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Updated December 24, 2011 - 11:13 PM EST
Obama Grabs War Powers With Signing Statement
CIA Suspends Drone Strikes in Pakistan: Report
  Pakistan: US Report on Attack 'Short on Fact'
  Pakistan Army Denies Plan for 'Takeover'
  Six Killed in Pakistan Suicide Car Bombing
  Pakistani Taliban Attack Frontier Corps Base, Kidnap 15 Soldiers
US Judge Rules Iran Responsible for 9/11
  Obama Threatens Iran a Lot, But Does He Mean It?
Syria: Twin Suicide Bombs Shake Capital, Kill 44
100,000 Surge in Moscow to Challenge Kremlin
Nigeria's Boko Haram Battles Army, 68 Dead
Burundi's Gains in Somali War: Cash Money
US Latest 'Deal' With Taliban Collapses
Iraqi VP Blames Maliki for Rising Violence
US Condemns Russia for Seeking Probe of Libya Killings
The Administration Is Swinging Wildly on Iran  by Justin Logan
Bradley Manning and the Fog of War  by Amy Goodman
The Media Consensus on Israel Is Collapsing  by Jordan Michael Smith
Soldiers Against War  by John V. Denson
Ron Paul, the Soldiers' Choice  by Timothy Egan
Secret Wars and the Rule of Law  by Tim Kelly

More Viewpoints

Rise of the Drone: From Calif. Garage to Multibillion-Dollar Defense Industry
TSA Agent Confiscated Frosted Cupcake as Possible Security Threat
NY Times Sues DOJ Over FOIA Request for Awlaki Memo
Romney Rejects Taliban Transfer From Guantanamo
Probe Reveals Depth of US-Pak Mistrust
Pakistani Army Denies Intention to Oust Government
Prime Minister's 'Conspiracy' Comments Jolt Pakistan
3 Afghan Civilians Die in Truck Explosion in South
Body of Alleged Killer of Ex-Afghan Central Banker Found With Bullet Hole
Afghan President to Replace Top Human Rights Officials
As North Korea Changes, South Korea Feels Helpless
North Korea: Military Generals Real Rulers, Not Kim Jong Un
North Korea Says It Will Admit Delegations From South
China Denies Link With Missiles Seized in Finland
China Police Fire Teargas, TV Shows Confessions
Report: Chinese Activist Faces Subversion Trial Amid Government Crackdown
China Dissident Jailed for 9 Years for 'Subversive' Essays
Myanmar's Monks Remain a Political Force
Libya Looks to Reclaim 1,000s of Missing Missiles
UN Urges Libya to Sell Off Uranium Cache
DR Congo
Rights Body: Congo Security Forces Kill 24
Congo Security Forces Crush Rival Swearing-In Plan
Congo Police Tear Gas Opposition Supporters
Gunmen Kill WFP Workers in Central Somalia
Somalis Fear Blocking of US Wire Transfers Will Lead to Hardship; Officials Seek Solution
Gun Battle Erupts Again in Northeast Nigeria City
Fewer Christians to Celebrate Christmas in Sudan After South's Split
Thousands Demonstrate in Maldives for and Against Strict Islamic Law
Cuba to Release 2,900 Prisoners as Goodwill Gesture
Castro Says Govt Not Ready to Ease Much-Hated Travel Restrictions on Cubans
3 US Citizens Among 7 Killed in Bus Attacks in Northern Mexico
Mexico Port City Police Infiltrated by Zetas Gang
Venezuela Prosecutor Opposes Extradition of Rebel
Christmas Fading in the Holy Land
In the West Bank, a Horror Story
Hamas Leader: New Focus on Popular Protests
Israel Cancels Military Contract With Turkey to Supply Aerial System
Protests Against Military Spread Beyond Cairo to New Cities
Egyptians Rally Against Army After Woman Beaten
Out of Egypt: Live Ammo, Beatings, Stripping
Sunnis Stage Anti-Maliki Demonstrations Across Iraq
Sunnis and Shi'ites Clash Over Regional Power
Cleric Blames Iraqi Politicians for Baghdad Blasts
Terror Kills Christmas in Baghdad as Muslim Fanatics Force Christians Underground
Baghdad Demonstrators Demand Handing Over Hashimi to Govt
Maliki Calls to Equip Iraq Forces
Midnight Masses Canceled in Iraq Because of Growing Security Concerns
US $10m Bounty for 'Al-Qaeda Man' Based in Iran
'Israeli Spy Gear Sent to Iran Via Denmark'
US Attack May Have Killed Yemen Qaeda Leader's Relative
Yemen Protesters Attacked by Regime Loyalists
Twin Car Bombs in Syria Signal Worsening Violence
Syrian TV: Bombers Might Have Crossed From Lebanon
Middle East
16 PKK Members Killed in Southeastern Turkey
Bahrain Police Attack Shi'ite Opposition Party Offices
France Committing 'Genocide' in Algeria: Erdogan
Russia Test-Fires Two New Nuclear Missiles
Thousands Sign Up for New Russian Protest
Some Russian Protesters Want Revolution: Kremlin Aide
Weekend Reviews
Carol Ann Duffy's Moving Tale of World War Christmas Truce
Vietnam Ambush: A Cautionary Tale
Unbearable Lightness of Thomas Friedman
Zahra's Paradise
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