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Updated February 9, 2012 - 11:22 PM EST
Israel Works With MEK to Kill Iranian Scientists
  Harsher IAEA Report on Iran Expected Next Month
  US Sanctions Hit Civilians, Not Iran Regime
8 Afghan Children Killed in NATO Airstrike
  Barely 1 Percent of Afghan Forces Self-Sufficient
Syria Opposition Claims Massive Deaths in Homs
In Iraq, 65 Executions in First 40 Days of 2012
  Iraq to Limit Foreign Contractors, Violence Continues
Obama Sends Bahrain Arms Despite Repression
Car Bomb Kills 10 in Somali Capital
House Hearings on Balochistan: Pakistan's Kosovo?

Four Killed as Another US Drone Strike Hits Pakistan

Congress OKs Proliferation of Drone Use in US Airspace
Egypt PM: US Aid Threats Won't Stop NGO Prosecutions
It's Never Too Early to Finally Leave Afghanistan  by Brian Doherty
A Global Empire, Yet a United States of Fear  by Charles Davis
Abu Qatada's Freedom Is the Price We Must Pay for Ours  by Christina Patterson
Libya Begets Syria?  by Christopher Preble
War With Iran Seems Likelier Than Ever Before  by Michael S. Lofgren
Israel and Iran: Nuclear Double Standards  by Howard Morland

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Democrat Balks Over Secrecy on Awlaki Killing

US to 'Right-Size' Embassy in Iraq but Denies It Will Halve Diplomatic Staff

Iran: US, Israel Highly Vulnerable to Retaliatory Strikes

Hackers From Anonymous Post Classified German Files on Afghanistan

US Defends 'Progress' in Afghanistan

In Grip of Cold, Afghan Family Buries 8th Child

Pakistan in First Talks With NATO Officials After Deadly Airstrikes

Former Spymaster Says Israel Does Not Face Existential Threat, Implying From Iran

Hamas Lawmakers: Unity Deal With Abbas Illegal

Jews, Palestinians Plant Trees Together in West Bank


A Dream Island Littered With Deadly WWII Relics

US Likely to Scale Down Plans for Bases in Japan and Guam

India Upgrades Its Military With China in Mind

Thousands of Maldivians Condemn 'Coup'

Tear Gas Fired at Maldives Protesters

Ex-Leader's Allies Seize Few Maldives Police Posts


Cubans Say US Embargo a Failure at 50

Ecuador Opposition Columnist Asks US for Asylum

Long-Hidden Archives Help Guatemala War Crimes Trials

Haiti Papers Over the Past: The Rebranding of 'Baby Doc' Duvalier

Britain Rules Out Talks With Argentina Over Falklands

Chávez Foe Convinced of Winning Opposition Primary

Mexican Navy Finds 10 Bodies in Mass Grave Sites

Middle East

Refugee Camp Massacre: Libyan Militia Launches Racist Raid

Hezbollah Says Gets Support, Not Orders, From Iran

Officials Say 5 Yemeni Prisoners Killed in Clashes During Prison Riots


EU Threatens New Sanctions on Syria

MSF: Syria Using Medicine as 'Weapon of Persecution'

Arab League Mission to Return to Syria: Ban


Islamist Sect Claims Nigeria Military Strikes

Nigeria's Boko Haram Says Ready for Dialogue

Authorities Lock Journalists Out of Nigeria's Busiest Airport, Seize Equipment

In Sudan, Glimpses of an Arab Spring

Elderly Kenyans Threaten UK Colonial Abuse Lawsuit

Mali: Tuareg Insurgency Could Endanger Presidential Elections

United States

Court Says Student on 'No-Fly List' Can Sue Homeland Security

Chicago Cabbie Pleads Guilty in Terror Case

Judge: Secret Evidence OK Against Man Who Supplied Iraqi Insurgents

DoD to Issue Overdue Report on Women in Combat

Iraq War Vet Commits Suicide in Indiana Cave


NATO Extends Air Patrols for Baltic Members

'Anonymous' Releases Call Between FBI, Scotland Yard

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