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Updated January 12, 2012 - 11:25 PM EST
Pakistan Coup Memo: Fox News Analyst & a Plot
  President Zardari Cuts Short Dubai Visit
  US Drone Strike in Pakistan Kills Five
  Pakistan's Military Slams PM, Warns of 'Grievous Consequences'
Iran Too Weak to Defend Against West's Terrorism
  Clinton Revives Dubious Charge of 'Covert' Iranian Nuclear Site
New Intel Report: Afghanistan Still a Stalemate
  Video: US Marines Laugh, Urinate on Slain Afghans
Gitmo Prison Camp Enters Its Second Decade
Obama's Incursions Across Africa, Under the Radar
Arab League Monitor Bolts Syria Mission
State Dept. Official Meets With Egypt Brotherhood
Kurds Won't Hand Over Iraqi VP to Baghdad
  Wednesday: Eight Iraqis Killed, Nine Wounded
Over 47,500 Drug War Deaths, Mexico Says
The Real Reason Israel Kills Iranian Nuclear Scientists?  by Robert Wright
Fools and Fanatics and Bull Feather Merchants  by Jeff Huber
Too Many Victims of the War on Terror Remain Imprisoned Across the World  by Mary Fitzgerald
Who's a Real Progressive?  by David Sirota
Why Not to Attack Iran  by Elbridge Colby & Austin Long
Iran and the West Rediscover Oil as Weapon  by Alexander Jung & Bernhard Zand

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Who's Flying Drones in US?

'Shoot First... Ask Questions Later,' Ordered Marine

SOPA Becoming Election Liability for Backers

Volunteers Sentenced to Prison for Aid to Iraqis

Bradley Manning Gets a Billboard in Washington

New Index Ranks Countries on Nuclear Security


Quest for Taliban Peace Talks Reaches a Key Juncture

Spaniard Named to Senior NATO Post in Afghanistan

Marine Corps Manual Offers a Blunt, Revealing Portrait of Afghan War

14 Soldiers Killed in Pakistan Ambush

US Aided Pakistan Group That Supported Extremists


Iraq Bravery Hailed as Blow to Sectarianism

Shi'ites Throng Karbala for Arbaeen Despite Threats


Jewish Settlers Suspected of Vandalizing West Bank Mosque

Analysis: Peace Talks Flicker Back to Life in Mideast Storm

Hamas Sentences Palestinian to Death for Collaborating with Israel


North Korea Keeps Door Open for Food-Nuke Deal With US

Prominent Chinese Dissident Says Warned, Computers Taken

Bangladesh 'War Crimes Mastermind' Ghulam Azam Arrested

Better-Armed, Better-Trained Thai Insurgents


Haiti: Two Years After the Earthquake, Where Did the Money Go?

Nicaragua's Ortega Urges Israel to Destroy Nuclear Arms


Iranian Nuclear Scientist Killed in Car Bomb Attack

US Navy Boss: Iran Strait 'Keeps Me Awake at Night'

Gulf States Seek to Calm Fears Over Hormuz

Navy Using Northrop Grumman High-Altitude Drone to Monitor Iran and Persian Gulf

Arab League: 11 Monitors Lightly Hurt in Syria Attack by Protesters

France Demands Probe Into Killing of TV Reporter in Syria

ABC Reporter's Rare Look Inside Syria, Under Assad's Thumb

Turkey Seizes Alleged Iranian Arms Shipment to Syria


A Loud Voice for Egyptian Resistance Movement

Egypt Parties Vow to Protect Freedoms in Constitution

Egypt Cancels Jewish Festival in Nile Delta

United States

Guantanamo Bay Lawyers to Halt Written Communication

Stratfor Back Online After Being Hacked

Erratic Driving an Increasing Problem Among Returning Combat Veterans

Kenya Arrests Seven 'Al-Shabaab Recruits'

Boko Haram: Nigerian Islamist Leader Defends Attacks


Analysis: EU Faces Defense Challenge as US Looks to Asia

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