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Updated February 17, 2012 - 11:17 PM EST
Panetta: Iran is Not Developing Nuclear Weapons
  Top US Official: Iran Unlikely to Attack the West
  Israeli Officials Blame Iran for Bombings, Despite Lack of Evidence
  Top Israeli Officials Diverge on Iran Statements
US Officials: al-Qaeda Part of Syrian Opposition
  UN General Assembly Votes to Condemn Syria
US Drone Strikes Kill 21 in North Waziristan
  31 Killed as Pakistani Taliban Attack Shi'ite Mosque
  CIA's Fake Aid Projects Put Humanitarian Workers at Risk in Pakistan
Ultimatum May Cause Exodus From Afghan Army
  Karzai Excluded from Taliban Talks, Meets with Iran, Pakistan
FBI Arrests DC Muslim After Phony 'Terror Plot'
Iraqi Govt Panel: VP Ran 'Death Squads' for Years
'New' Libya Is Beset by Uncontrolled Militias, Rights Abuses
US Pro-Democracy Activists Face Possible Prison in Egypt
Local al-Qaeda Leader's Killing Sparks Yemen Tribal Battle
Could There Be Some Bad Guys Among the Rebels Too?  by Robert Fisk
Saving Khader Adnan's Life Is Saving Our Own Soul  by Richard Falk
Time to Recognize the Blair Government's Criminality  by John Pilger
The New American Way of War  by Andrew Bacevich
The Afghan War's Nine Lives  by Amy Goodman
Who Won World War II?  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Pentagon Lays Out Cuts to US Forces in Europe
Cybersecurity Bill Blocked by Top GOP Senators
Romney: Obama Going in 'Wrong Direction' on China
At Work in Syria, NY Times Correspondent Anthony Shadid Dies
Nigerian Underwear Bomber to Get Life Sentence
Police 'Tank' Purchase Riles New Hampshire Town
Afghan Army to Cost US Billions of Dollars After 2014 Withdrawal
Afghan President Admits Talking to the Taliban
Taliban Reject Karzai Claim of Secret Meetings
US-Taliban Talks Only Exploratory: Afghan Envoy
Ban Warning on Afghan Drug Trade as Opium Production Soars
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Backs Military in Dispute With US Over NGOs
Egyptian Brotherhood: US Aid Cut May Force Israel Treaty Review
Gunmen Free 118 From Nigeria Prison; 1 Guard Dead
Nigeria: 72 Generals Redeployed in Army Shake-Up
Hundreds Flee Mogadishu Clashes
In Russia, Putin Allies Sharpen Anti-American Attacks Ahead of Elections
Britain Set for Falklands Islands Oil Windfall
Salvadoran Charged in Priest Deaths Denies Perjury
In Other News
Courts-Martial Recommended in NYC Soldier's Hazing Death
Eye Scanners at England Airports Turned Off
Nasrallah Accuses March 14 of Arming Syrian Opposition
Iraqis Profit From Syrian Arms Smuggling
Hezbollah Denies Responsibility for Attempted Terror Attacks Against Israeli Targets
Venezuela Ships Diesel Fuel to War-Torn Syria: Traders
Syrian Rebel Refugees in Jordan Nurse Wounds and Plan Fightback
Citing Slain Scientists, Iran Says It's the Victim in Showdown
France Sees Sign of Iran 'Opening Up' in Letter
Boehner Says US Needs to Do More to Stop Iran
Iran Buys More Wheat, Firms Talk to Russia
Iraq Attacks Against Police Continue
Iranian Dissidents in Iraq Agree to Move to New Camp
US Embassy to 'Localize' Iraq Operations
Family Seeks Answers About Lone GI Unaccounted for in Iraq
Remains of 178 Iraqi, Iranian Soldiers Found in Basra
Palestinian Villages May Soon Go Dark Once Again
Israel to Buy Italian Military Training Jets
Middle East
Arrests in Bahrain Shi'ite Village After Police Hurt
Abu Qatada: No Assurances From Prince Hassan of Jordan
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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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