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Updated January 5, 2012 - 11:29 PM EST
Bombs Targeting Shi'ites Kill 81 in Iraq
  US Approves of Maliki's Consolidating Power in Iraq
  Iraqi Children Killed in Attacks
Obama's 'Realistic Vision': Less Troops, More Planes
Oil Nears 8-Month High as EU Nears Ban on Iran Trade
Libya NTC Chief: Militias Could Cause Civil War
Pakistani Taliban Kill 15 Soldiers, Vow Revenge
Mubarak 'Clearly Authorized' Shoot-to-Kill Policy
  Secular Blocs Warn Egypt's Islamists Could Cut a Deal With Military
Mullah Omar Confirms US Peace Talks
Will Santorum's 'No Palestine' Comments Backfire?
Lockheed Pushed for Pro-Bahrain Op-Ed
Why Is Britain Ramping Up Sanctions Against Iran?  by Simon Jenkins
In Post-Gadhafi Libya, Freedom Is Messy – and Getting Messier  by Tony Karon
Panetta's Sacred Hippopotamus  by Robert Dreyfuss
The Tyranny of Defense Inc.  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Exiting Iraq  by Sheldon Richman
The Forgotten Wages of War  by John Tirman

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Bert Sacks: No Fine and No Court Time for Iraqi Sanctions

Interpol Chief: 'Terrorists Plan on Email; We Can't Track Them'

Police Shoot, Kill Armed Student in Texas School

Soldier May Face Punishment for Paul Endorsement

Last Defendant in Iraq War Case to Stand Trial


Two British Mercenaries Arrested With 30 Guns in Afghanistan

Mass Grave Found in Afghan Army Compound: Officials

Afghanistan Withdrawal Cost Could Climb as Canadian Supplies Blocked at Pakistan Border

Pakistan Forces Kill Six Alleged Taliban Militants

Balochistan: Pakistan's Other War


Exclusive: EU Agrees to Embargo on Iranian Crude

Iran Fuel Rods Nothing to Do With Nukes, Experts Notice

Iran Says Has Way to Work Around EU Oil Ban Threat


UN: 'Alarming Malnutrition' in Sudan Conflict Zones

South Sudan: UN Defends Role in Pibor Ethnic Clashes

Kenya Military Reports Battle With Somali Fighters

Sect Kills 3 Despite State of Emergency in Nigeria

Rwanda Grenade Attack in Kigali Kills Two


US Commander Visits Israel to Finalize Missile Drill

Palestinian Cars Burned, Hebrew Graffiti at Scene

Middle East

Arab League Head Refuses to Withdraw Syria Monitors

US Reverses Policy in Reaching Out to Muslim Brotherhood

Syrian Rebels Eye 'Huge Operations'

Turkey Warns Against Shi'ite-Sunni Cold War

Yemen Soldiers Die in Zinjibar Clashes With Islamists


Amid N. Korea Succession, China Makes Push for Stability

North Korea Calls South's President 'Chieftain of Evils'

China Downplays Effect of New US Sanctions on Iran

Myanmar Cuts Sentences for Independence Day

Kazakhstan President Extends Zhanaozen Town Emergency

Will New Falklands Dispute With Latin America Lead Britain to War in 2012?

More Than 950 Protesters Invade Venezuelan Prison

Cuban State-Run Web Site Criticizes Twitter for Rumor of Fidel Castro Death
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We Are All Humanitarian Interventionists

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Dark Days for Govt. Whistleblowers

Ivan Eland
How to Avoid a Return to Iraq

Nebojsa Malic

Ran HaCohen
Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

Charles V. Peña
Doomsday Defense Cuts?

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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