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Updated December 18, 2011 - 11:20 PM EST
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Dead
Troops, Protesters Clash in Cairo for Third Day
34 Syrians Killed; Arab League Mulls UN Help
N. Korea Agrees to Suspend Uranium Enrichment
Libya's Civilian Toll, Denied by NATO
  Panetta Says Libya Faces Long, Difficult Transition
  Libya's Top General Says Son Abducted by Militia in Capital
Key Iraqi Bloc Plans to Bolt Parliament
  How Maliki and Iran Outsmarted the US on Withdrawal
Kenya Marches Into Somalia, Can't Find Enemy
  Kenya's Military Threatens Air Raids Deep Into Somalia
War Without End, Amen: the Reality of America's Aggression Against Iraq  by Chris Floyd
With Friends Like Gingrich, Does Israel Need Enemies?  by Uri Avnery
Administration Bait and Switch in Afghanistan?  by Doug Bandow
Three Myths About the Detention Bill  by Glenn Greenwald
Christopher Hitchens' Unforgivable Mistake  by John Cook
Peace on Earth? The End of the Iraq War  by Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

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Memory Adjustment Pills Get Pentagon Push
As Wars End, Young Vets Return to Scant Jobs
Palestinian Textbooks Debate Reaches US Campaign
Iran's Alleged Drone Hack: Tough, but Possible
Secretary Eyes Cuts in Marines and the Navy
Space Planes, Psyops, Secret Prisons: 9 Secrets You Shouldn't Know
Fatah Declares 'War' on Normalization With Israel
Abbas: Hamas Agreed to Renounce Terror
Gaza Paramedics: Man Dies From Gunfire on Border
Israel Hosts Italian Air Force for Joint Training Exercise
For Palestinians, Prison Time Is a Badge of Honor
NATO Ends Its 7-Year Training Mission in Iraq
Iraqiya Bloc Walks Out on Parliament Over Govt Mismanagement, Sunni Arrests, and Autonomy Bids
Camp Echo Packs Up in Iraq With Little Fanfare
Hezbollah Prisoner Who Allegedly Killed Americans in Iraq Faces Only Minor Charge
Iran Says Its Delayed News of US Drone Capture
Iran Says It Has Arrested a Suspected American Spy Trying to Infiltrate Iranian Intelligence
Arab League Gives Syria Until Wednesday to Accept Peace Plan
Iraq Team Has 'Positive' Talks With Syria's Assad
'Lebanon Files UN Complaint Over Israel Espionage'
French Official in Beirut Monday to Discuss Possible UNIFIL Reduction
Egypt PM Ganzouri Blames 'Counter-Revolution'
Protesters Post Images of Police Brutality Online
Middle East
Protesters, Police Clash for Third Day in Bahrain
Warring Yemen Forces Quit Sanaa, 2 Troops Die in South
Turkey Slams France Over Genocide Bill
Medvedev Urges Political Reform
Ruling Party Nominates Kremlin Chief as Duma Speaker
Award of UK Border Agency Work to CIA Rendition Firm Must Be Investigated, Say Protesters
Americans Still Dying
Apopka (FL) Soldier Was to Be Married on Return From Afghanistan
Marine (NC), Member of Lumbee Tribe, Dies From Afghanistan Wounds
California Soldier With Ties to Oregon Killed in Insurgent Attack
Cuyama Valley (CA) Community Mourns Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Blairstown (NJ) Soldier Remembered as Loving Father
Father of Two Young Sons, Virginia Beach (VA) Marine Reserve Major Killed in Afghanistan
Bradley Manning 'Trial'
Bradley Manning Hearing: Agents Say Gunship Killing Video Found in Room
Defense Request for New Presiding Officer in Manning Case Denied, Prosecution to Begin
WikiLeaks Lawyers Protest at Denial of Full Access to Manning Hearing
Alleged US Whistleblower Was 'Danger to Himself and Others'
Bradley Manning's Gender Identity Comes Up in Testimony
Afghanistan 'Will Need Billions in Aid After Troops Leave'
11 Afghan Policemen Kidnapped by Militants Freed After 2 Weeks in Captivity
Karzai: Afghans Don't Have Personal Security Despite Efforts of International, Afghan Troops
Three Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Explosion: Officials
Afaq Ahmed Released From Karachi Jail
Three Pakistani Officials Prepared Memo, Reveals Ijaz
Pakistan Army, Judiciary Don't Want to Derail Democratic System: PM
Myanmar Seeks 'Everlasting Peace' in 3 Years: Minister
Myanmar 'Jails' Karen Rebel Leader Mahn Nyein Maung
Kazakhstan Curfew on Oil Town Zhanaozen After Fatal Clashes
Communist Rebels Kill 5 Philippine Soldiers
Human Rights Report Alleges Torture, Abuse in Uzbekistan
China Villagers in Revolt Demand Dead Man's Body
Taiwan Candidates Start Tense Presidential Campaign on TV
Tunisia Unveils Bouazizi Cart Statue in Sidi Bouzid
Tunisians Remember Impoverished Town Where Self-Immolation Sparked Year of Democracy Revolts
Nigeria Police Fire Shots at Demonstration Over Toll Roads; AP Photographer Beaten
Nigeria Seizes Bomb Factory After Islamist Attacks
Congo Opposition Parties Plan 'Ghost Towns' After Kabila Win
South Sudan President Denies Arming Rebels in North
Mogadishu Dares to Dream of a New Future as Militants Are Driven From Somali Capital
Paroled US Activist Berenson Says She Was Not Allowed to Leave Peru for New York
Weekend Reviews
An Indie Film Takes Up Bradley Manning's Plight
Film Reveals Paris Crackdown of 1961 Algeria Protest
Deconstructing Thomas Friedman
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