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Updated February 11, 2012 - 11:14 PM EST
Russia: West Arming Syrian Rebels
  Chemical Arms, Iranian Invasions: Syria Hysteria Turns to Wild Rumors
  Gunmen Assassinate Army General in Damascus
  Blasts Hit Security HQs in Syrian City Aleppo, Kill 28, Wound 235
Turkish FM: Iran Is Ready to Cut a Deal
  China, India Seek Deals as Iran Sanctions Harm Trade
  Hamas PM in Tehran Amid Rumored Split With Iran
Torture and Plundering: Libya's Militias Run Wild
  Armed in Libya, Tuareg Rebels Flood Into Northern Mali
  US Delays Counter-Terror Training as Mali Army Battles Tuareg Rebels
Afghan Govt: NATO Had 'Bad Info' on Strike That Killed Kids
Pakistan's Supreme Court Stands Up to Military, Civilian Govt
The Return of the Keyboard Warriors  by Pepe Escobar
What Happens After an Iran-Israel War?  by Leon Hadar
A War Anniversary the US Wishes to Forget  by Emil Guillermo
Buck Fever: Crosshairs on Iran  by Travis Kelly
Politicians Want War With Iran  by Eric Margolis
On Becoming an 'Opt-Out'  by Danny Schechter

More Viewpoints


by Steve Chapman
Russian Jailed for Selling Missile Secrets to CIA
Rick Santorum: Obama Helping Iran Obtain Nukes
US Says Awlaki Directed Underwear Bomber
Chicago Agrees to $6.2 Million Settlement With Iraq War Protesters
DEA Turns Up Allegations, Evidence That Mexican Governor Got Drug Cash
'Anonymous' Knocks CIA Site Offline
Diplomat: Russia Will Keep Shielding Assad at UN
Explosion in Lebanon Arms Depot Follows Clashes Over Syria
Iran and Turkey, Divided Interests Over Syria
Syria Bombings Hit a City Seen as Key to Bashar Assad's Future
The Perils of Everyday Life in Volatile Syria
Report: PA Rejects Israeli Incentive Package
Israel Approves New West Bank Building
Israel Says It Conducts Successful Test of Anti-Missile System
Hamas Leader Visits Iran After Outreach to Gulf
In Egypt's Bread, Signs of Economic Weakness
Three Koreans Kidnapped in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula
Iraqiya Bloc Denies Hashimi Travelling to Turkey
Iraq Targets 200,000 BPD Oil Export Rise for March
Jordan Premier: Door Should Be Opened to Islamist Rule
Jordan to Contest EU Extradiction Ban on Radical Preacher Abu Qatada
Middle East
Activists Report Death of Second Protester in Saudi Arabia
One Year After Yemen's Revolution, Still No Democracy
Bahrain Anti-Government Protesters Seek New 'Freedom Square' for Uprising Anniversary
Saadi Gadhafi Warns of Uprising in Libya
Libya Fighters-Turned-Jailors Face Heat Over Prisons
Nigeria Insurgency Beginning to Take Toll on Economy
Nigeria Secret Police Rearrest Escaped 'Church Bomber'
Al-Shabab and al-Qaeda: a Terror Linkup Between Groups Under Military and Popular Pressure
Two Sudans Edge Closer to Brink in Oil Dispute
Guinea Colonel Charged 2 Years After Massacre
US Military
In Act of Valor, a Secret Military World, Approved for Public Viewing
Nazi Flag Incident Puts Culture of Marine Snipers in Spotlight
Returning Vets Fight Post-Traumatic Stress
Hold the Mystery Meat: Military Food Gets Upgrade
Pakistan Envoy Slams US Hearings on Balochistan
Pakistan May Restore NATO Supplies on New Terms
Pakistan PM Yousuf Raza Gilani Loses Contempt Appeal
Pakistan's Spy Agency Faces Court Ultimatum
In Court's Crosshairs, Pakistan's Military Refuses to Produce Prisoners
Congressman Wants Afghanistan Study Group
NATO Investigates Report of Afghan Civilian Deaths
Afghan Private Security Handover Looking Messy
Afghan Road Construction Projects Wander Off Course
Officials: 2 Held in Death of Afghan Peace Broker
China Premier Meets Govt-Installed Tibetan Cleric
China Dissident Zhu Yufu Gets Seven Years Jail for Poem
Exiled Student Leaders Return to Myanmar
Myanmar Monk Who Led 2007 Saffron Uprising Released After Day's Detention
No Evidence North Korean Leader Is Dead
Suspected Rebels Kill 4 Police in Eastern India
Vietnam Farmer a Hero After Shootout With Police
US Faces Criticism From Former Maldives Leader, Backtracks on Its Recognition of New Govt
Singapore Court Says Four Suspects Can Be Extradited to US
Germany Refuses to Sign ACTA Copyright Treaty
Germany Jails Kosovar for Life for Killing US Airmen
Bosnia Finally Gets New Government After 16 Months
Serbia Djindjic Assassination: Suspect Held in Spain
Brit Sentenced to 25 Years' Jail for Soldiers' Murders
Argentina: UK Sent Nuclear Sub to Falklands
Peru Says Leader of Shining Path Remnant May Have Been 'Mortally Wounded' in Gunbattle
Curious Case of Haiti's 'Baby Doc' Duvalier Spurs Claims of Interference by Martelly Govt
The War at Home
No Female TSA Agents Means No Flight for Denver Woman
3 Senators Introduce a Bill for Oversight of NYPD
Dad of NYC Subway Bomb Plotter Faces Prison Time
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