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Updated December 10, 2011 - 10:00 PM EST
Pakistan Deploys Air Defense on Afghan Border
  State Dept to Hire Contractor to Run Air War Along Af-Pak Border
  Stranded Pakistani Truckers Back NATO Supply Blockade
57 Die as Syrian Opposition Warns of 'Massacre'
  Syrian Conflict Drives Wedge Between Iraq's Top Parties
  Turkish FM: Syria Wouldn't Dare Harbor PKK
Newt Gingrich: No Such Thing as Palestinians
50,000 Protest Election Fraud in Moscow
Obama Asks Changes on Handling Detainees in Defense Bill
  Army Took Revenge Against Wounded Whistle-Blower
  Government Opposes All Bradley Manning Defense Witnesses
Iraqi Oil Minister Urges Kurds to Decide on Independence
  With US Withdrawal Looming, Baghdad Asserts Old Goals
Yemeni Troops Retreat From Taiz After Week of Violence
Israeli Warplanes Hit Gaza House, 2 Civilians Killed, 12 Hurt
Saudi Warning Could Escalate Nuclear Arms Race
How Much Does Loss of Spy Drone Over Iran Hurt the US?
Feeble Pushback From the Pro-Iran-War Crowd  by Paul R. Pillar
Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect  by Rep. Ron Paul
Politifact and the Scam of Neutral Expertise  by Glenn Greenwald
Do the Republicans Ever Learn?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
AIPAC Economic Warfare Also Targets US  by Grant Smith
George F. Kennan's Lament  by Todd S. Purdum

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EU Suffers Worst Split as UK Rejects Treaty Change
Ahmad Chalabi's War
GOP Bill Would Dress Down TSA
Ron Paul: 9/11 Prompted 'Glee' in Bush Administration
Army Disciplined 15 Over Bradley Manning Failures
RQ-170: A Primer on the 'Beast of Kandahar
Myanmar Denies Working With North Korea on Nukes
UN Rights Chief Presses Syria for Access, Confirms at Least 1,000 Security Forces Killed
Turkey Warns Syria Not to Provoke Regional Crisis
After Arab Spring, Israel Should Change Too: Arab Leader
West Bank Protester Critically Hurt by Israel Fire
Rockets Hit Israel After Fighting Flares in Gaza
Veteran Israeli Activist Warns Against 'Neo-Fascist' Legislation
The Assault on Israeli Women's Rights
Democrats: Republicans 'Playing With Fire' by Turning Israel Into Partisan Issue
Iran Takes Spy Drone Complaint to Security Council
Family Airs Video of American Who Went Missing in Iran
US Central Command Has Facebook Page in Farsi
With US Withdrawal Looming, Baghdad Asserts Old Goals
American Troops in Iraq Stay Vigilant to the Last
Mob Attacks on Iraqi Christian Businesses Raise Security Concerns
US Indicts Canadian Man Over Iraq Deaths
Tensions Rise Between Egyptian Military and Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt Military Scales Back Influence on New Constitution
Protesting Egypt Tour Guides Fear Islamist Rise
Bahrain Police Break Up March on Capital
Nick Kristof Tear Gassed, Detained in Bahrain
5 French Peacekeepers Wounded in Lebanon Bombing
Hezbollah Condemns Attack on UNIFIL Troops
Yemen Prison Riot Protesting Bad Treatment Leaves 2 Inmates Dead
Somalis Still Flood Yemen, Going From Worse to Bad
Middle East
Turkish Man Arrested in Germany on Suspicion of PKK Membership
Journalist Imprisonments Jump in Middle East: Report
The War at Home
US Military Denies Claims That Guantanamo Disciplinary Block Violates Geneva Conventions
Cyber-Intruder Sparks Response, Debate
Companies Pull Ads From Muslim Reality TV Show
Feds Return Mistakenly Seized Domain After a Year of Smoke and Mirrors
Air Force Leader: Mortuary Problems Fixed
Pentagon Wins Relatively Small Budget Increase of $5b as Catchall Funding Bill Takes Shape
US Seeks to Speed Deployment of Afghans
Britain Mulls Early Troop Pullout From Afghanistan
Suicide Bomb Kills Afghan Police Commander, 5 Others

Canadian Troops in Afghanistan to Hand Over Afghan Prisoners to US

Fleet of 'Double-V Hull' Strykers Growing in Afghanistan
Three Days in Afghanistan: the Making of a War Reporter
Pakistan's Ailing President Zardari Says He Is 'Fine'
Karachi Bomb Kills Three Paramilitary Soldiers
Dutch Apology for 1947 Indonesia Massacre at Rawagede
4-Nation Mekong Security Patrols to Begin Saturday
Tibet Ex-Monk Dies After Self-Immolation, Activists Say
Thai Ex-PM Questioned Over Rally Crackdown Deaths
Lawyer: Gadhafi's Son Denies Plot to Sneak Into Mexico
Canada DM Confirms Spending $850,000 to Celebrate Libyan War
Mugabe Calls for Elections in 2012
Zimbabwe Media Activists to Remain in Jail
Sudan Border Conflict a 'War Situation': SPLA
President Kabila Declared Winner of Congo Election
Al-Qaeda Denies Algeria Kidnappings
UN's Ban Ki-Moon in Mogadishu on Somalia Visit
Russian Opposition Prepares for Massive Rally
Protests Across Russia to Test Putin and Opponents
Russia's Middle Class: A Growing Problem for Putin
Russian Web Gets Protesters' Word Out
Russian Twitter Political Protests 'Swamped by Spam'
China Peace Prize Honors Putin for Enhanced Russia
Anarchists Claim Letter Bomb at Italy Tax Office; Same Group Hit Deutsche Bank
Party of Outgoing Croatian Premier Charged With Corruption
The Arms Company, the Oligarch and the Ex-PM's Sister-In-Law: Lobby Firm's Wikipedia Hit List
Letter Bomb Slightly Wounds Mexican Professor
US Provided Aerial Surveillance of Jamaican Raid
Weekend Reviews
Slaves to Democracy
Arrows of the Night: The Man Behind the Iraq War
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Young Adult
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