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Updated December 15, 2011 - 10:40 PM EST
Iran Hijacked US Drone, Says Iranian Engineer
    House Passes Yet More Iran Sanctions
Congress OKs Bill Codifying Indefinite Detention
    Former Admiral: NDAA a Win For Terrorists
Iraqis Burn Flags as Last US Troops Trickle Out
  Iraq Switches Allegiance to US Weapons Systems
  6 Iraqis Killed, 44 More Wounded Across Iraq
Pakistan to Rethink Cooperation With US
  Panetta Declares US 'Winning' in Afghanistan
Syrian Rebels Kill 27 Soldiers in South
  Israel: Assad Is Doomed
Netanyahu: Violent Settlers Not 'Terrorists'
  Israel Expected to Release 550 Palestinian Prisoners on Sunday
UN's Ban Increasingly Shows Hawkish Side
Egypt Junta: Blogger Will Be Jailed Two Years, Fined $33
Dictators Rely on D.C. Front Men  by Ken Silverstein
Tourism, Terrorism, and the American Economy  by Christopher A. Preble
Refusal to Veto Detainee Bill a Historic Tragedy for Rights  Human Rights Watch
Iran: A Dangerous Game  by Barry Lando
We Are Palestinians  by Daoud Kuttab
Dasht-e-Leili, 10 Years Later  by Scott Horton

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Roll-Call Vote on NDAA

Ban Online Terror Speech, Says New Study

On NDAA, Robert Mueller Not Satisfied

Iran Says Saudi Visit Aimed to Refute US Plot Claims

'The Protester' Named Time's Person of Year

Future Riot Shields Will Suffocate Protesters With Low Frequency Speakers

Air Force Deploys Newest Armed Stealth Drone to Afghanistan

Bomb Kills Afghan District Governor and Two Bodyguards

Physician Group Asks Obama to Investigate 2001 Afghanistan Massacre

Pakistan to Redraw Key Pacts With US

Pakistan's 'Memogate': Was There Ever Going to Be a Coup?


Iran Ready to Start Nuclear Work in Bunker: Sources

Rising Prices Main Clue to Iran Sanctions Impact

Newt Imagines Iran Has Nukes Under Mosques


Hamas' Gaza Anniversary Draws Tens of Thousands

New York Charity Abets Israeli Settler Violence

IDF to Apply Fire Protocol to Jews?

Jerusalem Mosque Burned in 'Price Tag' Attack


North Korea Threatens South Korea — Over Christmas Lights

US, North Korea Weigh Resumption of Food Aid

Korea 'Comfort Women' Put Up Statue at Landmark Rally

Philippines OKs Christmas Truce With Communist Rebels

Philippines Launches Warship Amid Territorial Row

Picture of China's First Refitted Warship 'Emerges'


Remains of 15 Dirty-War Victims Found in Argentina

Colombia Asks Panama to Extradite Ex-Spy Chief


Russian Aid Convoy Stuck on Serbia-Kosovo Border

Russia's Putin Likely to End Silence on Protests


Obama to Iraq Vets: 'Your Service Belongs to the Ages'

Iraq: Bomb Attacks Force Drop in Oil Production

Fallujah Is Left Wounded by War

Arc of Iraq War Told in Images

Iraqis Unable to Defend Their Borders as US Exits

Nine Years On, Iraq's Economic Potential Still Untapped

Iraq's Shi'ites in No Mood to Embrace Iran

Middle East

33 Killed as Syria Tightens Grip on Restive Provinces

Arab League Denies It Plans to Impose No-Fly Zone in Syria

Gadhafi Daughter Seeks ICC Probe Into His Killing

Libya Asks UN Security Council to Unfreeze Assets of Central Bank, Subsidiary
Egypt's Liberal and Secular Groups Scrambling to Balance Out Growing Islamist Influence

Yemen VP Plans to Disarm Citizens, Militias

Report: Al-Qaeda Militants Executed 20 Alleged US Spies Yemen


Roadside Bombs Terrorize Mogadishu

Somalia's Shabaab Embraces Twitter as a Weapon

DR Congo Election: US Says Poll Was 'Seriously Flawed'

United States

Trillion-Dollar Jet Has Thirteen Expensive New Flaws

Marines Promoted Inflated Story for Medal of Honor Winner

Dakota Meyer Took Heroic Action, Comrades Say

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