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Updated February 18, 2012 - 11:13 PM EST
US Officials: Military Action Against Iran Likely
  US, Europe 'Cautious' on Iran's Offer for Talks
US Military, Spy Drones Flying Over Syria
  Opposition: 56 Killed in Syria Violence
31 Die as Pakistani Taliban Attack Shi'ite Mosque
  House Bill Calls for Balochistan Independence From Pakistan
Pessimism Among US Spies on Afghan War
  'Preposterous' Karzai Demands Derail Efforts at Taliban Peace Talks
FBI Arrests DC Muslim After Phony 'Terror Plot'
62 Days In: Palestinian Hunger Striker in Failing Health
Health Groups Discover Radioactive Materials in Fallujah
Iran Nuclear Coverage Echoes Iraq War Media Frenzy  by Michael Calderone
Neocon Arguments for Iran War Are Tired Cliché  by MJ Rosenberg
Torture, Assassination, and the American Way of Life  by Jacob Hornberger
Iran: Outgunned in the Gulf  by Rex Wingerter
Univision Goes Neocon  by Charles Davis
The Pentagon's Sequester Gamble  by Benjamin H. Friedman

More Viewpoints

Pakistan, Iran Seek 'Afghan-Led' Peace as US Criticized
13 Russian Soldiers, 7 Chechen Gunmen Killed
Anthony Shadid's Death Puts Focus on Difficulty of Covering Syria
WikiLeaks Takes Aim at an Unlikely New Target: UNESCO
Afghan Girls Are Penalized for Elders' Misdeeds
US Commandos in Afghanistan Face a New Battlefield: The Courtroom
Firm Alleges Problems With Major Afghan Mining Contract
Thai Police Seek Two More Suspects Over Blasts
Pakistan Vows to Progress With Iran Pipeline Deal
China's Xi Jinping Conveys Easygoing Image in Los Angeles
Turkmen Authoritarian Leader Sworn in for New Term
New North Korean Leader Following in His Father's Goose Steps
Libya Marks Anniversary of Revolt Which Ousted Gadhafi
Libya One Year On: the Battle Against Cluster Bombs, Landmines and UXO
Britain 'Proud' of Part Played in Libyan Revolution
Police Fire Tear Gas on Islamist Protesters
Tunisia Islamists Test Ideas Decades in the Making
Sudanese Police Raid Dorm at Khartoum University, Arrest and Beat Hundreds of Students
Senegalese Police Fire Tear Gas at Opposition Protest Ahead of Next Week's Presidential Vote
Algeria's Rally for Culture and Democracy Party to Boycott May Elections
European Union Lifts More Zimbabwe Sanctions
UN Warns Liberians to Go Home After Decades of Refugee Status
13 Russian Soldiers, 7 Chechen Gunmen Killed in Gun Battle
Britain, France Up Cooperation to Include Joint Drone, Aircraft Carrier; Sign Nuclear Deals
Kosovo Marks Four Years of Independence
Haitian President and Motorcade Attacked; Witnesses Say Rocks Thrown at Leader
Iranian Naval Ships Enter Mediterranean Via Suez Canal
Russian Oil Industry Set to Capitalize if Embargo Hits Iran
Pakistan Won't Help US Attack Iran, Says Zardari
Britain Fears New Cold War Over Iran
Lawmaker Presses UK to Rule Out Force Against Iran
International Bank Clearinghouse Ready to Evict Iranian Finance Institutions
Iran's Deadly Cyber Police: Indefinite Detention and Execution for Netizens
NATO to Stay Out of Syria Even if UN Mandate Emerges
Arab League Aims to Increase Pressure on Syria
Israeli Arabs Call to 'Cleanse' Syria of Assad
Bombardment of Syrian City 'Intensifies' After UN Vote
Thousands Rally in Gaza, West Bank for Hunger Striker
Militants Fire RPG at IDF Forces on Gaza Border
Iraqi Kurdistan Prepares for Protests; 3 Killed in Attacks
Baghdad Decision on Exxon Criticized
Middle East
Yemen Elections Will Be Held Regardless of Security Situations, Says SCER
Lebanese Court Convicts Man of Plotting to Attack New York Train Tunnels in 2006
With Egypt in Turmoil, Israel Builds Fence to Keep Out Trouble
The War at Home
Bittersweet Homecoming for Libyan-American Caught in No-Fly Limbo
MI5 Spied on Charlie Chaplin After FBI Asked for Help to Banish Him From US
Lawyers for Nephew of Terrorist Mastermind Say Guantanamo Trial Should Not Be Capital Case
Soldiers Don Fake Belly, Breasts to Better Understand Pregnant Troops' Exercise Concerns
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