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Updated December 26, 2011 - 10:34 PM EST

7 Killed in Suicide Blast at Iraqi Interior Ministry

  Iraq Sunni Leader: Charges Could Reignite Sectarian War
  Christmas: Christian Among 13 Killed in Iraq
20 Killed in Northern Afghanistan Funeral Bombing
At Least 40 Killed in Nigeria's Christmas Bombings
Israeli FM: No Peace in Next Decade
Reports: Israel Bombed Sudan Weapons Convoys
Egypt Islamist Blocs Score 90% of Seats
Yemen Opposition Slams US Statement Backing Crackdown

US Prepares for a Curtailed Relationship With Pakistan

Obama's Abysmal Record on Civil Liberties  by Mehdi Hasan
America's Debt to Bradley Manning  by Robert Parry
Can Sanity Return From Exile When It Comes to Iran?
by Robert Koehler
Are We Gods?  by Nicholas Kramer
The Duke of Nablus  by Uri Avnery
The Winners and Losers of US Policy on Iran  by Jasmin Ramsey

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The Iraq War

Harper's Magazine

WikiLeaks' Assange May Face Espionage Charge in US

'Anonymous' Hacks US Security Think Tank

As Christmas Arrives, Crisis for Mideast Christians

In Pictures: Christmas in the Middle East

Iran Rejects NY Judge's Ruling on Sept. 11 Attacks

Future Drone Pilots May Fly Four Warplanes at Once


Afghan Soldier Killed After Gunfight With US Troops

Afghan Lawmaker Who Fought Taliban Is Among 20 Killed in Funeral Bombing
Ex-Army Major Gets 5 Years for Taking Bribes From Defense Contractors in Afghanistan

NATO Night Raids in Afghanistan Must Stop, Karzai Says

100,000 Join Pakistan Rally to Support Opposition Figure Imran Khan


US 'To Give Israel Extra Aid for Rocket System'

Gaza's Hamas Leader Launches Muslim World Trip

Israeli Foreign Minister Slams Europe as Weak on Iran Sanctions

United States
Angry Former ATF Chief Blames Subordinates for Fast and Furious

Decades Later, a Cold War Secret Is Revealed


Caution Mutes US Response to N. Korea

3 Indian Soldiers Killed in Kashmir Shooting


Chávez Appoints New Military Intelligence Chief

Venezuelan Opposition Politician Freed From Prison

Cuba Pours Cold Water on Eased Travel Restrictions

Mexico Says It Has Captured Security Chief for Sinaloa Cartel

Iran Ready to Expand Military Links With Iraq

Iraq Arrests Four Security Officials Following Baghdad Bombings

Iraqi Army: Mortars Hit MeK Camp in Iraq

Dysfunctional Banking Sector Helps Keep Iraq in Economic Shambles

Last Combat Troops Out of Iraq Back at Fort Hood

Iraq PM Chides Sunni Sections Pushing for Autonomy

Iraq's Tariq Aziz 'Barred From Calling Family'

Libyan Fighters Clash With Ex-Regime Loyalists, 2 Killed

NTC Chief: Gadhafi Children Aim to Destabilize Libya

Libyan Minister Resigns Amid Protest Pressure

Libyan Ambassador Aujali Recalls Serving Under Gadhafi, Sees Promise Ahead for Country
Middle East

Egypt's Military Rulers Study Plan to Speed Up Vote

Egypt Releases Prominent Blogger Pending Investigation

Bahrain to Drop Charges Against 334 People

Head of Arab League Mission Reaches Syria

Syrian Christians Seek Only Christmas Peace

New Yemen Leader Urges Truce After Troops Kill Protesters

For Yemeni Women, the Future Looks Uncertain


Sudanese Rebel Chief Reported Killed by Army

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