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Updated December 22, 2011 - 11:28 PM EST

Wave of Bombings Across Iraqi Capital Kills 74

  700 US Troops to Remain in Iraq as 'Trainers'

Maliki Moves to Cut Sunnis, Kurds Out of Iraqi Politics

US Report: Attack on Pakistani Troops ‘Justified’

  Pakistan DM: No Govt Control Over Army Operations
Back From Iraq, US Troops Ordered to Afghanistan
Civilians Killed as Somali Border Town Bombed
Britain Asks US to Hand Over 7-Yr Bagram Detainee
Violence Soars in Syria: Opposition Claims Massacre
Israel: UN Criticism of Violence 'Disgusting'
UN: Bahrain Fails to Prosecute, Continues Abuses
Mexico Dissolves Police Force in Veracruz, Sends in Military
Did Congress Just Endorse Rendition for Americans?  by Nick Baumann
Pvt. Manning and Imperative of Truth  by Ray McGovern
Can the US Government Close Social Media Accounts?  by Glenn Greenwald
The Worst Case for War With Iran  by Stephen M. Walt
Newt the Impaler  by Jeff Huber
Ron Paul Challenges Mindless Militarism  by Jacob Sullum

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Bradley Manning Defense Calls Just Two Witnesses

Coders Are Already Finding Ways Around SOPA Censorship

Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons

More Predator Drones Fly US-Mexico Border

Reporters Without Borders: Almost 70 Reporters Killed Worldwide in 2011


IED Kills 5 Polish Troops in Afghanistan

8 US Soldiers Charged in Death of Comrade in Afghanistan

Prince Harry Says He Is Returning to Afghanistan

Afghanistan Opening First Major Train Service

Pentagon Confident Supply Routes in Pakistan Will Soon Be Reopened

Hamas Adjusts to Arab Spring, Reaches Out to Moderates

What Happens When a Gazan Wants to Marry a West Bank Woman?

Holy Land Patriarch Worried for Mideast Christians

US Says Transition Smooth So Far, as North Korea Claims Kim Death Sparks Natural Wonders

Thailand and Cambodia Reach Deal on Temple Border


Pakistan Student Held Over Terrorist-Looking Document

WWII Mines Pose Growing Risk in Germany

Medvedev to Sum Up His 4 Years in Putin's Shadow

Chechnya: How Did Putin's Party Win 99 Percent?

2 Jailed Russian Opposition Leaders Freed

IRA Veteran Wins Fight Against US Extradition


Maliki Rebuffs Biden, Signals Move to Shi'ite Rule

Iraqi PM Grants Reprieve on MeK Camp


Libya Must Let Saif Gadhafi Have Lawyer, Says Rights Group

Woman Held in Mexican 'Gadhafi Plot' Has Detention Extended


Syria 'Massacre': Opposition Calls for UN Action

US Warns Syria's Assad to Stop Killing

Middle East

US to Provide Jordan With 660 Million Dollars in Aid in 2012

UN Envoy Expects Yemen Power Transfer Friday

Weeks of Clashes in North Yemen Kill 200

Egypt Rejects 'Interference' After Clinton Remarks


Rwanda Genocide Organizers Get Life in Prison

Ethiopian Court Convicts 2 Swedish Journalists on Terrorism Charges

US Authorities Bust Mexico Drug Network in Arizona

Mexico Disbands Entire Police Force in Top Port

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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