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Updated February 2, 2012 - 11:26 PM EST
Panetta: Israel to Attack Iran This Spring
  IDF Chief: Continue Counterproductive Iran Stance
  Dempsey Told Israelis US Won't Join Their War on Iran
  US Group Urges 'More Credible' Military Threat Against Iran
US 'No-Fly' List More Than Doubles in 12 Months
  ACLU Sues for Files on Assassination of Americans
Panetta: US to End Afghan Combat Role Next Year
  US Military 'Leak': Taliban to Retake Power in Afghanistan
Pakistan Denies Claim of Alliance with Taliban
Sens. Levin, McCain: Egypt Junta's US Aid 'In Jeopardy'
  Egypt Mourns Soccer Riot Victims, and Many Blame Military for Melee
Russia: UN Syria Resolution Will Be Vetoed
UK Terror Plot: Four 'Islamists' Plan to Blow Up a Toilet
Rival Militias Battle in Tripoli
The Assange Case Means That We Are All Suspects Now  by John Pilger
Iran and the US: From Words to War  by Richard Norton-Taylor
The Real Reason Guantánamo Should Be Closed  by Laurence Vance
What Is a Just War?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
How the Swiss Opted Out of War  by Bill Walker
Divining the Truth About Iran  by Ray McGovern

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Assange Appeals 'Invalid' Warrant at UK Supreme Court

FBI Apologizes to Massachusetts Woman After Mistake

Possibility of Base Closures Triggers New Anxiety for Officials

Power Cuts Pitch North Korea Capital Into Darkness

Venezuela Passes 'Anti-Terrorism' Law


UN Pushes Ambitious Afghan Refugees Plan

Attacks by Afghans on US Troops Often Personal

Pakistan Says Anthrax Sent to PM's Office


Iraq Executes 17 People in One Day, 51 This Year

Iraq's Endless Political Crises

Iraq's Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Attack on Govt. Compound in Anbar

Middle East Turmoil Draws Turkey and Iraqi Kurds Closer

Possible Repatriation of 1 Million Refugees Looms as Myanmar Undergoes Rapid Reforms

2 Texas Missionaries Found Slain in North Mexico

Juarez Police Leave Their Homes After 5 Are Slain

Colombia Rebels Announce Delay in Prisoner Release

Middle East

Soldier Says Syrian Atrocities Forced Him to Defect

Gunmen Kidnap 11 Iranian Pilgrims in Syria

No Combat Necessary: Turkish Military Seeking the Hottest Girls They Can Find

Bahrain Boils as Uprising Nears 1-Year Mark

Iran Warns Currency Speculators as Rial Continues to Fall


In Israel, UN Chief Argues Against Attack on Iran

Fatah, Hamas Chiefs to Meet in Cairo Next Week for Unity Talks

Feinstein Offers Peek at US-Israeli Talks on Iran

UN Chief Urges Israel to Halt Settlements

Germany Upgrades Palestinian Diplomatic Status


Boko Haram Spokesman Abu Qaqa Arrested

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