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Updated February 26, 2012 - 11:29 PM EST
US Intelligence Says Iran Not Developing Nukes
  Israeli Attack on Iran Would Pull US into Another Unnecessary War
  Classified Cable From 2005 Echoes Current Fear-Mongering on Iran
Violence in Syria Uninterrupted on Eve of Vote
  Hillary Clinton Says Syrian Military May Oust President Assad
  Could Chemical Weapons Get the US Involved in Syria?
NATO Exits Ministries After 2 US Officers Killed
  7 Americans Wounded as Protesters Attack NATO Base in Afghanistan
  Taliban Claims Credit for Downing of US Drone
Deal Rumors as Egypt Delays NGO Workers' Trial
  Islamists Win Bulk of Seats in Egypt's Upper House Elections
Hunger Striker Wins Battle With Israeli Army
  Israel Nixes Solar Energy for Palestinians
Yemen: Car Bomb Kills 26 as President Sworn In
Shi'ite Cleric Sadr Calls Iraqi PM a 'Dictator'
Somalia Promises West Oil Riches in Exchange for Security
AP Study Claims Most Drone War Casualties Are Militants
Drive-By Interventionism: Does Libya's Fate Hold Lessons for Syria?  by Stephen M. Walt
Don't Northwoods Iran  by Jacob Hornberger
Progressives Embrace Humanitarian Imperialism – Again  by John V. Walsh
Insinuation as War Propaganda  by Anthony Gregory
Adnan's Victory  by Uri Avnery
Iran, Israel, and the US: The Slide To War  by Conn Hallinan

More Viewpoints

Saying No
to Militarism

by Robert C. Koehler
Clinton Tells Tunisians to Disregard GOP Candidates' Anti-Muslim Campaign Talk
Syria and Hamas: End of a Honeymoon
Saudi King Says 'Foreign Hands' Behind Unrest in the Arab World
Jumblatt: Military Intervention in Syria Would Destabilize Lebanon
Researchers Push to Open UN WWII Archive
China Accuses US and Europe of 'Hegemonistic' Ambitions in Syria
Israeli Arabs Back Assad
Red Cross Unable to Negotiate Evacuation of Wounded in Homs
EU Tightens 'Stranglehold' on Assad Regime
Iran Opposed to Any Military Action in Syria
Syria Slams Saudi Arabia Over Foreign Minister's Call for Arming Assad's Opponents
Video: Syrian Citizen Journalist on Reporting Inside Homs
Iran Elections Underscore Split Between Leaders, Middle Class
Iran Warns Israeli Attack on Nuclear Installations Will Lead to Israel's Collapse
Iran Military Official: Only Burning White House Can Make Up for Burning Koran
Nuremberg's Bratwurst Dilemma: Is Iran Conflict Increasing Sausage Costs?
Palestinians, Israeli Forces Clash After Funeral of Palestinian Killed in Earlier Skirmish
Fayyad: World's Inaction Allows Israel to Kill Palestinians, Expand Settlements
Rockets Hit South; Air Force Bombs Gaza
Soldiers Nearly Lynched by Arabs in Haifa
Al-Qaeda Attack Overshadows Yemen Power Transition
Two Yemen Soldiers Killed in Aden
President Hadi Takes Power as Yemen's First New Leader in Three Decades
Middle East
Official: US in Talks With Egypt to End NGO Case, Allow Americans to Leave 'in Coming Days'
Alleged PKK Mine Killed Turkish Soldier
Americans Still Dying
Virginia Solder Killed in Afghan Quran Protests Leaves Behind Wife, Baby Son
Arkansas Soldier Dies From Unknown Cause in Afghanistan
Fallen Tupelo (MS) Soldier Described as Friend to Everyone
Colorado Springs (CO) Airman Killed in Plane Crash in Djibouti
Bend (OR) Airman Killed in Africa Plane Crash Loved to Fly
USAF Pilot From Newnan (GA) Killed in Djibouti Crash
Weekend Reviews
Is Israel a Failed State?
Forgetting the Past, One Military Movie at a Time
The United States of Fear
Movie Examines Journalists' Battle to Report Egypt's Uprising
New Violence Stokes Questions About Reliability of Afghan Partners in War
Taliban Suicide Attacks Have Held Steady for Most of the War
Germany Closes Afghan Military Base Early
Afghanistan Quran Protests: UN Compound in Kunduz Set Alight
Anger Over Quran Burning an Emblem of Nation's Culture War
Officials: 6 Afghan Police Die While Defusing Bomb
Army Failed My Soldier Son Over Breakdown, Claims Father
Khyber Govt Blames Fresh Wave of Terrorism on Drone Strikes
Railway Tracks Blown Up in Different Parts of Sindh
Pakistan Begins Demolishing bin Laden House
Three Killed in Khyber Agency Shelling
Mortar Shell Kills 3 Children in Bara
North Korea Threatens 'Sacred War' Over US-South Drill
US Envoy Calls for Better Inter-Korean Ties
Anti-Government Protesters Hold Rare Demonstration in Kazakhstan
Sri Lanka Resists UN Resolution Against Alleged War Crimes
Libyan Tribe Says Sorry to Misrata Residents
Turkey Calls on Libya to Disband Militia Forces to Restore Security
Libya Urges Neighbors to Hand Over Gadhafi Aides
Libya Amending Bank Law to Attract Foreigners
Al-Shabab: Moroccan Militant Killed by US Drone
Traffic Police and Other Signs of Normality in Mogadishu
Britain Leads Dash to Explore for Oil in War-Torn Somalia
Nigeria Bombers Attempt Prison Break, 12 People Dead
In Northern Nigeria, Boko Haram Stirs Fear, and Sympathy
UN International Staff Return to Restive Sudan Region
Thousands of Union Activists Demonstrate Against Government in Tunisia's Capital
In One of Africa's Oldest Democracies, Tense Election Imperils Senegal's Image
Colombian Journalist Forced Into Hiding After Death Threats
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Police Seize Military Torpedo Dropped Off at Recycling Center
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Is Iran a Threat?

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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