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Updated January 13, 2012 - 11:12 PM EST
Israel Framed CIA in Backing Jundallah Terrorists
  At the Sharp End of Iranian Sanctions
  US 'Back Channel' Threat Sent to Iran's Top Leader on Strait Threat
  Whoever Killed the Scientist Was Aiming at Much More
  EU Ban on Iranian Oil Will Harm Troubled European Economies
  Bolton: Sanctions, Assassinations Are 'Half-Measures,' Argues for War
Panetta: Urinating on Slain Afghans 'Inappropriate'
  Taliban: Talks Don't Mean Insurgency Ends
Pakistan Condemns Resumption of Drone War
  Fox News Analyst Agrees to Testify on Role in Pakistan's Coup Memo
  US Drone Strike in Pakistan Kills Six
New US Strategy in Asia is Just Old US Hegemony
Muslim Brotherhood Wants Immunity for Egypt's Generals
EU on Verge of Abandoning Hope for a Palestinian State
Presiding Officer Recommends Court Martial for Manning
Sectarian Violence in North as Yemeni Govt Issues Ultimatum
Iran: The Neocons Are At It Again  by Ralph Nader
Obama's Mission Accomplished Moment?  by Tom Engelhardt
On the Momentum of Cynicism (and War)  by Robert C. Koehler
Iran and the Terrorism Game  by Glenn Greenwald
Guantánamo, Our Gulag  by Donna Lorraine Barlett
Libya and the New Warmongering  by David Gibbs

More Viewpoints

Sen. Nelson: Iraq Should Pay for US Embassy Security
President Zardari Cuts Short Dubai Visit
Two Army Brigades to Leave Europe
AU Wants Bigger Global Role in 2012
Myanmar Signs Cease-Fire With Rebel Group; Suu Kyi Joins Elections
Some Arab Monitors Quit Syria Over Persisting Violence
Syria Blames 'Terrorists' for Killing French Journalist
Syria Polarized by Bashar Al Assad's Defiance
Russian Ship, Perhaps With Munitions, Said to Reach Syria
Turkey Stops 'Freedom Convoy' Entering Syria
Iran Outrage Over Scientist Killing Deepens as It Signals Revenge
'Israeli Assassinations Won't Stop Iran Nuclear Work'
Obama Administration Sanctions Foreign Firms Over Iran Deals
Iranian Paper Calls for Retaliation Against Israel
Mapping Iran's Nuclear Sites
India to Buy Iran Oil Despite US Sanctions: Minister
EU Firms Renew Iran Oil Deals to Win Sanction Reprieve
Iran, Cuba Agree on Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy
Israel Is Pushing US Toward Iran War, Russian Official Says
Knesset Speaker: Removing West Bank Outposts Doesn't Make Sense
'Citizenship Law – Declaration of War on Israeli Arabs'
Abbas Says Israel Submitted No New Proposals in Exploratory Talks With Palestinians
Two Israeli Soldiers Accused of Leaking Information to Settlers
Israel Upholds Citizenship Bar for Palestinian Spouses
Israeli Hacker Retaliates to Credit Card Hacking
Seven Iraqis Killed, 29 Wounded; Americans Detained
Iraq Deplores 'Currency Attack' as Dollars Flow to Syria, Iran
Iraqiya: Iran 'Hormuz' Threats Target Iraq's Economy
Marine: Sgt. Called for Bloodshed in Haditha
Marine Testifies Squad Leader Asked Him to Lie About Iraqi Killings
Middle East
Bahrain Protests: Police Use Tear Gas to Break Up March
Carter Doubts Egypt Military Will Fully Submit to Civilian Rule
Lebanon Detains Man Suspected of Spying for Israel
Not Finding WMD
US Acts Quickly to Tamp Down Afghan Video Scandal
Suicide Attack Kills Afghan District Governor and Four Others
Taliban Set Terms as US Pushes for Talks
Who Are Myanmar's Karen Rebels?
Myanmar Will Free 651 Convicts, Possibly Political Prisoners
US Officials to Meet With Myanmar Opposition Leader
North Korea
North Korea Signals It's Open to US Disarmament Deal
Kim Jong Il's Jilted Son Dismisses Ruler Brother as a Symbol, Report Says
Chinese Police Question Human Rights Activist
UK Spies Won't Face Criminal Charges for Torture
Libya Rendition Claims to Be Investigated by UK Police
Police to Question Jack Straw Over Torture in Libya
'Somali Militants' Seize Kenyan Officials in Wajir
Red Cross Suspends Food Aid in Somalia, Citing Restrictions by Militias
South Sudan Massacres Follow Independence
Body Found in Ivory Coast Is Not Missing Reporter
Briton Faces Bomb Charge in Kenya
Gunmen Kill Man in Courtyard of Mexican Border City Elementary School
Mexico Judge Denies 2nd Attempt to Extradite Accused Drug Cartel Queen
The War at Home
Ex-Soldier Ordered Held in Terrorism-Related Case
Lawsuit: College Responded to Sexual Harrassment Claims by Claiming Victim Was Terrorist
Judge Drops Saudi Binladin in Sept 11 Damages Suits
TSA Collected $400,000 in Spare Change Left by Passengers in Airports in 2011
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Mentally Unfit but Serving Anyway

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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