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Updated December 12, 2011 - 11:29 PM EST
Pakistan: Raiding US Drones to Be Shot Down
  Pakistan: NATO Blockade May Last for Several Weeks
  Pakistani Taliban Deny Group Is Holding Peace Talks With Govt.
Palestinian Protester 'Deliberately Shot in Face'
  Egypt Denies Israeli Media Claims of Hamas Bases in Sinai
Syria Ultimatum Raises Fear of Homs Bloodbath
  At Least 80 Killed in Three Days of Syrian Violence
Obama, Iraqi PM Announce 'New Relationship'
  Iraq 'Surprised' as NATO Announces End of Training Mission
Gingrich Condemned for Calling Palestinians 'Terrorists'
Medvedev Promises Inquiry into Election Fraud Allegations
US Commander Defends Night Raids in Afghanistan
Attacks on Army Commander at Libya Airport Leave One Dead
Beyond Gitmo, a Web of Prisons for Terrorism Inmates
Predator Drones Being Used by Local US Law Enforcement
The US National Security Smokescreen  by Nancy Goldstein
Indefinite Detention of American Citizens: Coming Soon to Battlefield USA  by Matt Taibbi
Terrorists as Warriors: The Fatal Confusion at the Heart of the 'War on Terror'  by Andy Worthington
US Should Leave Iraq – for Good  by Doug Bandow
Ignore the Hawks on Iran, Too  by Malou Innocent
A 'New START' to an Arms Race Between the US and Russia?  by Yousaf Butt

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US-Listed Firms Told to Reveal Syria, Iran Links
Somalia: Al Shabab Fires Heavy Artillery at Warplanes
Gingrich Pushes EMP Hype
Iran Says It Will Not Return US Drone, Warns of Response to 'Hostile' Act
Lowe's Chain Criticized for Pulling Ads From TV Show About American Muslims
'Strip Search' Claims Prompt Call for Advocate at Airports
Afghan Leader: Toll From Attacks on Shi'ites Now 80
Defense Eyes Early Afghanistan Withdrawal for Australian Troops
Karzai Blames Foreigners for Afghan Corruption
US Admiral Reveals Plan to Triple Number of Armed Afghans Paid to Protect Villages
The Afghanistan Schoolgirl Who Became a Symbol of Kabul's Suicide Bombing
Seven NATO Tankers Set Aflame Near Sibbi
Pakistani JI Leader: Unacceptable to Let US Dictate Policy
US Flag Lowers at Shamsi Airbase, at Last
South Korea to Allow 2 More Christmas Trees Near Border Despite Opposition From North
Tamil Rebels Recruited Children for Last Stand Against Sri Lankan Army
Nigeria: Bomb Blasts Targeting Football Fans Kill One
Officials: Twin Blasts Hit Kenyan Forces in North
Underdeveloped East Sudan 'Volcano to Erupt': Report
Mugabe Wins Party Vote but Challenged by Age, Ill Health
Ivory Coast Holds First Post-Gbagbo Elections
Europe Bids UK Goodbye and Good Riddance After Euro Zone Crisis Veto
Protests Pitch Russian Blogger Against Putin
Georgian Business Tycoon Launches Opposition Movement
Ambassador: EU Decision 'Might Be Moving Serbia in the Wrong Direction'
Mexico Drug Gangs Up Ante With High-Tech Tunnels
Socialism's Sacred Cows Suffer Zombie Attack in Popular Cuban Film
Panama's Ex-Ruler Noriega Headed Home After 22 Years
Grasping at Peace, War Zone of a City Tests Yemen
Girl, Father Injured as Israeli Airplanes Raid House in Gaza
British Media Storm: IDF Officer 'Mocks' Protester's Death
Hamas Says It's Halting Heavy-Handed Attempts to Suppress Dissent, Impose Strict Islamic Rule
Israeli Civilian Killed During Munitions Test at IDF Base in North
Palestinian Flag to Fly at UNESCO Headquarters
Israel's Growing Wall of Steel Fences Off Egypt
Erdogan's Support for Palestinians Draws Ovation at Doha UN Summit
Israeli Minister Says End of Assad Would Be 'Blessing,' Calls for Pressure on Iran
Rocket Fired Toward Israel Falls Inside Lebanon
No Proof, but France Blames Syria for Attack on Troops in Lebanon
Nine Killed in Fresh Syria Clashes
Defectors Fight Loyalist Forces in Southern Syria
Egypt's Political Forces Square Off for Round Two
Egypt's Army Ruler Visits Tahrir Square: Report
Egypt's Military Rulers to Decide Fate of Guantanamo Returnee
Egypt Has Good Chances of Joining GCC as a Member State: Official
Iran Complains to Afghanistan About US Drone
Iran Says EU Will Not Impose Oil Sanctions
Iran Discovers Huge Gas Field in Caspian Sea
Iraqi PM Travels to US for Talks, While Kurdish Parties Bicker
Detainee in Iraq Poses a Dilemma as US Exit Nears
Huge Numbers of Iraqis Still Adrift Within the Country
Radars, Not Saudis, to Protect Iraqi Airspace
US Hands Over Kalso Base in Iraq
As US Leaves, Iraqi Forces Still Under Construction
Iraq's Military Strength
US Opens Its Doors to Iraqi Students
Iraq and Iran Exchange Remains of 93 Soldiers Killed in 1980s War
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