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Updated December 16, 2011 - 11:20 PM EST
Panetta Says Iraq Debacle 'Worth the Price'
  US Still Seeking Legal Immunity for Defense Contractors in Iraq
  As US Troops Leave, What's Left of Fallujah Remembers Destruction
  Secret Haditha Massacre Docs Founds in Iraqi Junkyard
  Will Millions of Iraqi Refugees Ever Be Able to Return Home?
  Iraqi Shi'ites Not So Welcoming Towards Iran
Congress OKs Bill Codifying Indefinite Detention
Paul Argues for Peace, Not War in GOP Debate
US Officials Admit Drone Was Spying on Iran
  Iran Hijacked US Drone, Says Iranian Engineer
  Iran Demands Afghan Bases Not Be Used for Spy Flights Over Iran
17 Protesters Killed as 200,000 Rally in Syria
  Syrian Rebels Kill 27 Soldiers in South
  Report: Syrian Commanders Authorized 'Shoot to Kill' on Protesters
  Iran Hedges Its Bets on Syria
NATO 'Knew' It Was Firing at Pakistan Troops
  Pakistani Army: 'Coup Memo' to Mullen Authentic
With Eye on Iran, Israel Announces 'Depth Corps'
  Is Israeli Ambivalence About 'Price Tag' Attacks Leading to Escalation?
  Fighting Israeli Settlers' Impunity and Immunity
It's Manning's Trial, But Assange is the Target
  Assange Can Appeal Against Extradition, UK Supreme Court Rules
US Military Acknowledges Abuse by Afghan Militias It Trains
Obama to Sign Indefinite Detention Bill Into Law  by Glenn Greenwald
And Was the Mission Accomplished?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Myth of Withdrawal From Afghanistan  by Sheldon Richman
Yes, Obama May Call Iran Strike  by Robert Dreyfuss
NATO Dreams of Civil War in Syria  by Pepe Escobar
Blue Angels Budget Blues  by Laurence M. Vance

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Marines Gear Up for East European Mission
US Determined to Punish Bradley Manning
Court Tells UK to Release Pakistani in US Custody
Son of Libya's Army Chief Injured in Clash
At Pakistani Embassy, Officials Decry NATO Airstrike
US Sues Businesses It Says Helped Hezbollah
Iceland Recognizes State of Palestine
Jewish Attacks Prompt Israeli Debate: 'Who's a Terrorist?'
Peres: Right-Wing Violence 'A Disaster' That Must Be Stopped
New Bill: Legalize Jewish Outposts in West Bank
US Proposal Links Palestinian Aid to Halting UN Push
Israel Prepares for Second Stage of Prisoner Swap
Israel's Treatment at the UN 'Obsessive' and 'Ugly,' US Diplomat Says
Palestinians Light Christmas Tree in Bethlehem
Karzai: Taliban Office Should Be in Afghanistan
Afghan Rebuke of Qatar Sets Back Peace Talks
US and North Korea Hold Food Aid Talks in Beijing
China Reaches Out to Myanmar's Suu Kyi
China Vows Crackdown on Leaders of Village Revolt While Promising Probe of Officials
Papua New Guinea Deadlocked Over Rival Leaders
Bangladesh Inquiry Into Killings and Disappearances
Tunisia's New President Says Ready to Quit if Life Does Not Start Improving After 6 Months
Tunisia's Essebsi: Arab Spring Will Hopefully Continue
ICC Prosecutor Says There Are 'Serious Suspicions' Moammar Gadhafi's Death Was a War Crime
Congo-Kinshasa: Opposition Calls for Mass Protests
Venezuela Turns Over Alleged Drug Lord to US
Photos of Victims of 'Death Flights' Turned Over to Argentina by Human Rights Commission
The War at Home
Hacker Who Betrayed Bradley Manning Expresses Regret Over Possible Jail Term
Marines Promoted Inflated Story for Medal of Honor Recipient
Iraq War Formally Ends, but Violence Continues
Iraq War Ends With a $4 Trillion IOU
Will Iraq's 1.3 Million Refugees Ever Be Able to Go Home?
A Withdrawal Ceremony in Iraq, Observed by Few Iraqis
As Troops Leave Iraq, Military Retains One Last Role
China Warily Watches US Withdrawal From Iraq
Decision to Close Iran Exile Camp 'Irreversible': Iraq PM
Iraq to Send Peace Delegation to Syria: Maliki
Kurdistan Islamic Party Charges Kurdistan Democratic Party With Burning Its HQs
Russia Proposes New UN Resolution on Syria
Video: Homs Under Attack in New Amateur Footage From Syria
US 'in Contact With All Sides' on Iran Sanctions
Amnesty Calls on Iran to End 'Secret Executions' of Drug Offenders
Yemen's Noncompetitive Presidential Election Draws Wide Support
Eight PKK Members Killed in Eastern Turkey
For a Woman in Egypt, Fear of Losing Equal Rights
Putin Regrets That USSR Did Not Fight for Territorial Integrity
Putin Rejects Any Redo of Fraud-Tainted Vote
Putin Says Protesters Were Paid by Rivals
Russia Election: Putin Accepts 'Lawful' Protests
New Parcel Bomb Sent to Italian Tax Collecting Agency
London 2012: 13,500 Troops to Provide Olympic Security
'War on Terror'
Paris Court Sentences Carlos the Jackal to Life in Prison for 4 Deadly Attacks in 1980s
3 Men Sentenced to 13 Years for Plotting Terrorist Attack Against Australian Army Base
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