in Veil Protest


UN: Syrian Forces Commit 'Crimes Against Humanity'

France Says Days of Syrian Government Are Numbered


Libyan Islamist Commander Endorses New Government

Libyan Clerics Back Disarmament of Ex-Rebels


US Praises Bahrain Probe as 'Transparent, Credible'

Bahrain Postpones Protesters' Death Penalty Appeal


Polling Stations Attacked in Congo Vote

Kenya Issues Arrest Warrant for Sudan's Omar Al-Bashir

Somalia's Al-Shabab Militants Close UN Aid Offices


Mexican Ruling Party Smears Rivals With Drug Gangs

Top Colombian Drug Trafficker Captured in Venezuela, to Be Turned Over to US

Texas Schools Deal With Drug-War PTSD

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