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Updated January 6, 2012 - 10:53 PM EST
Obama Spins Military Strategy as Massive Change
84 Killed in Iraq as Bombs Target Shi'ites
  Emergency Session of Iraqi Parliament as Boycotting MPs Return
8 NATO Troops, 6 Kids Killed in Afghan Blasts
  Karzai Demands US Cede Control of Torture Prison
Suicide Bomb Kills 26 in Damascus
Lebanon MP Seeks Info on CIA Spying Campaign
No EU Deal on Iran Oil Embargo Yet
Cairo's Dividing Walls Resemble Militarized Zone
Report: Saleh 'Not Serious' About Leaving Power in Yemen

Israel Temporarily Banishes Jewish Militants from West Bank

Paul's Antiwar Rhetoric Fueling His GOP Support

Obama Says Bill Breaks With Our Values, Signs It Anyway  by Conor Friedersdorf
A Nuclear Nightmare in the Making by David Krieger and Steven Starr
National-Security Assassination of Americans in 1973  by Jacob Hornberger
Non-Interventionism Is No 'Mistake'  by Casey Given
Attack Iran? Ask Congress to Declare War  by Doug Bandow
Pushing Iran Toward a Nuclear Bomb  by Patrick Disney

More Viewpoints

Huntsman Would Protect 'Deep, Enduring' Friendship Between Israel and US
WikiLeaks Backers Lose Bid to Keep Twitter Accounts From US Prosecutors

CIA, DoD Probing Whether bin Laden Secrets Were Leaked

Court OKs Airport Groin Searches for Drugs

US Troops in Israel for Missile Defense Drill

Afghanistan Shuts Down Canadian Security Company Gardaworld

Karzai Demands US Hand Over Bagram Prison

Iran Intensifies Efforts to Influence Policy in Afghanistan

Pakistani Taliban Kill 15 Soldiers, Vow Further Revenge


Iran Could Close Hormuz - but Not for Long

Iran Says Will Survive New Sanctions, Not Worried


Israel Rethinking Position on Prisoner Swaps

Seven-Month Old Gaza Baby Dies Awaiting Israeli Permission for Operation

Israeli Army Rabbinite Edits Out Mosque From Temple Mount

Israeli Court Upholds Contentious 'Naqba' Law


Congo: Rwandan Rebels Kill Dozens of Civilians

African Union Adds Year to Mandate of Somalia Force

Somalia MPs Brawl Over Election of New Speaker

Jonglei Clashes: South Sudan Declares a Disaster

Nigeria Army Kills 2 Armed Suspected Sect Members


Mexican Drug Boss Arellano Felix Pleads Guilty in US

Guatemalan Judge Indefinitely Suspends Trial for Ailing Ex-Leader Charged in Mayan Massacres
US Army Command-Level Air and Missile Defense Unit Established in Europe

US Threatens Spain for Not Implementing SOPA-Like Law


Iraq Shi'ite Militia Says Ready to Lay Down Weapons

US Brands 'Al-Qaeda Kurdish Battalions' Terrorist

Iraq Bombings Interactive Map

Political Role for Militants Worsens Fault Lines in Iraq

Syria Opposition Challenges Arab Mission to Prove Itself

Qatari Prime Minister Says Arab League Monitors in Syria Have Made 'Mistakes'

Activists Accuse Syria of 'Torture Chambers'

Senior Syrian Official Defects Over Crackdown

Syrian Media Awaken Despite Clampdown

Middle East

Yemen's Shiite Rebels Form Political Party

Turkish Ex-Army Chief Ordered Held in Jail for Trial

Libyan Soldiers Demand Salaries

United States
National Guard Deployment Sendoff Becomes an Old and Emotional Ritual
Muslim Worker Alleges Religious Harassment in Sacramento, Calif.

Suu Kyi: Myanmar Democracy in My Lifetime

X-37b Spaceplane Probably 'Spying on China'

South Korea Says Ready for Talk With Hostile North

US Asks China to Pressure North Korea to Avoid Provocations During Transition

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