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Updated February 1, 2012 - 10:59 PM EST
Panetta: US to End Afghan Combat Role Next Year
  US Military 'Leak': Taliban to Retake Power in Afghanistan
  Taliban Leadership: Talks With US, Not Karzai Govt.
Pakistan Condemns Drone Strikes as 'Unlawful'
  Sen. Feinstein: I Thought Pakistan Drone Strikes Were 'Secret'

Rival Militias Battle in Tripoli

Iran-IAEA Talks 'Constructive'; US, Israel Aggressive
Resolution Unlikely as UN Council Meets on Syria
Iraq Security Forces Detain 16 VP Guards
  Boycotting Sunnis Return to Iraqi Parliament
US Drone Strike Kills At Least 12 in Yemen
Israel to Subsidize Settlers, Legalize Outposts
'New' US Strategy Keeps Massive Nuclear Arsenal in Place
Air Force Retaliated Against Corpse-Dumping Whistleblowers
How Obama Became Vulnerable on Iran  by Trita Parsi
The Haditha Massacre: No Justice for Iraqis  by Marjorie Cohn
Bipartisan Strategy Takes Shape to Close Overseas US Bases  by Raymond DuBois & David Vine
No Exit in the Persian Gulf?  by Michael T. Klare & Tom Engelhardt
More Drones, More Robots, More Wars  by Bernd Debusmann
Hassling the Innocent Is TSA's Specialty  by Gene Healy

More Viewpoints

Days of US Hegemony in Mideast May Be Numbered

Group Says FBI Snoops on WikiLeaks Supporters

NM Ex-Gov. Gary Johnson Calls for Repeal of the PATRIOT Act

British Tourists Banned for Twitter 'Partying' Comment

Assange's Extradition Fight Faces Long Odds

French Decision to Accelerate Exit Causes Some Afghans to Question NATO
Alternate Routes for NATO Supplies May Come Under Attack: Experts
On the Ground in Afghanistan, a Taliban Whose Momentum Seems Anything but Broken

Saudi Arabia Cautious on Possible Afghan Talks

Deadly Militant Attack on Pakistan Military Checkpoint


Suspect in Iran Missile Plot to Appeal to EU Court

Iran Launches Spanish TV in Jab at US 'Dominance'

Peres: Iran's 'Evil' Leaders Must Not Be Allowed to Gain Nuclear Weapons

Israel Sets Up Elite Command Unit to Strike Behind 'Enemy' Lines

Support for Palestinian Authority Erodes as Prices and Taxes Rise

Palestinians Blame Israel for Failure of Amman Talks


India to Buy 126 Rafale Fighter Jets from France in $11b Deal

Mumbai Gunman Qasab Appeals in India Supreme Court

US Diplomat Sees 'Hope in Diplomacy' With North Korea

Thai Army Apologizes After Civilians Killed in Muslim South

United States

Wounded Afghanistan Vet With PTSD Pleads Guilty in Infant Slaying

Five A-10 Squadrons Shot Down in Air Force Budget Trim

Marine Pleads Guilty in Hazing Case, Gets 30 Days in Jail

For Soldier Disfigured in Afghanistan, a Way to Return to the World

Middle East

UN Resolution Could Spur Syria Civil War, Russia Warns

Syria's Alawites, a Secretive and Persecuted Sect

Egypt Army Fires General to Boost Image

Gaining Power in Parliament, Islamists Block a Cairo Protest

Aisha Gadhafi Seeks to Help Brother Seif al-Islam

Tunisian Jewish Leader Rolls Eyes at Israeli Call to Emigrate

Yemen Minister Escapes Assassination Bid

Bahrainis on Hunger Strike, Official Favors Release

Ethiopians to Be Deported From Saudi Arabia for Christianity

France's Armenia Genocide Law Put on Hold


Islamist Sect Kills 5 People in Northeast Nigeria

Free Press Euphoria Fading Fast in South Sudan


Britain: 2 Libyans Sue Former Counterterrorism Chief

Anger and Poverty Unite Former Enemies in Bosnia

Ukraine Shuts Down Top File-Sharing Website


Mexico Investigating 3 Former Governors

Mexican General, 29 Soldiers on Trial for Homicide, Drug Charges

Prince William, 'Conquistador,' on Falklands 'Mission'

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