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Updated December 30, 2011 - 11:19 PM EST
Joint Chief to Reassure Israel on Threatening Iran
  Poll Hints at Potential Leftward Shift in Israel
  EU Envoy Rejects Israel Opposition to Elected Islamists
US 'Concerned' as Egypt Junta Attacks NGOs

Turkey Mistakenly Kills 35 Civilians in N. Iraq

  US Drones Used in Turkey Airstrikes; 5 Killed in Other Iraq Violence
US Finalizes $30 Billion Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia
US: 2010 Attack 'Trick' to Kill Yemen Chief's Rival
Bahrain Feigns Reform, Tries Officers for Torture
Syria Opposition Figures Slam Arab League Monitors
The GOP's Allegations of Appeasement Against Obama  by Ted Galen Carpenter
The Return of Waterboarding?  by Robert Pallitto
Without Renewed Diplomacy, War With Iran Lies Around the Corner  by Trita Parsi
Marginalizing Ron Paul  by Robert Scheer
Ron Paul and Israel  by Leon Hadar
The Agony of Iraq, the Country of My Birth  by Adnan Al-Daini

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Petraeus Almost Quit Over Obama Drawdown in Afghanistan

Appeals Court Upholds Convictions in Fort Dix Plot

Ron Paul: Sanctions Against Iran Are 'Acts of War'

Santorum: No Cuts to Defense Budget if I'm Elected

Hacked Stratfor Security Think Tank Keeps Site Offline


Ten Afghan Policemen Killed by Roadside Bomb

Afghanistan Cracks Down on Contractors

Rogue Afghan Soldier Kills 2 French Troops

US Deploys 1.8 Gigapixel Helicopter Surveillance Drones to Afghanistan

US Mulls Transfer of Taliban Prisoner in Perilous Peace Bid

Safety Concerns: 'US to Pull All NATO Cargo Out of Pakistan'


Iraq's Political Crisis May Have Broader Mideast Reach

Search Continues for US Soldier Missing Since '06 in Iraq

Iraqi Kurds Maneuver in Political Minefield

Iraq War Casualties Hit Small Towns Hardest


China, Uighurs Offer Different Account of Deadly Shooting

China Activist Ni Yulan and Her Husband Go on Trial

China Police Kill Seven 'Terrorists'

Kazakhstan Probes Police Use of Weapons After Deaths

At Huge Rally, North Koreans Declare Kim Their Leader

N. Korea Tells Rival South and Other Nations Not to Expect Any Change

'No Agent Orange' at US Base in South Korea


For Central America's Pura Vida State, a Drug War Test

Obama Didn't Give Chávez Cancer, White House Insists

Middle East

Syrian Forces Kill 11 as Observers Fan Out

Syrian Activist Calls Arab League Mission 'Mockery'

Egypt Protests Spread to New Areas in Cairo

Kuwaiti Families in Legal Limbo at Guantanamo

Report: Police Protest in Yemeni Capital Against Saleh Relative

Algeria Leaders Have Lost Touch, Risk Anger: Review

Mossad Chief: Nuclear Iran Not Necessarily Existential Threat to Israel

'Stuxnet Virus Used on Iran Was 1 of 5 Cyberbombs'


Gaza Rockets Hit Israel After Overnight Airstrikes

Netanyahu Convinced Israeli Media Plotting Against Him

Israeli Police Arrest 6 Suspects in Settler Riot


Seven Hurt as Bomb Hits Madrassa in Nigeria

Nigeria Attacks Stir Fears of Reprisal Across Ancient Divide

Money-Transfer Services to Somalia Close Down in Fear of 'Terror' Laws
2 Doctors Without Borders Workers Shot in Somalia, at Least 1 Killed

Kosovo Serbs Call Referendum on Recognizing Pristina Govt.

Russia Rising: The Blogger Who Is Putin's Greatest Challenger

Disputed Voting Turns Church, a Kremlin Ally, Into Its Critic

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