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Updated February 12, 2012 - 10:49 PM EST
Iraqi al-Qaeda Behind Syria Bomb, Arming Rebels
  Top Syrian General Assassinated as Violence Continues
  With Violence in Syria, Some Spillover Into Divided Lebanon
  Israel May Welcome Regime Change in Syria, Analysts Say
Iran to Unveil 'Big News in the Nuclear Field'
  Iran Helping Syria Overcome Sanctions, Leaked Documents Prove
Colonel's Report Rips Afghan War Success Story
Guatemala Leader to Propose Legalizing Drugs
Secular Iraqi Dissidents Form New Opposition Party
100,000s in Europe Protest ACTA Threat to Internet Freedom
Interpol Arrests Reporter for Tweet, Saudis Vow Execution
The Return of the Keyboard Warriors  by Pepe Escobar
What Happens After an Iran-Israel War?  by Leon Hadar
A War Anniversary the US Wishes to Forget  by Emil Guillermo
Buck Fever: Crosshairs on Iran  by Travis Kelly
Politicians Want War With Iran  by Eric Margolis
On Becoming an 'Opt-Out'  by Danny Schechter

More Viewpoints


by Steve Chapman
Whistleblower's Afghanistan Report Leaked
Dereliction of Duty II (pdf)
Argentina Accuses UK of Deploying Nuclear Weapons Near Falkland Islands
UK: Human Rights Abuses Could Be Covered Up Under New Justice Bill
Uzbek Man, 22, Admits Plot to Kill Barack Obama
Navy's Rail Gun Blasts Through Budget Restrictions
UN General Assembly Ready to Vote on Syria Resolution
Satellite Images Show Syrian Tanks Inside Restive City
Syria Tells Libya, Tunisia to Close Embassies
More Wounded in North Lebanon as Army Vows to Restore Order
Three Dead in Sunni-Alawite Clashes: Lebanon Security
Lebanese Gunmen Clash in Northern City Over Situation in Neighboring Syria
Palestinian Killed, Three Injured in Israeli Air Raid on Gaza
Hacking Group Threatens 'Crusade' Against Israel
Haniyeh in Iran: Hamas Will Never Recognize Israel
Iraq PM Re-Iterates Pledge to Arrest VP, Stop Autonomy Bids
Clashes on Turkish Border Cause 12 Casualties
Iraqi Officials Say Local Police Chief Seriously Wounded in Car Bombing South of Baghdad
NGO Crackdown and Draft Law Have Chilling Effect
A Year Since Mubarak Ousted, Strike Call Reveals Divisions
US General Discusses Crackdown With Egypt Ruler
Tribesmen Release Korean Tourists in Sinai
Egypt Arrests US Student, Australian Journalist
Bahraini Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters
Reports: 2 American Activists Deported
Violence Flares in Southern Yemen
The Sword Is Mightier Than the Pen as Yemen Newspapers Restore Saleh Photo
Middle East
Iran: 30 Million Lose Email Access
Suspected Woman Suicide Bomber Dies in Istanbul
Mexico Cartels Paid $4.5 Million Political Bribes: Court
Younger Castro Steers Cuba to a New Revolution
Americans Still Dying
Marine From Greenville (MS) Was Killed by Afghan Soldier
Family, Friends Bid Farewell to Wisconsin Soldier
Brigadier General From Fairfax (VA) Dies of Natural Causes in Afghanistan
Clemency if Taliban Lay Down Arms, Says Khyber Chief Minister
For Pakistan's Prime Minister, a Question of Loyalty
Seven Dead in Peshawar Explosion
Pakistan Army Launches Court Martial Against 5 Officers Over Extremist Ties, Officials Say
Pakistani Navy to Develop Nuclear-Powered Subs: Reports
Blast Rocks Parts of Quetta
Taliban Attack Oil, Gas Plant in Karak
Two Westerners Kidnapped in Pakistan Held by Taliban
Afghan War Risks Are Shifting to Contractors
Five Afghan Policemen Killed in Uruzgan Bomb Blast

Kabul's Soviet Ruins Offer a Reminder of Imperial Ambitions

Party in Maldives Rejects Offer of a Unity Coalition
Maldives Names Defense Minister as Violence Spreads
New Leader Rejects Snap Election Calls
US Rules Out Snap Polls to End Maldivian Crisis
New Maldives President Says He Will Submit to Independent Probe Into His Takeover of Power

Xi Jinping, China's Presumptive Next Leader, to Visit US

Group Says Teenage Tibetan Nun Sets Herself on Fire in West China in Latest Self-Immolation
Protests Erupt in Kashmir After Youth Slain by Army

Rock Star Welcome for Suu Kyi on Myanmar Campaign Trail

Bali Bomb Made With 'Rice Ladle, Scale'

Bangladesh: TV Journalist Couple Murdered in Dhaka
Turkmenistan's Voters Assail Lack of Choice in Election
Gadhafi's Son Says Rebellion Brewing in New Libya
Libya Asks Niger to Hand Over Gadhafi's Son and Other Former Regime Officials
Niger Will Not Extradite Gadhafi Son
Tens of Thousands Flee Mali Amid Tuareg Attacks, Straining Regional Resources
2 Explosions, Including Car Bomb, Strike Northeast Nigeria City, Wounding Soldiers
Nigerian President's State Votes Amid Tight Security
Sudan and South Sudan Sign Peace Pact, Says Thabo Mbeki
Sudan Rebels Hold Six Civilian Engineers
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